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Frontiersmen: SHOOTOUT AT THE SPIRAL CORRAL (edited version)

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May 11th, 2016
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  1. < Check out this swagged-out edit, guys! Doesn't it look cleaner?! I hope so! Caps had to leave for a bit, but he came back soon after which explains why Rocket stopped talking for a small chunk of the event.>
  5. (5:18:16 PM) Keioseth: QUARK, the ever trusting robotic companion of the Frontiersmen, has alerted a few of the members to a dimensional anomaly on an alternate Earth not too far from their own. It is showing similar signs to a few of the more distant universe that have recently been destroyed. The world seems to be a more high tech version of the Wild West and much of the planet appears to be desert. The anomaly is currently near a medium-sized mining town near a small forest and river.
  9. (5:21:43 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado's set their 'port in to occur near the settlement's outskirts where they're unlikely to be seen. Materializing out of nowhere might be a good way to catch lead from the locals. He flicks a brass spyglass, spying on the town from a distance to see if he can detect anything unusual. "Well, damn. Startin' to think the Doc brought me in on this one off-chance."
  11. (5:24:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket ports in with Desperado. She's not dressed the part of the Wild West, still wearing her outlandish superhero costume. "So, like. How spaghetti western should I be acting here?" she says, a mocking smirk on her face as she looks at the cowboy clad gunfighter. "Gotta say, feeling a little out of my element."
  13. (5:25:12 PM) Alstann: Finishing the modifications on his weapons, Watchman takes up position near the other two to spy on the local town. "Pretty sure Desperado's the only normal-looking one out of the group."
  15. (5:26:40 PM) machinegunblues: "Ahh, no hidin' we're outta towners anyhow. Knew I shoulda packed a few extra stetsons."
  17. (5:28:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Let's face it, with my very obvious gold skin, I probably wouldn't have fit in even if I did look like I came out of an Eastwood movie.
  21. (5:27:38 PM) Keioseth: The settlement seems to have some modern conveniences, lights, mechanical horses, and some folks wandering around. The entrance has several sun-dried dead bodies hanging from the sign with the town's name on it, "Geartown".
  25. (5:29:39 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, -partner-, we ready to put our spurs on and kick the dusty trail into town? Boy-howdy."
  27. (5:30:03 PM) machinegunblues: "Hell, looks like they got robots down there, so it ain't like they're gonna string us up fer witchcraft. Let's mosey on down 'n have us a-" He gives Rocket a look. Like you can't even see it, but you can tell.
  29. (5:30:34 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket grins at Desperado in response.
  31. (5:32:35 PM) machinegunblues: He heads down the parched landscape towards the town, carrying himself with a bearing of confidence spur-rattling swagger, but keeping his hands off his irons for the moment.
  33. (5:34:32 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "See, look, you're doing exactly what I said," Rocket says, still grinning at the situation as she follows along behind him.
  35. (5:35:02 PM) Alstann: Watchman follows behind Desperado, taking a moment to glance around the area and take note of anything important. "QUARK sensed an anomaly, so we need to keep an eye out for anything suspicious."
  39. (5:36:01 PM) Keioseth: The people are in western-styled outfits made of more modern materials, and as the group entered Geartown, everyone stopped and stared at them. Not even trying to hide it, just outright staring.
  43. (5:36:28 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Ever get the feeling you stand out?"
  45. (5:38:36 PM) Alstann: "I try not to in my line of work," he responded to Rocket, glancing at all the people staring at them.
  47. (5:36:28 PM) machinegunblues: "We're strangers here. Might not know what's suspicious 'n what's not fer a bit. ...But I'd say them folks swingin' in the breeze might qualify," nodding towards the hanged men and examining them to see if there's anything unusual about them. Once he reaches the entrance and the people therein, he tips his hat and looks the crowd over. "Evenin' folks. Don't pay us much mind. Ain't lookin' fer trouble 'n ain't stayin' long. But I'd be much obliged if one of y'all count point us to the local lawmen."
  49. (5:40:28 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket twists her lips a little, looking at the people hanging. She looks to one of the people, offering a friendly smile and a wave. "We're just passing through. Not here for trouble." She says, parroting Desperado. She starts looking around, "I half expect the sheriff or whatever to come out and meet us, we're probably not going to have to look hard."
