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  1. Shortly after that, I would most likely suffer a direct impact from a projectile releasing kinetic energy on the order of one megaton,
  2. an impact which, with my battle screens inoperative, I would not survive. Clearly, it is time to change tactics.
  4. - Bolo Rising
  6. The display focused on them for a moment, and then Nike moved slowly backward.
  7. The lizard cat tried to fling itself on the moving tread, only to tumble backward with a
  8. squall of pain as the Bolo brought up her kinetic interdiction battle screen. She must have
  9. it on its lowest possible power setting, since it hadn't splattered the cat all over the jungle,
  10. but it was sufficient to throw the scaly mother safely away from her treads.
  12. - Bolo!
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