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  1. GM Hello  at 7:23 PM
  2. ‐--------- scene break -----------
  3. A thin, rather severe looking Shiba sat on the edge of a stone waiting impatiently for the damned Shinjo to show up. Her hair was dyed red and her clothes were simple. Red and orange stripes with the mon prominently displayed on each shoulder. In her hands were a pair of cups.
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  5. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 7:32 PM
  6. With his hair freshly dyed white, and in his fanciest outfit courtesy of Toghrul from the longest road raid (lavender with an intricate white lined pattern) the Shinjo arrived, clean and fresh as anyone would be. The festival was now over, and a samurai's word was their promise. He would slowly walk in to position in front of the Phoenix, and bowing low. Round two. "Hai, Shiba-sama. Have you had rice today?" It was extremely difficult trying to maintain his cool, wondering exactly why she had wanted him, but he was holding it together. For now.
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  8. GM Hello  at 7:34 PM
  9. "I have. Would you be willing to sit and share tea with me, Shinjo-san?" It wasn't actually a question given she put the tea cup to the other side of the rock and pulled out a pitcher.
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  11. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 7:38 PM
  12. "It would be an honor." He gracefully sat down in front of the woman. No showing any fear this time, his face would be calm and steady. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?"
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  14. GM Hello  at 7:40 PM
  15. "I was hoping to get to that later. Shall I play mother?" She fills his cup with boiling water. "I understand you have been leaving the castle a lot recently."
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  17. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 7:45 PM
  18. Such hostility he was braced for, but the curveball question nearly threw him for a loop. He would take the cup into his hand, perplexed but still doing his best to not show. "Hai, it is true. I have gone on many missions for the resistance now." The Unicorn waited, holding the teacup for now; if he drank it and burned himself he'd look foolish and that wasn't something he was gonna do today, he did plenty of that with Yashiro at the dojo.
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  20. GM Hello  at 7:46 PM
  21. (You are supposed to wait until the leaves in the cup have steeped...)
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  23. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 7:47 PM
  24. ((I had assumed they were in there oh shit))
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  26. GM Hello  at 7:49 PM
  27. "And been to the infirmary many times. I have been keeping track of you. You go out and get hurt. Four times since I started counting. And not just a little damaged." She says waiting for her own leaves to finish. Her finger swirls over the rim for a few seconds. Feeling the steam push her skin. "You are dutiful, yes?"
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  29. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 7:55 PM
  30. Now this was really not at all where he had anticipated this going. "Er. Hai, it is true." An uncomfortable shift on the pillow. "Casualties cannot be avoided at times." He peered at her, wondering what she was getting at. What sort of mind games did she have in store for him? He didn't like that last question at all though. "I am dutiful as one can be, Shiba-sama."
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  32. GM Hello  at 7:59 PM
  33. "Are you trying to end your own life, Shinjo-san?" Her eyes locked onto his right she finished asking the question.
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  35. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:03 PM
  36. He idly wondered how insulted he should be by that, but he stared back just as evenly. "I am called reckless by many. A habit from my days prior to joining the resistance. One that I work to curb."
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  38. GM Hello  at 8:09 PM
  39. "Hmm. Well it is good that you manage to make your way back to the castle each time. I was hoping you would agree to be the sword for one of my charges. If you can continue to stay alive of course."
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  41. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:16 PM
  42. The twists keep coming and they don't stop coming. "I have survived so far, I predict I shall continue to do so. I do not need the powers of divination for that." A hint of arrogance there. He tilted his head. He knew what the Shiba did now thanks to Nichie, so he wondered if this was a test. "Hai. I can do that. My life belongs to my daimyo; if he wills it then I shall be your charge's sword."
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  44. GM Hello  at 8:19 PM
  45. "I don't think that we will get a response from the desert even if such a trifling message could be sent. Instead I will approach the Scoutmaster about your assignment. If he agrees, I see no reason you couldn't start immediately." She lefts out nothing but a busy air.
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  47. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:23 PM
  48. How immediate was immediately? But he wasn't going to be the first to blink. "If it becomes so, then I shall obey and perform my duty," hah, "as needed, Shiba-sama." What had he just signed up for?
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  50. GM Hello  at 8:25 PM
  51. "You will. Enjoy the tea, I am afraid I have another appointment to see to. No, don't get up." She stands and offers him a half bow.
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  53. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:28 PM
  54. He did not get up, but he did have a question. "To whom do I owe the pleasure of protecting, Shiba-sama? Or is it to be a mystery?" He would offer a bow as well as he could from his seated position. "May you walk with the wind at your back."
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  56. GM Hello  at 8:32 PM
  57. "All will be revealed in time, young Shinjo. One must merely grasp the future with both hands." She quotes at him before walking away, a striped line of orange and red among the greenery of the garden.
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  59. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:33 PM
  60. Kurosawa finally takes a drink of her tea as she goes, further perplexed but quiet at last.
  65. Here is what Gaiju learned: she confirmes that Kurosawa has little fear of death. That he takes duty seriously. That he has table manners. That he isn't aware of politics. That he is bloodied but not bloodthirsty.
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