  53. (5:43:12 PM) Keioseth: "That will be pretty easy, stranger. Pretty gal's got a ripe noggin on 'er shoulders." A man with robotic legs and arms calls out to them leaning up against a post. He pokes his hat up to reveal his cigar lit face. The team would find that they are now host to some red dots on their persons, "Now y'all're playing the 'no trouble' card, but you look like a group who's into trouble."
  57. (5:49:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Aww, you think I'm pretty," she says, looking down at the red dot. It doesn't seem to scare her much. "We really aren't troublemakers. Though we would like to talk to you in private, if you wouldn't mind."
  59. (5:50:02 PM) Alstann: Watchman remains silent, opting to examine the area instead of chat with the locals. He checked the monitor on his bracer to see if the anomaly was nearby. He, however, notices the red dots situated on their bodies, but pretends not to. As Desperado talks to the locals, he whispers into his comm, "Three snipers. One on me is aiming through that broken window to your left, Desperado. Two of them aiming through the door we came through. Rooftops."
  61. (5:52:15 PM) machinegunblues: Clearly he notices the targeting blips, but chooses to play it cool. "Ever know an outlaw to walk through the front door 'n ask fer the sheriff?" He peered about the crowd for anything that stuck out. "I'll tell ya yer half right. But we're in the business of puttin' it down, not startin' it up. Way I hear, that's somethin' y'all might have some use fer." He whispers back through his subvocal mic, 'Marked 'em.'
  63. (5:58:12 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'm not even armed, see?" She holds out her arms. There's really no place for her to hide a gun or anything.
  65. (5:58:25 PM) Keioseth: "Use? I purdy sure we've got this town on lock down, pardner. Save for those no good scum sucking mooherders behind ya. Ain't had mucha problem round these parts." He flicks his cigar towards the street as the red dots fade, "But where are my manners?" He walks over to Rocket taking her hand and giving it a kiss, "Alexander Vanhooven. Van to my friends."
  67. (6:01:56 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Charmed~" She says in a sing songy voice, obviously flirting back. "I'm Jean. It's -very- nice to meet you."
  69. (6:03:57 PM) machinegunblues: "Jim Harlow." He figured 'Desperado' might not go down as well in a town still living in times where the word meant something rather more sinister.
  71. (6:05:34 PM) Alstann: "John Smith," he finally said. The archer maintained a neutral face as he occasionally looked down at the monitor on his bracer.
  73. (6:08:50 PM) Keioseth: "Pleasure." He turns to the staring populace, "A'ight folks, quit'cher lollygaggin' and rubber neckin'!" He gives a dismissive wave to them before returning to the team, "It's about time for dinner."
  75. (6:12:44 PM) Alstann: "QUARK sent me a reading from the Globetrotter," he whispered into the comm again. "Seems to be coming from the north in the mountains."
  77. (6:13:02 PM) Keioseth: "My dear ma, god rest her soul, would be shamed if'n I didn't offer you folks some food. Plus I can keep an eye on y'all."
  79. (6:15:48 PM) machinegunblues: He waits for the crowd to disperse a bit, then mics back: "Gonna take a quick minute to try 'n get these folks on our side. We're short-staffed as is."
  81. (6:16:14 PM) Alstann: "Fair enough."
  83. (6:17:36 PM) machinegunblues: "Thank y'kindly. Be much appreciated. 'Fore we head off- Y'all ain't noticed anything peculiar up in the northern ranges? Anythin' off at all?"
  85. (6:19:04 PM) Keioseth: He begins walking over to the saloon, "Strange lights been talked about by the miners. Strange weather too."
  87. (6:21:19 PM) Alstann: Watchman follows closely behind the group, "Have any idea what might be causing all of that?"
  91. (6:24:33 PM) Keioseth: "I was just figurin' it was drunks seeing shit." He pushes through the doors, holding them open for Rocket though not for the guys, "First round is on my tab for these gents an' lady, Sho." The bartender nods as he leads them to a table, "I mean you go underground most of the day, you bound ta start seeing weird things."
