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Dec 3rd, 2020
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  1. ####V1.403 - Triceratops Hotfix 3 (3 December 2020)
  3. Updates Features
  5. Added an Undo Movement button into combat. This lets you undo the last unit move that you made, as long as the unit was not damaged en route, and no other unit abilities or operations have been triggered since.
  7. General
  9. Removed the reputation bonus for sending gifts through diplomatic trades; this was causing exploits in both the Oathbound campaign and in multiplayer games where players could just send gifts back and forth for quick reputation gains.
  10. Changes to how the scan grail cypher interaction is working. After scanning the player will receive an event.
  11. Blocked Grails from spawning on Frontier worlds
  12. Updated the Tooltip for Residential Exploitations to make clearer how they function
  13. Updated the Tooltip for Popular Support to match the Triceratops Changes
  15. Galactic Empires General
  17. Galactic Empire planets that feature grail quests will now only spawn grail sites that are not present (and completed by the player) on any of the conquered planets in the empire to make sure players do not have to rely on random chance for gathering all relics. (If all grails have been captured then grails will be fully random again)
  18. The available planets for galactic empires will now feature up to 7 (but not fewer than 3) planets that are based on the current level of the planet you will have: 1 planet of the right difficulty, 1 planet that is above your ideal difficulty (if possible) and 1 planet for each difficulty level below your ideal difficulty.
  19. Planet Traits that involve NPC factions will now no longer allow playing on the small map size in order to prevent issues where too few dwellings would spawn the map.
  20. Clicking on any added requisition item to remove it will now also make the related tab with available items selected on the left side of the screen.
  21. All Hero Items unlocked via Progression are now 'free items' meaning they do not have to be chosen as Requisition items to be available in game.
  22. Summon units are now available as requisition items when playing their respective race as well since you cannot otherwise build these units.
  23. Racial Secret Tech unit variants are now available as Requisition options when playing that secret tech.
  25. Planet Traits
  27. The 'Settle the Claim' secondary objective, no longer triggers on any diplomatic state change while an alliance is maintained with either target player.
  28. 'Hive Development' Empire Request now completes on 12 population rather than 16 to prevent issues with the Limited Space planet trait.
  29. Lowered the spawn weight of non-xenoplague spawners while the 'Xenoplague Infestation' trait is present
  30. Lowered the step count of 'Cleanse the Infestation' from 5 to 3 and increased the reward.
  31. 'Cleanse The Infestation' now also completes when clearing Livestock spawners (since these often also include Xenoplague units)
  32. 'Voidbringer Thrallworld' can no longer combine with 'Aggressive Settlers' (as the thrallworld's Ravaged world basis does not allow settlements)
