Error Log

Jun 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Contacting the server...
  2. Connecting to: [US/VA] mocha's coffee shop
  3. Gametype: Race
  4. Version: 1.3
  5. Downloading KC_Heavy_v1.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  6. Finished downloading KC_Heavy_v1.wad
  7. Downloading KC_Hornet2K1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  8. Finished downloading KC_Hornet2K1.pk3
  9. Downloading KC_King_DeDeDe.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  10. Finished downloading KC_King_DeDeDe.pk3
  11. Downloading KC_Kirby_V2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  12. Finished downloading KC_Kirby_V2.pk3
  13. Downloading KC_Klonoa_lunatea-v4.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  14. Finished downloading KC_Klonoa_lunatea-v4.wad
  15. Downloading KC_LD-Tangles-v1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  16. Finished downloading KC_LD-Tangles-v1.pk3
  17. Downloading KC_Majima_v1.0.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  18. Finished downloading KC_Majima_v1.0.pk3
  19. Downloading KC_MaoMao_v2.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  20. Finished downloading KC_MaoMao_v2.wad
  21. Downloading KC_Marine.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  22. Failed to download KC_Marine.wad (SSL connect error)
  23. Downloading KC_Meta_Knight_V2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  24. Failed to download KC_Meta_Knight_V2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  25. Downloading KC_MiniCars-v1.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  26. Failed to download KC_MiniCars-v1.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  27. Downloading KC_Mocha_v1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  28. Failed to download KC_Mocha_v1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  29. Downloading KC_ModernEggman_v1.0.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  30. Failed to download KC_ModernEggman_v1.0.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  31. Downloading KC_MotorsportAmy_v1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  32. Failed to download KC_MotorsportAmy_v1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  33. Downloading KC_OrbotCubot-v1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  34. Failed to download KC_OrbotCubot-v1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  35. Downloading KC_Peach_v1.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  36. Failed to download KC_Peach_v1.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  37. Downloading KC_Quote.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  38. Failed to download KC_Quote.wad (SSL connect error)
  39. Downloading KC_Rift_v2.8NB.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  40. Failed to download KC_Rift_v2.8NB.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  41. Downloading KC_Rosy_V2.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  42. Failed to download KC_Rosy_V2.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  43. Downloading KC_Shantae_v3.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  44. Failed to download KC_Shantae_v3.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  45. Downloading KC_SpringCream.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  46. Failed to download KC_SpringCream.wad (SSL connect error)
  47. Downloading KC_SuperLuigi_compat.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  48. Failed to download KC_SuperLuigi_compat.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  49. Downloading KC_SuperMario.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  50. Failed to download KC_SuperMario.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  51. Downloading KC_TerminalMontageParodyPack.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  52. Failed to download KC_TerminalMontageParodyPack.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  53. Downloading KC_Terryv1.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  54. Failed to download KC_Terryv1.wad (SSL connect error)
