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  3. ↻ USERNAME — ; @Lizzixox
  4. ↻ PASSWORD — ; Boy Meets What
  8. ↻ FULL NAME — ; Ahn Yeona
  9.     ⇢ ANY NICKNAMES ? — ;
  10. - Yeety - a nickname she received from DESVERLARSA because she yolo's a hella lot
  11. - Yeo - a nickname she received from YOORI reminding her that the nickname is from her because it means 'Younger sister' from
  12. YEO-dongsaeng. others call her that too.
  13. ↻ BIRTHDATE — ; 19/07/01
  14.     ⇢ AGE — ; [ 17 y/o ]
  15.     ⇢ SEXUALITY — ; Heterosexual fam
  16.     ⇢ SOCIAL MEDIA USERNAME — ; yeety - because why not or theres 'yeoty' i couldn't decide  
  17. ↻ BIRTHPLACE — ; Seoul, South Korea
  18. ↻ HOMETOWN — ; Seoul, South Korea
  19. ↻ ETHNICITY — ; Korean
  20. ↻ NATIONALITY — ; Korean
  24. ↻ SLOT — ; COMADRE
  25.     ⇢ BACKUP — ; FRIOLERO
  26. ↻ FACECLAIM — ; @cowsel on ig
  27.     ⇢ BACKUP — ; @hyanggggg_ on ig
  28. ↻ HEIGHT — ; 163 cm
  29. ↻ WEIGHT — ; 49 kg
  30. ↻ BODY SHAPE — ; hour glass shaped
  31.     ⇢ ANY SCARS/INJURIES ? — ;
  32. - Yeona has a scar on her right knee when she was 7 y/o from tripping because she ran too fast and didn't realize her speed so she tripped on her own two legs which resulted her into scrapping both her knees on cement but only it only made a scar on her right knee.
  33. - She once fractured her arm when she was jumping on her bed really high because she fell off oof
  35. ↻ GO-TO OUTFIT — ;
  36.     ⇢ THEIR 'AESTHETIC' Pastel colors (specifically pastel purple and occasionally pink or blue) or Black and Red — ;
  38. On regular days, Yeona would usually wear a red or navy or pastel purple oversized sweatshirt (because damn they're comfortable af) with black leggings or white jeans (depends on her laziness that day) paired with black or white vans.  
  40. But when Yeona feels like dressing up that day she goes for a grunge look which consists of a black crop top but with an oversized plaid shirt to cover herself when she feels too exposed. This is also paired up with blue or black skinny denim jeans that are slightly ripped on the front, and as for her shoes she wears spiked boots or her black or white vans. Also add an additional accessory of a black beanie.
  44. ↻ PERSONALITY — ;
  46. ー TOMBOY | " I'm a girl! What do you mean I'm lying?! "
  47. Yeehaw she says. Yeona has like an inner boy in her. Like she's a het but her personality is wild af which makes her seem like a boy instead oof.
  49. ー REBELLIOUS | " rules are meant to be broken now days so "
  51. Yeona believes on what she believes
  53. ー SHORT TEMPERED | " I'm a ticking bomb when I'm mad, so I advise you to take cover "
  55. ー SARCASTIC | " Wow you're actually smart, do you want a fucking cookie? "
  57. ー CLUMSY | " oof i almost tripped in air again "
  59. ー CARING | " I may not show it...normally, but always remember I really sincerely care "
  61. ー PROTECTIVE | " Mess with them, you mess with me "  
  63. ー UNPREDICTABLE | " I really need a mood stabilizer "
  65. See the hard thing about Yeona is that she cannot be predicted. It's always a surprise in what she will do during current
  67. ー INDOLENT | ❝ I just want to crawl up into a ball, forget all my problems and never wake up ❞
  69. A lazy soul she is. Always wanting to sleep and remains unbothered through chaos may I tell you. Yeona is usually just tired and unenergetic during the day because the idiot is on social media all night. To add to that, she's also a professional procrastinator so she pushes all his school work until last minute which means staying up late once again. how lovely
  71. ー CONFIDENT | " On a scale of 1 to 10, yes, I am a twelve "
  73. A confident bad bitch she is.
  75. ー HONEST | " I'd rather not lie to your face thank you."
  77. Be prepared to get slapped with the truth from Yeona. She does not kid that being honest is very- and i mean VERY important to her. If you aren't honest with her and have maybe lied to her once then it depends on how deep the lie went and how it is. She may or may not forgive you if you lie to her.
  80. ↻ BACKGROUND — ; [ ^^^ ]
  84. ↻ LIKES — ;
  85. ー Oversized Jumpers - It makes her feel like she's hugged all the time
  86. ー Anything sweet - A big sweet tooth she can be. People start to think that her taste for sweet things stole from her personality
  87. ー Disney Movies - Lilo & Stitch is her all time favourite
  88. ー Her violin - She enjoys the sounds of the violin. She can express her emotions while playing
  89. ー Cuddle sessions - Yeona is extra soft and uwu for cuddles, she hugs everyone when has those days as they would like to call 'Soft Yeona days'
  90. ー Rain - Best days to sleep in honestly  
  91. ー Dirty jokes - the only thing that makes her burst out laughing oops
  93. ↻ DISLIKES — ;
  94. ー Hates being ridiculed - You know,,, from her Mother *cough*
  95. ー hypocrites - It makes Yeona think that you aren't true to her
  96. ー Sour things - Yeona cannot stand sour things. Sweet foods stays superior in her books.
