Sep 7th, 2015
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  1. What is the purpose of a prototype?
  3. - helps us to find good/bad ideas.
  4. - helps us to imagine what a game will be like, without properly making it.
  5. - helps us better communicate our ideas to others.
  6. - helps us to brainstorm, as the prototyping process can lead us to new ideas and directions.
  8. With that in mind, define objective: don't prototype just for the sake of it... think what you want to achieve with your prototype?
  10. genre: most games fit into a genre or some combination of genres, and prototyping can be done in that context.
  12. prototyping specific mechanics: can use placeholder art or even boxes. Doesn't have to look pretty.
  14. prototyping physics: eg, procedurally generating mazes, or experimenting with crowd physics. These can be a self-contained thing - as in - they can be explored without being made into a game.
  16. prototyping mood: to establish a unique look and feel can be as important as the specific mechanics. concept art. mockup screenshots can be useful too, and they don't involve any programming.
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