  93. (6:27:12 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado raises his glass and downs the liquor like the practiced drinker that he is, pulling down his scarf to do so of course. "...Ain't no easy way to say this," once he shakes off the initial wave of lightheadedness, "But those ain't no drunkard's tall tales. Somethin's comin' down from that mountain. And when it does, this town's gonna be right smack in its path." He keeps his voice low to avoid the barkeep's attention, taking on an air of deadly serious gravity.
  95. (6:29:19 PM) Alstann: Watchman takes a seat at the table, refusing any offered drinks. He leans in to listen to the conversation.
  97. (6:31:10 PM) Keioseth: "We talkin' some kinda bad hombres? Gang'er somethin'?"
  99. (6:31:53 PM) Alstann: "If it's anything pertaining to our line of work," he said, "it's probably worse."
  101. (6:33:24 PM) Keioseth: Van leans back in his chair, "Like I said, y'all're trouble." He takes a swig of beer.
  103. (6:34:22 PM) machinegunblues: "Betcha figgered we ain't from around here by now. However far ya think it is, it's farther. We got instruments and gauges we can train on places far off, and whatever's comin' from that mountain put 'em in the red. We're goin' up, one way or another. If you wanna make sure this place don't catch holy hell... you'll round up every fightin' man ya have to come up 'n help us see it off."
  105. (6:38:18 PM) Keioseth: "Yella skinned girl, clearly more fancy tech than we have, yeah, I'm no college education man, but yeah I put two an two tagether, Jimmy." He seemed a little offended. "Look, y'all saw the bulk of my fightin' forces earlier. We ain't got much."
  107. (6:42:17 PM) Alstann: "It's something," he replied. "We'll need all the help we can get. Trust us on this one."
  109. (6:44:36 PM) machinegunblues: "That and the horsepower t'get up there at speed. Even if ya can't spare the men, I figger you'll wanna come up yerself just t'make sure we don't break nothin' important." He grinned and lit a hand-rolled cigarillo from a silvered case, offering Vanhooven a smoke in turn.
  111. (6:46:09 PM) Keioseth: "Can't really leave the town unguarded but sure," he takes the cigarillo, "I'll come with."
  113. (6:50:13 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket takes a swig of booze. "I'm kinda curious about the storms," Rocket says. "What did they say it was like?"
  117. (6:51:38 PM) Keioseth: "Not like anythin' I'd ever seen. Not sure how to describe it, it was like the sky swirled." He takes another swig, "Like a spiral er somethin'. Not like a normal storm. Then the ground would shake like the dickens. Like a massive stampede was running off."
  121. (6:53:19 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado makes for the door, lit cigar dangling smoldering from his lips. "Tell us on the way. Time might not be somethin' we got a lot of."
  123. (6:54:18 PM) Keioseth: Van eyes Desperado. "Probably shouldn't leave until the mornin', Jimmy. There's some nasty things in the desert at night."
  125. (6:55:08 PM) Alstann: "We may not have a choice," he said, crossing his arms.
  127. (6:55:35 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket looks at Desperado. "I can scout ahead and be back in minutes. Probably before anything out there has a time to react."
  129. (6:55:48 PM) machinegunblues: He nods. "Do it."
  131. (6:56:15 PM) Keioseth: "Be quick, lil lady. Shields go up in 10."
  133. (6:56:55 PM) machinegunblues: "Shields? What from?"
  135. (7:00:52 PM) Keioseth: "You strangers are deaf, I just got done saying nasty things are out in the desert at night: Aurumvoraxes, Umbers, giant centipedes, bandits, cloud hawks, styrloses..." He continues listing.
  137. (7:01:53 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I won't be on the ground," she says. "And like I said, it would take me less then a minute. By the time they realize I'm there, I'd be gone already."
  139. (7:03:26 PM) Keioseth: "Then watch out for cloud hawks, hun. They're the size of a buildin' and fast as lightnin'."
  141. (7:04:06 PM) machinegunblues: He waits for Rocket to take off on her scouting expedition.
  143. (7:04:43 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Just point the way."
  145. (7:06:27 PM) Alstann: "Just notified QUARK of your scouting mission. If you end up stuck, just fly towards the Globetrotter."
  149. (7:14:08 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket steps outside and takes off in an explosion of cosmic light. Before a minute had passed, Rocket returned in the same flash of light. "Well, there's something going on. There's a barrier up and critters everywhere. I saw some kinda light for a split second, and when it disappeared, the winds kicked up, I think it's some kinda defense system."