  33. 'Penguin Hive' trait can no longer combine with Spawner Override Traits
  35. Requisitions
  37. Added the Oathbound Battle Suit Hero Vehicles to the appropriate Unit Unlocks.
  38. Added 'Pestilence' Hero Weapon to the Xenoplague Progression Level 5
  39. Added 'Acrimonious' Hero Weapon to the Xenoplague Progression Level 10
  40. Added 'Malady' Hero Weapon to the Xenoplague Progression Level 18
  41. Added 'Hasher SMG' Hero Weapon to the Synthesis Progression Level 5
  42. Added 'Voidblades' Hero Weapon to the Voidtech Progression Level 5
  43. Added 'Siphoner Staff' Hero Weapon to the Heritor Progression Level 11
  44. Added 'Link Shard' Hero Weapon to the Heritor Progression Level 17
  45. Added 'High Lord' Vehicle Hero Weapon to the Heritor Progression Level 20
  46. Added 'Structural Integrity Diminisher' Entropy Mod to the Oathbound Progression Level 20
  47. Added Dvar 'Phoenix Walker' race variant to Promethean Progression Level 20
  48. Added Kir'ko 'Phoenix Walker' race variant to Promethean Progression Level 20
  50. Races, Techs & NPC Factions Assembly
  52. Swapped the positions of Advanced Bionics and Molecular Computing in the tech tree
  54. Dvar
  56. Dvar Trencher - Reduced armor from 3 to 2
  57. Dvar Foreman - Increased HP from 40 to 50HP
  58. Dvar Foreman 'Hand Mortar' - Increased damage from 8 to 10
  60. Kir'ko
  62. Mod 'Poison Excretion' - The 'On Death' Explosion from now only affects enemies
  64. Oathbound
  66. Added seer scrolls visual to the Oathbound Hacker
  67. Oathbound Aspirant - Reduced HP from 45 to 40HP
  68. Oathbound Protector 'Embolden' - No longer puts the unit into Defense Mode after use
  69. Oathbound Protector - Changed Prime Rank bonus from Firm to Shrug Off
  70. Oathbound Warden - Increased shields from 0 to 1
  71. Oathbound Warden 'Warden's Banner' - Increased Crit Chance from 10% to 20%
  72. Oathbound Lightbringer - Increased shields from 0 to 1
  73. Oathbound Exemplar - Increased armor from 4 to 5
  74. Oathbound Exemplar 'Storm Glaive' - Reduced Damage from 16 to 14
  75. Oathbound Exemplar 'Onslaught' - Reduced base damage so it's still 30 with the fixed Glaive Mode bonus
  76. Buff 'Precognition' - No longer stacks.
  77. Buff 'Providence' - The critical chance bonus is now properly capped and can no longer exceed the hit chance of the attack
  78. Debuff 'Fatalism' - No longer guarantees success for instant kill operations and abilities
  79. Mod 'Oath of Loyalty' - Now has a limit of +2 armor from adjacent units
  80. Mod 'Destiny's Manuscript' - Reduced radius from 5 hexes to 3 hexes
  81. Mod 'Destiny's Manuscript' - Will now apply either Fatalism or Adversity
  82. Mod 'Beacon of Hope' - Reduced radius from 3 hexes to 2 hexes
  83. Mod 'Beacon of Hope' - No longer stacks with itself.
  84. Strategic Operation 'Expedite Doom' - Reduced Strength Chance to instantly kill from 12 to 8
  85. Strategic Operation 'Expedite Doom' - Can now only instantly kill tier 1-3 units.
  86. Hero Skill 'Oracle's Favor' no longer gives a stack of Precognition to their army at the start of battle, and instead gives Precognition after they kill an enemy unit and costs 2 points.
  87. Hero Skill 'Overload Power Core' - Now properly gets damage bonuses from mods and hero skills
  88. Hero Skill 'Overload Power Core' - Now does Massive Impact
  89. Hero Vehicle 'Protector' - Increased armor from +2 to +3
  90. Hero Vehicle 'Warden' - Increased armor from +0 to +1
  91. Hero Vehicle 'Light Bringer' - Increased shields from +0 to +1
  92. Hero Vehicle 'Champion' - Increased armor from +0 to +2
  93. Hero Vehicle 'Purifier' - Changed from +1 shield to +3 armor
  94. Hero Vehicle 'Marquis' - Reduced armor from +3 to +2
  96. Shakarn
  98. Shakarn colonists working in Infiltrator slots from the 'Holo-Simulation Camp' structures now give research and production instead of research and covert operation strength. That amount of production is in line with what other racial slots would give.
  99. Shakarn Deadeye 'Omni-Penatrator' - Now starts getting long range penalties at 7 hexes (was 5)
  100. Shakarn Glaukos 'Flow' - Increased range from 5 to 7
  102. Syndicate
  104. Syndicate Subjugator - Now has Impose Discipline
  105. Syndicate Subjugator 'Heavy Repeater' - Increased damage from 11 to 12
  106. Syndicate Subjugator 'Project Agony Field' - Changed from Strength 8 Chance to apply Broken Mind to a Strength 8 Chance to apply Immobilize, with Slow on resist
  107. Syndicate Subjugator 'Project Agony Field' - Reduced cooldown from 2 turns to 1 turn
  109. Celestian
  111. Lightbringer 'Inferno Strike' - Now counts as a Claw attack for modding purposes
  113. Heritor
  115. Mod 'Es'Teq Gauntlet' - Reduced damage per charge from 8 to 4. The ability now correctly counts the first charge, so the total damage done is the same for a 2 essence charge unit.
