Stands of JojoTale, Part 1

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  1. [stands] of JojoTale
  3. Frisk
  4. [Where is the Love] Act 1
  5. Form Type: Organic Non-Humanoid, looks like Cupid and a dumbo cuttlefish had a baby
  6. Ability Type: Close Range
  7. Stand Ability: [Where is the Love] floats arround it's user and releases clouds of pink ink into the air that makes those who come in contact with it less hostile
  8. Stats:
  9. Power-E
  10. Speed-E
  11. Range-E
  12. Durability-D
  13. Percision-C
  14. Potential-A
  16. Flowey
  17. [False Friends]
  18. Form Type: Inorganic Nonhumanoid, Looks like a rusted metallic angel covered in rotting thorn ridden vines (Wheel of eyes style)
  19. Ability Type: Automatic
  20. Stand Ability: [False Friends] can instantly bring people deceived by Flowey to 1 HP after he lands a hit.
  21. Stats:
  22. Power-A
  23. Speed-NA
  24. Range-D
  25. Durability-C
  26. Percision-B
  27. Potential-NA
  29. Toriel
  30. [Promise to Try]
  31. Form Type: Inorganic Humanoid, Looks like tiny human women made of blank paper
  32. Ability Type: Colony
  33. Stand Ability: [Promise to Try] is capable of stealing the life energy of other creatures and transferring it, When a [Promise to Try] steals life energy it's appearance becomes bright and colorful until it passes the life energy on.
  34. Stats:
  35. Power: D
  36. Speed-A
  37. Range-B
  38. Durability-D
  39. Percision-C
  40. Potential-C
  42. Sans
  43. [???????????]
  44. Form Type:???
  45. Ability Type:???
  46. Stand Ability:???
  47. Stats:
  48. Power-?
  49. Speed-?
  50. Range-?
  51. Durability-E
  52. Percision-?
  53. Potential-NA
  55. Papyrus
  56. [The Man]
  57. Form Type: Inorganic Humanoid, Looks like a tiny Papyrus but made of solid gold
  58. Ability Type: Sentient
  59. Stand Ability: [The Man] acts as Papyrus's personal hype man, encouraging and advising him in a manner similar to [Hey Ya!]
  60. Stats:
  61. Power-E
  62. Speed-E
  63. Range-E
  64. Durability-A
  65. Precision-C
  66. Potential-D
  68. Undyne
  69. [The Trial]
  70. Form Type: Inorganic Humanoid, Looks like a floating set of Judge Robes with a multitude of spears coming out of the sleeves
  71. Ability Type: Long Range
  72. Stand Ability: Let's Undyne alter the trajectory of her Spears at will, letting them move in all sorts of confusing patterns, also capable of simply mauling those who enter punching range with the Spears coming out of it's sleeves
  73. Stats:
  74. Power-A
  75. Speed-B
  76. Range-B
  77. Durability-C
  78. Precision-A
  79. Potential-E
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