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Feb 9th, 2014
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  1. Morrowind Any% - How to remove loads
  3. Removing loads is important for this game because it's so short. It doesn't take as much time as you'd think and when you've done it a couple times already it should only take a few minutes.
  5. If you have a .mp4 OBS local recording or twitch vod, download "avidemux"
  6. If you have a .avi raw from dxtory/fraps, download "VirtualDub"
  8. Hotkeys:
  9. arrow keys left/right or mouse wheel to seek frames
  10. selection start/end: virtualdub home/end avidemux [ and ]
  11. delete key: delete the selection
  13. First select the very first frame of the video, then seek up until the guard walks up and a box appears that tells you to move using WASD. Use right arrow to find the first frame the box disappears then end the selection and delete it. The fade-out-then-in when using the boat latch is NOT a loading screen. Be sure to remember this for the rest of the fades that occur during the run. The first loading screen is when you're entering the census building. Select the first frame the loading box appears on then select the first frame it disappears, and delete it. Do this until the first time a teleport scroll/potion is used. You'll notice the entire screen fades to black, including the load box. Since we can't tell when it disappears, we're going to use the first frame when the white status icon disappears from your status effects. Timing stops when you lose control. You lose control when within a certain range of Azura (even before she appears). If you're doing the strat where you use a Mark potion right as you enter the door, timing stops on the first frame after the level loads after you recall. Seek to the last frame of the video and you'll see your final time.
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