  116. Mod 'Es'Teq Conduit' - Increased damage of Essence Blast from 8 to 10
  117. Mod 'Es'Teq Conduit' - Reduced damage per charge from +5 to +3
  118. Mod 'Empowered Drained' - Now gives Resurgence instead of a damage bonus
  119. Doctrine 'Divine Legion' - Reduced the additional essence charges from +2 to +1
  121. Psynumbra
  123. Tactical Operation 'Aria of Emptiness' - Reduced Strength Chance to apply Catatonic from 8 to 6
  125. Synthesis
  127. The Shakarn and Assembly hackers now have the Haywire Daemon ability
  128. Avatar 'Disruption Virus' - No longer suffers long range penalties
  130. Void Tech
  132. Echo Walkers now cost 70 energy, 250 production (was 90/270), except for the Oathbound, Dvar and Amazon ones
  133. Echo Walkers - Reduced shields from 2 to 1
  134. Phase Manipulator 'Energy Blaster' - Reduced damage from 11 to 9
  136. Xenoplague
  138. Plague Lord 'Super Infection' - Changed from Once per Battle to a 2 turn cooldown
  140. Arc Weapon Tech
  142. Mod 'Positronic Arc Storm Projector' - No longer applies Stun
  144. Entropy Weapon Tech
  146. Mod 'Maxwell's Puzzle Box' - Changed from a 4 Hex Cone to a 1 Hex Radius at Range 9
  147. Mod 'Maxwell's Puzzle Box' - Reduced Strength Chance to proc Reality Break from 12 to 10
  148. Mod 'Maxwell's Puzzle Box' - Increased chances to apply a random debuff from 1 to 2
  149. Mod 'Maxwell's Puzzle Box' - Increased cooldown from 1 to 2 turns
  150. Tactical Operation 'Atomic Collapse' - Can no longer affect enemy commanders
  152. Laser Weapon Tech
  154. Mod 'Laser Precision Module' - Increased the gained damage from +20% to +30%
  156. Autonom
  158. Killing a unit that is giving Networked to its allies now has a chance to stun or stagger those units as Networked is removed
  159. Autonom Monitor 'Transmit Repair Nanites' - Heal changed from 5HP per level of Networked to 10HP Total
  160. Autonom Monitor 'Defense Laser' - Increased range from 7 to 9
  161. Autonom Monitor 'Defense Laser' - Reduced damage from 8 to 6
  162. Autonom Monitor - Changed Prime Rank bonus from Extra Range to Bypass Cover
  163. Buff 'Networked Level 3' - No longer gives +1 range
  165. The Forgotten
  167. Forgotten Serpion - Increased shields from 0 to 1
  168. Forgotten Serpion 'Essence Fangs' - Increased Strength Chance to Drain Essence from 4 to 8
  169. Shattered Ark - Increased shields from 1 to 2
  170. Shattered Ark 'Shattered Communion' - Increased Strength Chance to apply Corrupt Communion from 8 to 12
  171. Shattered Ark 'Essence Channeler' - Reduced shields cap from +3 to +2
  173. Wildlife
  175. Savage Tyrannodon 'Brutal Bite' - Now has Massive Impact
  177. Hero Items
  179. Staff of Turmoil is now a Tier 4 weapon
  181. Fixes General
  183. Fixed issue where the 'Now you see me' and 'Critical Failure' achievements could be triggered by AI players.
  184. Fixed 'Make your own luck' achievement not triggering.
  185. Fixed an issue where razing Imperial Defense would result in a AI hang for marauder units
  186. Fixed crash where the alliances would be modified the list of allies while it was processing the list
  187. Fixed issue where changing the side of a colony would not always update the city base connections
  188. Fixed issue where founding a colony on a forward base would not cause the race relation to gain the 'Owns Colony' modifier.