  153. (7:16:27 PM) machinegunblues: "Think the ship can get us over it? Or punch through? ...Hell, there look like any shortcut you could see? Hunters trails or switchbacks?"
  155. (7:20:52 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "There seemed to be some trails to the top, and the wind did die down when I left the area. I'm not sure if the ship could "punch through." Might need to take the ground route."
  157. (7:22:06 PM) machinegunblues: "Arright then, let's do it. Afraid waitin' till mornin' isn't an option." He unslings his rifle and heads for the road out of town. "Lead the way."
  159. (7:22:26 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Hold up, cowboy, I didn't say right now. Even walking, there were a LOT of monsters, the sheriff is right. We should wait till morning, we'd be outnumbered 50 to one right now."
  161. (7:24:12 PM) machinegunblues: "That dense, huh? Shitfire, shoulda brought the C-mags."
  163. (7:24:38 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I could cut a path through them, but they'd be on top of my wake in seconds."
  165. (7:25:01 PM) Keioseth: "Did I not say?" He shakes his head.
  167. (7:25:45 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I believed you, I just wanted to scout."
  169. (7:25:29 PM) machinegunblues: "And those hawks he mentioned seem like they might could catch up to ya. ...Arright, looks like we don't have a choice."
  172. (7:28:44 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "So, we should get a place to bunk down for the evening, and get this bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.
  174. (7:30:49 PM) Keioseth: "Ey! Sho, got some rooms?" The burly bartender is polishing a glass, "Yes." He turns back to the team, "There you go."
  176. (7:31:09 PM) machinegunblues: "Fair enough. You two hunker down, I'll keep watch in case they show up in the wee hours."
  178. (7:31:51 PM) Alstann: "Guess it can't be helped then," he said, making his way to the back where the rooms were. "If you need to switch out, just say so, Desperado."
  180. (7:32:33 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'm not really tired. Kinda wanna see the town." She smiles a bit at the sheriff. "If you wouldn't mind being a guide."
  182. (7:33:44 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado headed out, hopping on a barrel, to a balcony, to the roof of the tavern itself. With his telescopic sight he keeps overwatch on the surrounding landscape.
  184. (7:33:46 PM) Keioseth: Van grins. "It would be my pleasure darlin'."
  188. (7:37:14 PM) Keioseth: A FEW HOURS LATER... The sun crests over the horizon.
  192. (7:39:29 PM) machinegunblues: *KRRSHT* "Rise 'n shine, boys 'n girls. We got a dimensional anomaly to... un-anomalize. Yeah."
  194. (7:40:34 PM) Alstann: "Hrm, too bad we don't know anything about it besides weather patterns," he said on the comms. "We getting any help from the sheriff on this one?"
  196. (7:42:35 PM) Keioseth: Van meets the others in the center of town, he's stretching having had quite the night, "I'm here, I'm here."
  198. (7:43:58 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado arrives with his rifle couched under his arm. "We got him. It'll do, here's hopin'." His scanner is strapped to his forearm with some homemade rigging to better sniff out the anomaly.
  200. (7:44:14 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket kicks on her comm while trying to find a boot that somehow got lost in the night. "Hopefully, they won't be too big of an issue," she says, before finding her boot, pulling it on, and hopping out to join the others. She pulls her hair into a messy ponytail. She smiled and gave a big stretch. "We gonna hit that dusty trail or stand around yapping?"
  202. (7:46:40 PM) Alstann: Watchman adjusts the bow and quiver on his back before tinkering with his utility belt, nodding. "Let's go."
  204. (7:48:19 PM) machinegunblues: He'd march off with the group, letting Rocket guide them to the trails she mentioned.
  206. (7:48:40 PM) Keioseth: Van grins at Rocket before holding up a finger, "Sho?" "Yes." "Joe." "Yes." With blinding speed, a thermos flies out of the saloon doors and into Van's hands. "Much obliged." He follows the group.
  208. (7:49:07 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Please tell me that's coffee."
  210. (7:50:39 PM) Keioseth: "To quote Sho: 'Yes.'"
  212. (7:52:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: She reaches for his thermos before pointing off in the direction they needed to travel. "We're headed that way, I'll tell you when we need to turn."