  97. ー Tomatoes - They're evil and they smell bad ewe
  98. ー Getting sick - Yeona hates it when she looks weak, she feels the need to stay strong for her fellow members who she considers as family
  99. ー Liars - Honesty is highly important to Yeona
  100. ー Grudges - It makes Yeona feel much horrible than she already feels. It's like extra weight has been added to her shoulders.  
  102. ↻ TRIVIA — ;
  103. ー Yeona likes to bake brownies for her members
  104. ー She likes cookies n cream because why not have cookies with ice cream together
  105. ー Thinks that whoever invented ice cream cake is a whole genius
  106. ー She runs her hands through her hair a lot when she's stressed,,,which is like all the time
  107. ー Scented candles for the win. Her favourite candle is cinnamon scented
  108. ー Yeona throws things when she is in rage
  109. ー she roasts her members by rapping lmao
  110. ー profanity is her second language
  111. ー she actually adores kids
  112. ー Yeona cries and breaks down when things get too hard for her and she reaches her highest point of frustration or stress  
  113.     ⇢ RELIGION ー Atheist
  114.     ⇢ TALENTS — ;
  115. ー PLAYING THE VIOLIN - since of course, she is the violinist of the group she is really good at playing the violin. She enjoys it because it helps her put her emotions while playing since she isn't very good at expressing.
  116. ー She is surprising good at baking, especially sweet things such as cake or cookies etc
  117. ー RAPPING - she isn't the lead rapper for nothing. she is witty so her mind can create fast raps that go well together etc. she only sometimes pours her emotions raw when she raps.
  119. EGGLY
  121. ↻ COLLEGE COURSES — ; The thought of college scares Yeona because it reminds her that she is growing up. even though she wants to make music with her members for a long long time, she does plan on being a pediatrician. it's still an iffy decision though. she adores children and wants to help who are in need. but if she were to go to college her course would be;
  123. ー biology
  124. ー chemistry - specifically inorganic and organic chem
  125. ー math - calculus
  126. ー physics
  128. and plenty more i dont know
  131. Yeona has practiced on the violin ever since she was 5 y/o. meaning for roughly at least 12 or so years. Her parents- more like her Mother forced her into taking classes on playing the violin as it seemed more 'lady like' rather than Yeona's first choice, guitar. although Yeona did hate it at first the moment she began getting better at it she had also began to take a liking for the instrument.
  133. ↻ CURRENT STATUS — ; Currently,,,uh Yeona is really unpredictable for her mental state. she could be laughing at one second to her screaming at you the next. some of her group mates think she is a tinsy bit bipolar. as for her physical state it's all good,,,so far. just as long as she doesn't hurt herself from throwing things when she's stressed  
  135. ↻ REACTIONS ↴
  136.     ⇢ JOY — ;
  137.     ⇢ SORROW — ;
  138.     ⇢ REPULSED — ;
  139.     ⇢ ANXIETY — ;
  140.     ⇢ GROGGINESS— ;
  141.     ⇢ RAGE — ;
  148. ↻ THEIR REACTION TO YOORI'S DEATH — ; [ i didn't include everyone's relations to yoori ( the dying friend ) in the slot explanations, my bad—so, i'll add yet another thing to those, sksk. ]
  150. ↻ DO THEY WANT TO BECOME A REAL BAND ? — ; I mean why not? Reach for the stars amiright? Like if a potato is raw and dirty and no one wants a raw potato before, but after it's baked and crispy everyone wants it. It would also make her sister delighted.
  152. DICC SLAP
  155.     ⇢ THOUGHTS ON THEM ? — ; Yeona finds him charming sure, and maybe funny but that's not the point! Okay maybe it is,,,but his playboy ways...That's what gets on Yeona's nerves. She's also part of being worried for him nonetheless by him getting in trouble with the parents or what if he messed with the wrong family and such like diseases too. I guess you could say that before Yeona was only admiring him from afar. Knowing that him, who is a senior and her, still a sophomore will never work out. Since he's going to college soon Yeona tries to slowly make her feelings for DESVELARSA disappear. But she just can't which also adds to her stress and why she locks herself up in her room and throws thing at rage.
  157. ↻ HAVE THEY EVER DATED BEFORE ? — ; No, never. Yeona and DESVELARSA  
  159. ↻ RELATIONSHIP STATUS W/ LOVE INTEREST ? — ; I guess you could say that before Yeona was only admiring him from afar. Knowing that him, who is a senior and her, still a sophomore will never work out. Since he's going to college
  161. ↻ FIRST IMPRESSIONS ? — ; [ how'd they meet? how old were they? did they get along at first? how long did it take your character to fall for them? ]
  163. ↻ CLOSEST TO — ; DUENDE
  164.     ⇢ WHY ? — ; let's just say the way their friendship blossomed was because Yeona found out his little crush on her little sister and threatened him that if he ever tried something and broke her heart, his bones will also be broken. nah just kidding. maybe. Anyways Yeona knows that DUENDE really cares for her beloved sister because he pushes the members to do their best. Although it can be a bit irritating that he takes his stress and anger out on them, he's just trying his hardest best to fulfill her baby sister's wish.  
  167.     ⇢ WHY ? — ; idk, it's probably because they act alike that their personality clashes. They'd fight over little things such as Yeona wants her to be more open to them while RECORGESE wants her to stop melding in her business etc. Which ends up Yeona getting offended and say she was just trying to help which makes RECORGESE get more mad because she didn't want the help.
  169. ↻ REQUESTED SCENES — ; [ be creative ! min. 3 ]
  171. ↻ NOTE TO AUTHOR — ; [ ewe im mar, a total rat and i love nick with all my damn heart. ]
  172. ↻ ANYTHING I MISSED ? — ; I don't think so?
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