  189. Fixed an issue that meant units with -200 morale would have a 50% chance to desert instead of a 5% chance.
  190. Fixed issue where grail sites would invalidate certain sectors when spawning
  191. Fixed issues regarding losing colonies and recapturing them turing certain connected sectors to state that they are disconnected
  192. Changed the Secondary Structure Pick List for the Spaceport from Government Palace to Spaceport
  193. Fixed an issue where global doomsday operations wouldn’t be canceled if a city containing a doomsday tower was razed
  195. Interface
  197. Fixed issue where the Unit Template Manager would visually not properly refresh when scrolling the list after toggling the production state of one or more templates.
  198. Fixed the issue where the food sharing would reset back to default when on share all after the number of colonists slots
  199. Fixed a missing screen name for the Sun Shard unit property which resulted in the effect not functioning correctly
  200. Fixed Priority management for unique specialists on Controller
  201. Fixed Filter Settings for Various Doctrines & Operations
  202. Changed the linked icon for the Sun Shard & Marine Research Lab on the Military Overview
  203. Fixed a recieve/receive spelling mistake in Happiness Events
  205. Campaign
  207. Fixed a rare bug, where the 'Zemestian-4' mission would crash if Mephilas the Redeemer was in a vehicle by the end of the previous 'Chimera Glacialis' mission.
  208. Fixed an issue that the Oathbound Exemplar rewarded by the 'Claim the Grail' quest in the second Oathbound mission was in Glaive mode rather than Shield mode.
  209. Fixed an issue where scripts in campaign could sometimes cause defeated players to declare war or change their diplomatic state towards other players.
  210. Fixed an issue where the player could get negative popular support from a scripted war in the second Oathbound campaign mission.
  211. Fixed a translation mistake in Polish in the Grail choice menu. 'Reject Oracle…' is now 'Embrace Oracle…' in Polish.
  213. Galactic Empire
  215. Fixed issue where several filters were not being shown for the Title screen Imperial Archives and in the Galactic Empire Requisition screen.
  216. Fixed issue where the 'Grail Detected' planet trait would now show up in blue colored text with the relic icon when for active or available planets.
  217. Fixed a broken link in the Chaos Oracle Relic
  218. Fixed certain Item and Vehicle Unlocks being unavailable if you are playing as the secret tech that unlocks them.
  219. Fixed the Heritor 'High Lord' T4 unit being unlocked at level 10, fixed to the correct level 20.
  220. Fixed Cleansing pulse is now correctly marked as a tactical operation (and thus free with the Operational Stockpile trait.)
  221. Fixed certain Heritor strategic and tactical operations lacking the proper requisites to be identified as such
  223. Invasion
  225. Fixed issue where pressing Y/Triangle on controller when starting a new planet while the galactic empire hall of heroes is already completely filled would still enter the recruit new hero screen (with no available heroes) even though there was no button prompt visible.
  226. Fixed issue where invasion structure could spawn on Lava and Void sectors
  228. Units & Mod
  230. Sunbringer Anomalous Site Weapon now correctly has Melee Shield Bypass.
  232. Dvar
  234. Fixed the Hardiness Training skill so it always gives it's bonus (a bug meant it only gave the bonus to units in cover)
  236. Oathbound
  238. Fixed an issue that meant the Diviner's Not Your Time could only target ground units
  239. Fixed the Diviner's Thread hero weapon not being compatible with Entropy Mods
  240. Fixed a bug that means Oathbound Secret Tech hero vehicles would not be available to be bought after a reload
  241. Fixed Oathbound Purifier Units being unable to equip Melee Mods
  242. Fixed Glaive mode not giving the 25% bonus damage it should
  243. Exemplar's Blitz is now correctly marked as an arc attack and is affected by arc mods.
  245. Shakarn
  247. Fixed Infiltrators still using Holoshift in autocombat when they shouldn't
  249. Synthesis
  251. Fixed an issue where Arc Weapon mods could affect the Amplify Daemon ability
  253. Void Tech
  255. Fixed Statis Pocket Inducer displaying the incorrect Strength Chances
  257. Paragon
  259. The Paragon Guard's Shield Charge can no longer knock back light turrets
  261. Psifish
  263. Fixed the Siren's impregnate not working on Heavy Infantry
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