  216. (7:54:51 PM) Keioseth: Eventually they pass the mining operation as a band head toward the town, shift change, and in a few hours they reach area near the top of the mountain. The closer they get to the peak the stronger the winds seem to become soon turning into an all-out windstorm like that of a tornado.
  220. (7:56:48 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Okay, I didn't expect them to get this bad," she says. Looking up to where she had seen the light before. "I'm going to rocket, see if I can find the source and make it stop!"
  222. (7:57:11 PM) Alstann: Watchman brings up an arm to cover his face from the violent winds assaulting him. "Could use an Ultima King shield right about now."
  224. (7:57:46 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado curses, undoes his lasso and tosses/loops it around a stable rock outcropping. "Go on 'n tell Pecos Bill up there t'knock it the hell off!"
  226. (7:58:52 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket starts to glow golden, then takes off in a burst of cosmic light. She's going for the center of the storm, hoping to find whatever is causing the wind and give it the ol' rocket punch.
  228. (8:00:07 PM) Alstann: As the winds get stronger, Watchman starts to get pushed back by the windstorm. Attempting to keep himself steady, he takes out his grapnel gun and fires it at a similar rock, holding on tight.
  230. (8:01:02 PM) machinegunblues: He gestures back to the sheriff, "Hang on to one of us! These lines'll hold come hell or high water!"
  234. (8:01:48 PM) Keioseth: Van's dug his cybernetics into the ground to keep himself from being sent flying, "Yeah, this is weird. I'll give the crazy old miners that!" Meanwhile as Rocket blasts off again, she is eventually met but a swirling blast energy, "You know, heeee did say you would shoooow."
  238. (8:07:49 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket is hit with the energy, but luckily at her speed, it didn't stop her. However it didn't feel good either. "Meeting some resistance, guys. They knew I was coming." She then calls out, "Why don't you come out and say 'hi' then, I'd like to give you some face time."
  240. (8:10:47 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado does his best to make at least a bit of headway in the face of the gale, pulling himself up the lasso line hand-over-hand about a foot at the time.
  244. (8:11:30 PM) Keioseth: The horrifying visage of the voice appears directly in front of her clad in cowboy clothes and wearing some spectacles, "Greeeeeetiiiiiiingssssssssss." Rocket would begin to feel herself start to spin round and round.
  248. (8:12:48 PM) Alstann: Watchman presses the button on his grapnel gun to pull him towards the stable rock. As he gets there, he attempts to take cover behind the rock and monitor Rocket's position in the storm. "Getting harder and harder to see over here, everyone," he says on the comm.
  250. (8:14:12 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Woooaaaah, what the hell!" she shouts out, attempting to fly straight up and get away from the whirling. "Jimmy, if you ever wanted to prove yourself the best shot, now's the time to do it!" she calls into the comms. "From my location right in front of me!"
  252. (8:17:20 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado squints, his cyber-enhancements doing their damndest to compensate for the miniature tornado. Usually his jacked-up brain could calculate the shot in a fraction of a second - with so many wild variables, it took at least two. His magnum clears its holster and fired on the indicated position.
  256. (8:20:26 PM) Keioseth: A purplish-blue vortex appears inches away from the man as the bullet nears him and it vanishes within it. "Thaaaat issssss impressssive." He holds up a clenched fist as if emulating Freddie Mercury and the winds halt. The tornadoes around them seem to literally freeze, "I am Ssssspiral. Herald of the Great Work."
  260. (8:23:00 PM) Alstann: As the winds stop, Watchman looks above and finally sees the anomaly. "Great."
  262. (8:24:17 PM) Keioseth: He pushes his spectacles up, "I wassss told to tessssst you."
  264. (8:25:38 PM) machinegunblues: He wipes the filth and dust from his goggles and marches up the remaining bit of path to their new adversary. "Desperado," he says, returning the introduction. "The man who's gonna put a bullet between yer eyes." He draws his second pistol and the guns roar as they discharge their cylinders, the gunslinger targeting different points on the creature's body with every shot.
  266. (8:26:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Cannon shakes her head, a little dizzy from being spun around. She stays high in the air, looking for a chance to hit him from behind.
  268. (8:27:34 PM) Alstann: Clipping the grapnel gun back onto his belt, the archer unfolds his bow with a quick snap, pulls out a couple of broadheads, and fires them at the aggressor.
