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  1. NemoKuro Trick
  3. p1
  4. >Hey, Kuro! We better head home soon! They're about to close up!
  5. >Finally...
  7. >Still, why did you want to train with me all of a sudden?
  8. >>Chubby Nemo
  9. >Well... I figured it'd be bad if the stress of exam season caused me to overeat and gain weight... That's when Okada-san told me you were doing this training for your voice acting...
  10. >Also because everyone keeps giving me snacks around this time...
  11. >Hmm
  13. >We have just enough time for a shower, right?
  14. >Yeah...
  16. p2
  17. >I'm tired...
  18. >Still... Nemo's body was pretty lewd... She was a sight for sore eyes.
  20. >My body's hot in a different sense of the word... I need to cool off...
  22. >I've been waiting for this moment... A chance to look at and touch Kuro's body... to show her how it feels.. and to get back at her for always acting so cool!
  23. >It's all Kuro's fault, after all! Both this heat, and these feelings!
  25. >Let's do this!
  26. >Kuro... We're running out of time and my shower's broken so let's wash together, okay? (all in one breath)
  27. >Huh?!
  29. p3
  30. >I'm just washing your back! It might get a little slippy, but I won't do anything! ...Probably!
  31. >Isn't that where you should say "definitely"!?
  32. >Speaking honestly is the in thing right now!
  33. >That kind of honestly is just flooding!
  35. >Having two people in the same stall is unbearable! Get out!!
  36. >You've been making things unbearable for me for a while now, Kuro!
  37. >It's cos things get dangerous every time your boobs hit against me! They're so big it's exhausting in more ways than one!
  38. >Every time your body touches me, Kuro, it makes me wanna hug you so much I can't stand it!
  39. >If you wanna show off, then use your lips...!
  40. >You too, Kuro!!
  41. >...Wait, we just said something big just now, didn't we...
  42. >Ah...
  44. >...
  45. >...
  46. >...Kuro...
  47. >...What?
  48. >Sorry... I... can't... take it anymore...
  49. >...Me neither...
  51. p4
  52. >Mm...
  53. >Mm
  55. >Kuro...
  56. >Mm
  57. >...Nemo
  58. >...Mm<3
  60. p5
  61. >...We're gonna get locked in.
  62. >Yeah...
  63. >Shall we... go to a hotel?
  64. >...Sure.
  66. >Wai...
  68. >I won't wait.
  69. >Nemo...!
  70. >Sorry... Mm...
  72. p6
  73. >Nemo... Aah~
  75. >Hah...
  76. >Mmm...
  77. >Kuro... Kuroo...
  79. >No...
  80. >Ah
  81. >Nemo...
  82. >Ah
  83. >Hah
  84. >Kuro<3
  85. >Kuro, I love you<3
  86. >Hah
  87. >Hah
  88. >Kuro<3 Kuro<3
  89. >I really love you<3
  90. >Hah
  92. p7
  93. >Mmph
  94. >Mmph
  95. >Ah
  96. >Kuro
  97. >Kuro
  98. >I'm cumming! Let's cum together!! Kuro<3
  100. >Hah!
  101. >Hah!
  102. >Haah!
  103. >Mmph
  105. p8
  106. >Stupid! You're so stupid, Nemo!! You're a monkey... A monkey in heat!
  108. >I told you to wait so many times!
  109. >Well... I did say it was unbearable.
  110. >I was already tired!
  111. >Well, it was payback for all the times you sexually harrass me, so forgive me, okay?
  112. >Even your brain's pink!
  113. >Also you're getting too close!
  115. >...Do you hate me now?
  116. >Keep screwing around like that and I really will come to hate you.
  117. >...<3<3
  118. >Kuro<3
  119. >You're the main heroine, so don't drift apart from me<3
  120. >...Sure...
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