  55. Downloading KC_Whisper_v1.2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  56. Failed to download KC_Whisper_v1.2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  57. Downloading KC_angel-chao-v2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  58. Failed to download KC_angel-chao-v2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  59. Downloading KC_darren-0.3.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  60. Failed to download KC_darren-0.3.wad (SSL connect error)
  61. Downloading KC_devil-chao-v2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  62. Failed to download KC_devil-chao-v2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  63. Downloading KC_fox_V2.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  64. Failed to download KC_fox_V2.wad (SSL connect error)
  65. Downloading KC_light-chao-v2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  66. Failed to download KC_light-chao-v2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  67. Downloading KC_ras-leon-1.5.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  68. Failed to download KC_ras-leon-1.5.wad (SSL connect error)
  69. Downloading KC_ras-mel-0.7.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  70. Failed to download KC_ras-mel-0.7.wad (SSL connect error)
  71. Downloading KC_ras-michi-0.4.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  72. Failed to download KC_ras-michi-0.4.wad (SSL connect error)
  73. Downloading KC_ras-tyno-0.5.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  74. Failed to download KC_ras-tyno-0.5.wad (SSL connect error)
  75. Downloading KC_wolf_V2.5.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  76. Failed to download KC_wolf_V2.5.wad (SSL connect error)
  77. Downloading KRBL_SparkCup_V2_5.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  78. Failed to download KRBL_SparkCup_V2_5.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  79. Downloading KRB_PlomPack-v2-3.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  80. Failed to download KRB_PlomPack-v2-3.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  81. Downloading KR_SMKElectricBoogaloo-v5.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  82. Failed to download KR_SMKElectricBoogaloo-v5.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  83. Downloading kartghost_elon.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  84. Failed to download kartghost_elon.wad (SSL connect error)
  85. Downloading kartghost_gideon.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  86. Failed to download kartghost_gideon.wad (SSL connect error)
  87. Downloading kartghost_naarah.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  88. Failed to download kartghost_naarah.wad (SSL connect error)
  89. Downloading kc_Chengi_ModernSonic_v3.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  90. Failed to download kc_Chengi_ModernSonic_v3.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  91. Downloading kc_Pikachu.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  92. Failed to download kc_Pikachu.wad (SSL connect error)
  93. Downloading kc_yoshi_v1.01.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  94. Failed to download kc_yoshi_v1.01.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  95. Downloading krl_NightmarePack_v4.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  96. Failed to download krl_NightmarePack_v4.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  97. Downloading KRBL_omegatracks-v4.0.2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  98. Failed to download KRBL_omegatracks-v4.0.2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  99. Downloading KRL_3-7speedway_V4.0.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  100. Failed to download KRL_3-7speedway_V4.0.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  101. Downloading KRL_Aether_Pack_v2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  102. Failed to download KRL_Aether_Pack_v2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  103. Downloading KRL_IvoIndustries-v10.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  104. Failed to download KRL_IvoIndustries-v10.