  270. (8:30:27 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, I was gonna see what else he had to say but... I guess shooting him works too."
  274. (8:33:24 PM) Keioseth: "Maybe we shouldn't fire on the hombre that can..." Spiral's body twists in unnatural ways out of the way of the attacks. "Your friendsssss are ruuuude..." He shakes his head at Rocket before the windstorm rips back to life. Van sighs and clamps down into the ground again, "Trouble, I knew it."
  278. (8:34:34 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Guys, hold your fire. It's not gonna get us anywhere in a direct assault. Oh goddamnit," she says, before making another dash upwards, once again trying to hit the source. "We're gonna need new strategies!" she calls into her mic.
  280. (8:37:27 PM) machinegunblues: Buckling down, he draws his rifle and puts his back to a large boulder to keep from getting blown away. "'Great Work', huh? All we've seen from yer like is a whole lotta unworkin'. Hell're you here for if not t'bring death?" He tries to keep the entity focused on him for the moment in this way.
  282. (8:38:58 PM) Alstann: Watchman returns to cover, ready to fire another arrow if need be. "He said he was told to test us! What do you mean by that?" He asked the anomaly.
  286. (8:39:26 PM) Keioseth: "The multiverssssse isssss on the verge of dessssstruction. My masssster heard of you, wisssshhhhed to tesssst you, to ssssee if you are worthy of the Great Work." The sky above them seems to bend and twist as if the fabrics of reality were contorting, the sky also begins to darken and crackle with energy. "You are found wanting, and I will take thisssss world for my massster." Vortexes fire off at them from the villain.
  290. (8:43:14 PM) machinegunblues: "Wait!" He staggers forward, the buffeting winds forcing him to his knees, leaning on the rifle stock for support. "...Test us then. Whatever y'want. Just leave these folk be, 'n we'll go along."
  292. (8:44:24 PM) Keioseth: "Yeah, please don't be destroyin' my world. I uh, kinda like it," Van says, as he is barely holding on at this point.
  294. (8:46:28 PM) Alstann: Winds assault their positions even more. "We can't even get close to him," he said attempting to track his position with his tech.
  296. (8:48:19 PM) Keioseth: Shafts of dimensional energies, like those picked up by QUARK, rain down from the sky carving deep gashes in the lands around the mountain. Spiral doesn't really seem to move from his position.
  298. (8:48:56 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, it's not like I can fly in circles and create a reverse tornado...well, I don't think I can at least," she says, trying to pinpoint a device. Instead, she rushes at Spiral trying to hit him from above and hopefully off guard.
  300. (8:51:50 PM) machinegunblues: Desp barely avoided being eviscerated by the vortex by hitting the dirt on his belly. He removes a stick of dynamite from his boot. "Answer me, dammit!"
  304. (8:55:53 PM) Keioseth: Spiral is knocked out of the air and slams into the ground hard, but gets up dusting some dirt off his shoulders laughing. He vorps and appears next to Desp, "Give me food and I live. Give me water and I die."
  308. (8:58:24 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado whips around, rifle leveled at the entity's chest out of sheer instinct. He doesn't pull, however; something clicks. "Fire."
  310. (8:58:43 PM) Alstann: Watchman quickly aims another arrow at Spiral as he appears next to Desperado. He doesn't fire, but he remains cautious as Spiral speaks.
  312. (8:59:21 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket gets up from the ground where she had slammed Spiral, only to have him disappear. She looks over to see how Van is doing, ready to pull him out of the way if she needs to.
  316. (9:00:36 PM) Keioseth: "Yesssss an all-consssssuming fire, one that gobblesss up multiverssssesss." The strange face of the man gives Desp a lipless smile, "But whossssse sssside will you be on?" The rifle seems to contort just being near Spiral, "My massster'ssss or that of the unbelieversssss?" He lets out a manic laugh.
  320. (9:04:47 PM) machinegunblues: The barrel lowers a touch. "What're yer masters after? What's the long game for you folks?"
  322. (9:05:29 PM) Keioseth: Van, holding on tight, says, "You know I'm startin' ta think this'n's a couple steers short of a herd!" Spiral responds to Desperado, "Ssssimple, become the new godssss of a new multiversssse. The creator hasss deemed thissss one a failure!"
