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  1. Thanks for Lolkomori for the idea and giving me the permission to steal it. Permission to make it by Iss. Approved by (blank). Banner by Skylight/Starships/Vivillon/whatever goddamn name she uses. Most of the OP by Lolkomori.
  4. (the banner is here)
  6. What has the world come to? There is only one of each strong Pokemon left!
  8. Background:
  10. This challenge is survival war in which everyone is aiming to “collect every LC Pokemon of which there is only one left.” There is only one of each Pokemon from the LC Viability Ranking’s D-S tier left. To start, these Pokemon will be divided up randomly and distributed to the registered battlers. You can gain control of others’ Pokemon by defeating them in Standard or Unrated LC battles.
  12. Challenges:
  14. I am going to start off this challenge trusting the LC tier’s maturity and competitiveness by allowing players to challenge others at any time they want (The goal is to snatch them all). This means that all active participants should hang out as much as they can on #littlecup or post what times each day they are available in the comments below. You cannot refuse a challenge unless you have a good reason. Three days without activity results in banishment. If any trouble occurs from John’ing or reluctance in general, please contact me; I won’t hesitate to remove you, and your Pokemon will go to the tattler. If anything gets too out of hand, I can randomize matchups and this gets a lot more boring.
  16. When making a challenge, both players are allowed a few minutes to teambuild around the other’s Pokemon. For example, if someone has all Fire-types for some reason, and the challenger has a Staryu, they will need to be pretty creative to beat them  All players and their current Pokemon will be displayed below (will be made after registration) that will be updated as frequently as I can.
  18. Before each match starts, both players will declare what TWO Pokemon of the other’s that they desire (this number might be raised as opponents fall). These are what you are fighting over. After a match, I expect both players to comment on this forum stating who won and what two Pokemon were transferred. I also encourage you to post replays for our entertainment.
  20. There is an unlimited supply of E-Ranked Pokemon to your disposal. When you are all out of S-D Ranked Pokemon you are out of the challenge.
  22. A list of E-rank mons will be found here shortly.
  24. If victor of a battle wants an immediate rematch (to pick on easy prey), the loser is entitled to reject the challenge for 24 hours for recuperation/preparation before they have to accept the next challenge.
  26. Note: Pokémon gained will be randomnized but if someone turns out too overpowered/weak, adjustments will be made.
  28. Registrations: (Will close as registrations die off)
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