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  105. Downloading KRL_MarshMayhem_v1.3.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  106. Failed to download KRL_MarshMayhem_v1.3.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  107. Downloading KRL_Masters_v2.4.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  108. Failed to download KRL_Masters_v2.4.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  109. Downloading KRL_RA_Extended-v3.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  110. Failed to download KRL_RA_Extended-v3.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  111. Downloading KR_CoffeeCup_V2.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  112. Failed to download KR_CoffeeCup_V2.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  113. Downloading KR_CookieCountry_v1.5.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  114. Failed to download KR_CookieCountry_v1.5.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  115. Downloading KR_DG-Race-V1.8.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  116. Failed to download KR_DG-Race-V1.8.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  117. Downloading KR_Dinosaur_Canyon_V01.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  118. Failed to download KR_Dinosaur_Canyon_V01.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  119. Downloading KR_HilltopPeaks_V2.1.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  120. Failed to download KR_HilltopPeaks_V2.1.wad (SSL connect error)
  121. Downloading KR_jellycup_v2.01.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  122. Failed to download KR_jellycup_v2.01.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  123. Downloading kr_CTAP-v5.3.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  124. Failed to download kr_CTAP-v5.3.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  125. Downloading kr_kartmania_v2.1.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  126. Failed to download kr_kartmania_v2.1.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  127. Downloading KL_EliminationR1_NVJR-452_RAS-003.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  128. Failed to download KL_EliminationR1_NVJR-452_RAS-003.wad (SSL connect error)
  129. Downloading KL_KartExhaust_v4.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  130. Failed to download KL_KartExhaust_v4.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  131. Downloading MUS_CoffeeShopMusic.pk3 from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  132. Failed to download MUS_CoffeeShopMusic.pk3 (SSL connect error)
  133. Downloading kl_DynMusic-v3.wad from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  134. Failed to download kl_DynMusic-v3.wad (SSL connect error)
  135. Downloading runitbackmountain.soc from https://source.foxk.art/KGN/
  136. Failed to download runitbackmountain.soc (SSL connect error)
  137. One or more files failed to download, falling back to internal downloader
  138. NOTICE: You need additional files to connect to this server:
  139. * "KC_Marine.wad" (389K) not found, md5: e42ac7c1bad4f853c1a86b6a36235374
  140. * "KC_Meta_Knight_V2.pk3" (1092K) not found, md5: b000006acf1186b9bb3882223b6100dd
  141. * "KC_MiniCars-v1.1.pk3" (326K) not found, md5: efcdd89d600136cb6d97208ef1a1e047
  142. * "KC_Mocha_v1.pk3" (400K) not found, md5: 9d990880342c4fa9296e4c447b3bd1f2
  143. * "KC_ModernEggman_v1.0.pk3" (338K) not found, md5: 3c0e6ae36cff5e0675f7e3dc7e26740b
  144. * "KC_MotorsportAmy_v1.pk3" (435K) not found, md5: 3ddddb0373039972f833a0c23e9a2758
  145. * "KC_OrbotCubot-v1.pk3" (424K) not found, md5: 093583da5583819c80e204cfa929bf89
  146. * "KC_Peach_v1.1.pk3" (239K) not found, md5: 97280a68a3dfa3fb4a1dec50508b4d00
  147. * "KC_Quote.wad" (433K) not found, md5: 4deb7e093aedfd55b0a550702d13e5be
  148. * "KC_Rift_v2.8NB.pk3" (7392K) not found, md5: 553453845c7a6eff8ed06a93423c2ad8
  149. * "KC_Rosy_V2.1.pk3" (264K) not found, md5: 7aa4559bdd31a88da5f2d0a63abbaf8a
  150. * "KC_Shantae_v3.pk3" (249K) not found, md5: 1b7196903ddbffc28eb0ce1fda79fdc3
  151. * "KC_SpringCream.wad" (578K) not found, md5: 435e3f950fd48c097a814c1325ca639b
