GreentextSavant - (Quick) Zecora Oneshot

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >It was a dark and stormy night.
  2. >The mall was getting close to closing time, not that it mattered. Barely anyone shopped there anymore.
  3. >And the place itself was getting ready to permanently close down in a week.
  4. >You were in there at the last minute, shopping for a girlfriend who wanted you to do everything for her. Everything was on sale.
  5. >She was always so demanding, expecting you to buy her jewelry while she ordered a small salad at a restaurant even though she was already scrawny as hell.
  6. >Minutes ago, you had dumped her by phone, and decided to wander until the place closed.
  7. >You went to the salon area of the mall, listening to the echoing music resonating through the emptied corridors.
  8. >There was only one person working there; a tall, dark skinned woman who greeted you in an eager voice.
  9. >It was a strangely dreamlike moment. You and her were alone, the aesthetic music was playing in the distance, there were dark pockets in the mall from only half of the lights still being on.
  10. >But the salon was fully lit.
  11. >The lady introduced herself as Zecora, and in rhymes. Which only made you more of a sucker for her character she seemed to put on for you.
  12. >The woman donned a thin, tight dark gray dress that revealed enough of her cleavage, legs and curves for you to stare more than once.
  13. >Being in your "whatever" mood after dumping whatever-her-name-was, you were pretty much putty in her hands on multiple levels.
  14. >Zecora offered to style your hair free of charge, since there weren't any other customers around anymore anyway.
  15. >It wasn't long before you could tell that she knew you found her attractive.
  16. >She started by washing your hair, and asked you if you were with anyone. To which you answered that you were just single.
  17. >After a couple of minutes of drying your head off and trimming the ends of your head, Zecora began to lean really close to you.
  18. >To the point where you felt her body brush up against you, and soon just full on press against you as Zecora worked on your hair.
  19. >She hummed as her finger motions massaging your scalp slowed to a sensational pace.
  20. >Before you knew it, she was in your lap as she continued to work on your hair.
  21. >But you had your arm around her at that point. And she grew welcoming of you feeling around.
  22. >The music in the background played on. Zecora told you after the final closing notice over the intercom that she had keys of her own to get out of the place.
  23. >And the rest of the mall was dark; the salon still lit as though the whole place was open.
  24. >You and Zecora sat together in the cushioned chair in each other's arms. Listening to the rain hit the roof and the mall music fail to cease.
  25. >Beginning to kiss as your hands went under clothes.
  26. >Grinning as you felt more and more of one another. Each lathering the other's body with the lotion that was sitting on the nearby table.
  27. >You found a paradise in this tall, thick and curved woman. Giggling in the chair with her.
  28. >Giggling turned to sighing. Sighing turned to moaning.
  29. >Moaning turned to climaxing.
  30. >You and Zecora were REALLY close by the time you left the mall together.
  31. >A couple of lonely, early-winter days went by, but you eventually saw Zecora again.
  32. >She told you to meet at her house, and you got more and more excited as you drove over.
  33. >But you soon learned just how ready to get intimate Zecora was; and you were far from complaining.
  34. >When she answered the door, she was dressed in an even thinner dark gray dress that hugged her body even more tightly.
  35. >It barely reached down past her hip level or even covered her chest.
  36. >You instantly started to feel yourself become erect in your pants just upon seeing your newfound girlfriend. She had better hoped no one passing by saw her answer the door so... indecently.
  37. >The two of you sat at the kitchen table with hot chocolate a few minutes after you met again and exchanged familiar kisses.
  38. >Zecora told you about how she finally worked her last day at the mall, and how she walked out just as they were herding anyone still in there out so the bulldozers can go on in and tear the collection of buildings down.
  39. >She explained that she moved all of her belongings from there out in boxes, and they now sit in her attic until she finds a use for them again.
  40. >But all the while, the two of you were scooting closer and closer to eachother on the chairs, soon deciding to move over to the couch.
  41. >Zecora laid herself out next to you, and gradually let herself slip out of her dress as she cuddled with you.
  42. >The woman bearhugged you, soon mounting herself on top of you with your hands feeling around on the front of her body.
  43. >You were on your back, and she kissed you from above as her hold became much more loving and sincere.
  44. >Soon enough, you felt her undo your pants and reach in, smirking lustfully as her eyes gazed into yours from inches away.
  45. >You got into position between her legs, snaked your pecker under her clothing, and Zecora rammed herself down onto you with your erect member thrusting inside.
  46. >It was quite a hasty road to this, but neither of you wanted to do anything else. It was a cold day and the two of you were inside that warm house.
  47. >Having already promised to finish what you started the last time you met.
  48. >Zecora brought you pleasure all the way up to your climax.
  49. >Her warm, fleshy body undulating on top of you as you were firmly held down to the couch's surface. She was trying to bring the orgasm out of you as effectively as she could with the way she was humping you.
  50. >You had a thirsty cougar unleashing herself on top of you. Milking your cock dry so long it had her moist nethers wrapped around it.
  51. >And your thrilled twisting around under her embrace enamored the woman enough to keep grinding despite starting to run out of breath.
  52. >You could hear her straining; she was reaching a state of unfiltered bliss. Pulling you into there with her.
  53. >It wasn't long before you felt yourself begin to cum. She could tell when it was happening, tightening her arms around you.
  54. >...
  55. >That moment is what you're being brought back to right now.
  56. >As once again, you help eachother into cloud nine.
  57. End.
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