HM2GBC All Photos (Neutral Ending) notes

Jul 14th, 2019
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  1. HM2GBC All Photos (Neutral Ending) Notes
  2. [Updated 3 Feb 2020]
  5. - Cherry Blossom Viewing: Walk in and out of the town square on Spring 25, any year.
  6. - Moon Viewing: Enter mountain area at 6PM or later and talk to Maria (answer yes--default)
  7. - Harvest Festival: Bring milk, butter, or cheese to the restaurant (test town square)
  8. - Snowball Fight: Enter town square on first Sunday of winter year 3 (mash A through questions)
  9. - Horse Race: Win either horse race once
  10. - Birthday: Pass your birthday once (no action required)
  13. INTRO
  14. - pick either sex
  15. - set 1-character name
  16. - set bday to spring 1
  17. - enter every shop, then talk to girl in town square (cat or dog doesn't matter)
  18. - talk to grandpa then sleep
  19. - give pet 1-char name, then sleep
  20. - sleep until Fall 1; name horse 1-char name
  21. - sleep until Year 2 Spring 15
  24. - Participate in Spring horse race (reset if you lose), then sleep
  25. - On Spring 25, head to town:
  26. > Enter and exit town square
  27. > Buy 9 bags of grass seed
  28. > Buy milker, fishing pole, and saddle
  29. - On returning, clear 8-9 plots starting from the left side and till until no stamina
  30. - The next day, swap hammer and axe out for seeds and fishing pole, then finish tilling and plant all 8 plots. Optimally reset for power berry drop (only need 1)
  31. - After planting, exit barn and ride horse to the field south. Clear a path by picking weeds only and create a nook to park the horse in. Catch ~30 fish, shipping with horse
  32. - Sleep until end of Summer, start of Fall
  35. - Must cut 50 tiles of grass to buy cow; only possible in one day if at least one power berry
  36. - Latest you can buy cow is Fall 4. If you don't want to risk rain, can buy in late Summer. Also can just sleep until Y3 if bad luck
  37. - Buy brush with cow!!!
  38. - After buying cow, feed it everyday. If no rain, fish until midnight on those days
  39. - On Fall 10,
  40. > If power berry, finish fishing, then at 9pm enter mountain and talk to Maria (answer yes). Must enter before 10pm
  41. > If no power berry, grind for it until 9pm and finish fishing another day
  42. - On Fall 24, withdraw brush and milker for sickle and hoe
  43. - On Fall 25, milk the cow, DON'T DROP IT, and enter restaurant with it. Then talk to all six villagers (two in town, two in square), before talking to Mayor twice.
  46. - Stop caring for cow right after festival (death cutscene is only like 7s lol)
  47. - Finish up any fishing that needs done, then sleep until Winter 6 Y3
  48. - On Winter 6 Y3, go straight to the town square in the morning and mash A through all the dialogue options
  49. - Sleep until the end. Time stops on sleeping Winter 30, Y3
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