  324. (9:07:01 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Cowboy lingo is so cute," Rocket responds to Van, before making another dash at Spiral, this one aiming to lift him into the air and out of the atmosphere...if she can even get him that far.
  326. (9:07:01 PM) Keioseth: "Scratch that, he is definitely missing a few steer!"
  328. (9:09:24 PM) Alstann: "More talk about godhood and failure. I'm sensing a pattern here every time we visit a new universe."
  330. (9:12:51 PM) machinegunblues: "Then we're on our own side. The side 'a humanity. The side 'a life. An' you and yer bosses don't sound a damn sight good fer either one," he continued to engage the being, hoping to keep its attention on him whole Rocket went for the sneak attack.
  334. (9:13:24 PM) Keioseth: "Oh hell, you run into these yay-hoos before?!" Van hollers out the land around him starting to give. Spiral boops Desp on the nose, "I think you're unworthy of the journey." He is then hit by Rocket and sent skyward, "Mossssst unworthy."
  338. (9:15:17 PM) Alstann: Watchman squints at the sky as Rocket brings Spiral higher and higher. "That's one way to get rid of him."
  340. (9:16:05 PM) Keioseth: As they move away from the mountain, the windstorm dies down, but the dimensional spiral tear only seems to increase.
  342. (9:19:05 PM) machinegunblues: Desperado looks skyward. "What in the Sam Hell- QUARK, you got a line on what we're seein'?"
  344. (9:21:07 PM) Keioseth: QUARK: "The walls of this universe are buckling, he's somehow using the natural energies and frequencies of the dimension to damage and tear it apart."
  346. (9:21:45 PM) Alstann: Watchman aims an arrow at the duo steadily flying out of range. "She's still got him."
  348. (9:22:56 PM) Keioseth: QUARK: "Scanners are showing a build-up of energy on his person, there may be tech causing this."
  350. (9:23:06 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Do we need him to close it?! 'Cause I'm about to launch him into the nearest star!"
  352. (9:23:53 PM) machinegunblues: He keeps his rifle trained on the sky, scope fitted to the top. "Look fer anythin' on him he may be usin'. QUARK... get me a deep penetration scan of that mine just in case he's got it stashed down there."
  354. (9:27:53 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket is going far to fast to frisk the guy, but she does look him over once as she tears for the sun, trying to find whatever device he might have on his person.
  358. (9:28:03 PM) Keioseth: "Unknown if we need him or not and I am scanning." Spiral reaches over and boops Rocket on the nose. Though while it had no effect on Desp, she is sent spiraling away from him. He floats there above the world, "I bid thee..." He takes a bow, "Adieu!" He manically cackles again before vanishing into a a vortex. "I am reading a secondary power source in the mountain."
  362. (9:30:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Goddamnit, he's vanished! Get to the mountain, that secondary powersource is our last shot!"
  364. (9:31:34 PM) Alstann: "On it," he said, already booking it towards the mountain. "Should be in the mine."
  366. (9:31:19 PM) machinegunblues: "Read ya!" He scrambles down the trail, rifle in hand, towards the entrance to the mineshaft. "Sheriff, if I was a weird alien whatsit who wanted to stash somethin' here where no one would find it, in these tunnels, whichun would I pick?"
  368. (9:33:32 PM) Keioseth: "Hold on!" Van holds his hand palm up a map appears. "There is an entrance around here, goes down about 100 meters, opens into a big empty room, the miners use it for old storage."
  370. (9:34:10 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "I'd break through, but I might cause a cave in," Rocket says as she speeds back, landing next to Van. "QUARK, can you pinpoint the location using this map as a reference?"
  372. (9:35:00 PM) machinegunblues: He takes a gander at the map and commits it to memory, dashing off towards the indicated shaft.
  374. (9:35:37 PM) Alstann: Watchman followed alongside the others attempting to find the secondary power source. "Should be almost there." He glanced back to Rocket, "The target just vanished then?"
  378. (9:36:00 PM) Keioseth: "The map seems to match the GPR scans I have taken," QUARK adds as they rush after Desp. The team vanishes into the mines below following the map and soon come to an area with mining equipment and a giant device that looks nothing like the rest of the tech, looking akin to a metallic flower or lotus.