  152. * "KC_SuperLuigi_compat.pk3" (225K) not found, md5: 5ca4cd8adb87b9b07bdce96eb4f1fe81
  153. * "KC_SuperMario.pk3" (236K) not found, md5: 7431dcd9e9914f27d92e3deecc7e8e7a
  154. * "KC_TerminalMontageParodyPack.pk3" (1969K) not found, md5: 590d01cba2638eae13dc4cfd008ca9f0
  155. * "KC_Terryv1.wad" (347K) not found, md5: 419fad9321be3bf1c1d358226a092537
  156. * "KC_Whisper_v1.2.pk3" (317K) not found, md5: 924e467aaa783b1d13b2a6415158d2f4
  157. * "KC_angel-chao-v2.pk3" (235K) not found, md5: 3468f0ebbdf94b093dfcf525e43dc7f7
  158. * "KC_darren-0.3.wad" (429K) not found, md5: 870684e4e564dcfbcc397452ef458aa6
  159. * "KC_devil-chao-v2.pk3" (240K) not found, md5: 3ff39918cdc5dc18c4de84bd175a9c9b
  160. * "KC_fox_V2.wad" (500K) not found, md5: a766163370962f0f5f51ddf63c967837
  161. * "KC_light-chao-v2.pk3" (260K) not found, md5: 8b1da808a19fb9fcbf143380bc578399
  162. * "KC_ras-leon-1.5.wad" (387K) not found, md5: d480cef09d19b1054e61c6844ae3a2e5
  163. * "KC_ras-mel-0.7.wad" (363K) not found, md5: cd7532a6a375dd2b24cb9c1522ad0e75
  164. * "KC_ras-michi-0.4.wad" (495K) not found, md5: 50771d059f6511e8f7d3ba8d095bbc5e
  165. * "KC_ras-tyno-0.5.wad" (331K) not found, md5: 92d5e5be75147711c396f2455dcd043c
  166. * "KC_wolf_V2.5.wad" (552K) not found, md5: 4e534ae02b28b27ec74c7fe61d1264ab
  167. * "KRBL_SparkCup_V2_5.pk3" (18851K) not found, md5: aabf3671bb9aaf84a89de50b5dd2487e
  168. * "KRB_PlomPack-v2-3.pk3" (56967K) not found, md5: 480d638ae760b01126d5bad68463689b
  169. * "KR_SMKElectricBoogaloo-v5.pk3" (3519K) not found, md5: 5805e9ad4baae8c64f467c5304c6d43c
  170. * "kartghost_elon.wad" (583K) not found, md5: 78264c127e92da28ba5d8976e64fcea2
  171. * "kartghost_gideon.wad" (562K) not found, md5: 56833cc05a3f65af450b00e4a337ce5c
  172. * "kartghost_naarah.wad" (578K) not found, md5: 59c4aa324320869039ab517111afd068
  173. * "kc_Chengi_ModernSonic_v3.pk3" (282K) not found, md5: 1638dffdf9f38e987f62e665f72d99c0
  174. * "kc_Pikachu.wad" (510K) not found, md5: 8d4a1f7a67da8b3bc60619799c670b2b
  175. * "kc_yoshi_v1.01.pk3" (216K) not found, md5: 84ba0b83b9fe72229581f81ea871ccf8
  176. * "krl_NightmarePack_v4.pk3" (14457K) not found, md5: 60cebaee14cd2ecfe17cfd3edb87da01
  177. * "KRBL_omegatracks-v4.0.2.pk3" (21693K) not found, md5: ceb3b3210fc5690b940afd6374c10500
  178. * "KRL_3-7speedway_V4.0.1.pk3" (4476K) not found, md5: a7c22d9b57491c956d24ef78cafddd4a
  179. * "KRL_Aether_Pack_v2.pk3" (14889K) not found, md5: 6e119557524eedd9d555f4a9fc48fe11
  180. * "KRL_IvoIndustries-v10.1.pk3" (24863K) not found, md5: b7f3b364ab00f0734d0edba970396258
  181. * "KRL_MarshMayhem_v1.3.pk3" (39524K) not found, md5: 6c04275f9cd34eec2cf0e6522dd1a3a4
  182. * "KRL_Masters_v2.4.pk3" (23983K) not found, md5: 4a52c0e33224771de5cbfe6a0e1b6745
  183. * "KRL_RA_Extended-v3.1.pk3" (22612K) not found, md5: 2588d1fb52a81d8683b8a8515c41fa73
  184. * "KR_CoffeeCup_V2.pk3" (10343K) not found, md5: 8d15947d6dbfee3387a59ecb76cf1348
  185. * "KR_CookieCountry_v1.5.pk3" (3717K) not found, md5: c25f621d3a0f66555aa6a448512f6710
  186. * "KR_DG-Race-V1.8.pk3" (23849K) not found, md5: 5259b50912ba31647736915e3851cefd
  187. * "KR_Dinosaur_Canyon_V01.1.pk3" (3949K) not found, md5: 54e563d30a566ff1a2022b9a3502716f
  188. * "KR_HilltopPeaks_V2.1.wad" (1858K) not found, md5: b6855b0a7933b81c6872df94e83a09ce
  189. * "KR_jellycup_v2.01.pk3" (6797K) not found, md5: 97524394caecd30203996d650927893a
  190. * "kr_CTAP-v5.3.pk3" (12005K) not found, md5: 6fbb75f81252e94cf54a8d42a79363f7
  191. * "kr_kartmania_v2.1.pk3" (29496K) not found, md5: db35f277896966f301300264d2c7ff41
  192. * "KL_EliminationR1_NVJR-452_RAS-003.wad" (350K) not found, md5: 88431eb80c3efc9b1bef604b5267a9ec
  193. * "KL_KartExhaust_v4.pk3" (4K) not found, md5: f57a2028d601b99babb0e7d25bf9b391
  194. * "MUS_CoffeeShopMusic.pk3" (8489K) not found, md5: 1732aa152c166163e1f3faf0291cfedd
  195. * "kl_DynMusic-v3.wad" (45K) not found, md5: 2b6b3a4a795068ccf006842a42876f2f
  196. * "runitbackmountain.soc" (0K) not found, md5: 9d52214e6033e2b53e77823b53e55c64
  197. The server is not allowing download requests.
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