  382. (9:40:44 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "So anyone wanna try to operate it? Or should I make with smashing?"
  384. (9:41:10 PM) Alstann: "QUARK, scan the machinery. Let's see what we can do about this."
  386. (9:41:15 PM) machinegunblues: "Pretty sure we done found it. Question is..." He moves around the device and looks for anything like moving parts, switches, or other methods of operation. "Try 'n turn it off or blow it to kingdom come?"
  388. (9:43:12 PM) Keioseth: QUARK: "The tech appears to be similar to the engines of the ship albeit producing far more energy, though... I am unsure as to why the lotus-like design."
  390. (9:44:37 PM) Alstann: "Hrm. Not sure how stable it is, so I don't want to risk blowing it up unless we have to."
  392. (9:45:54 PM) Keioseth: "So yer doin' what exactly to the big ass death flower?" asked Van.
  394. (9:46:59 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Well, I'll look at it. Sometimes I forget that I -am- a rocket scientist," she says as she approaches the machine and starts to look it over.
  396. (9:47:39 PM) machinegunblues: "...Like the- well hell, if you wanted to kill the Globetrotter's engines and y'all didn't have the ignition, how would ya do it?"
  398. (9:50:06 PM) Alstann: Watchman attempts to examine the machinery as well, taking note of the design. "Hm. I wonder if it has a fusion core like our ship."
  402. (9:50:17 PM) CapsLockRAGE: Rocket starts to go over the machine. "Alright, I see how this works... really similar to the Globetrotter. I should be able to shut it down, separating the main generators from isolinear chips regulating the power from the fusion core." Jean starts to get to work on it, doing exactly what she said, and taking a step back to see if it was successful.
  404. (9:52:39 PM) Keioseth: The device powers down as the lotus closes up.
  406. (9:53:23 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Phew... There was about a 20% chance that would cause it to go into meltdown too. But I didn't wanna worry any of you."
  408. (9:53:48 PM) machinegunblues: "Well, my 'stuff-it-fulla-dynamite-and-scamper' idea had a hundred percent chance, so. Good job." Wiping sweat from his brow, he looks at all involved and says, "Wanna go outside and see if the world stopped explodin'?"
  410. (9:55:21 PM) Alstann: Watchman sighs. "That was close." He turns towards Desperado. "Might as well, it seems that the rumblings have stopped."
  412. (9:55:59 PM) Keioseth: "Oh shit, yeah! The town!" Van runs out of the tunnel.
  414. (9:57:18 PM) Alstann: Watchman follows the sheriff as well. "Let's go, everyone. Hopefully everything's turned back to normal."
  416. (9:57:25 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Van, don't run off! You don't know what could be out there!" she shouts off after him, then sighs, and looks to the machine. "I'm going to dismantle some key components to make sure someone doesn't re-activate this, you guys go ahead."
  418. (9:58:38 PM) machinegunblues: "Take with us whatcha can." He heads for the exit himself. Once he gets there he'd scope down to the township using his sight.
  420. (9:59:52 PM) Keioseth: Thankfully, Geartown seems mostly unscathed though the lands around the town have gained some new canyons. Van drops to his knees, "Oh, thank the maker."
  422. (10:02:40 PM) Alstann: Watchman surveys the area before speaking into his comm, "QUARK, we're done here. Position the Globetrotter at our coordinates for evac."
  424. (10:03:28 PM) machinegunblues: Wiping sweat from his brow, hand shaking a bit, Desperado lights himself a cigarette. "Now y'know the stakes. We'll be watchin' now that they've shown up here once.. and folks'll be back if they ever make a return trip. Thankfully for y'all that don't seem ta fit their pattern."
  426. (10:04:27 PM) CapsLockRAGE: A few minutes after everyone else got out of the caves, Rocket leaves, carrying with her a couple objects. It doesn't take her long to reach the town. "Everything alright?"
  428. (10:04:36 PM) Keioseth: Van dusts himself off. "I was right, though," he says to the three of them, "Y'all're trouble." He chuckles.
  430. (10:05:10 PM) CapsLockRAGE: "Nah, we're not trouble, we're a solution."
  432. (10:07:04 PM) Keioseth: "I never said it was a bad kinda trouble, darlin'."
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