Pon-E - April Fools [incomplete]

Apr 3rd, 2019
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  1. >"What the FUCK!"
  2. >Your voice, much higher than it was a minute ago, cracks adorably as you scream.
  3. >You are Anonymous.
  4. >You and your bro were hanging out.
  5. >And now you're a female horse.
  6. >Yeah, that's you. you're probably wondering how you ended up in this situation.
  7. >So let's back up 3 hours.
  8. >It's 5pm on April 1st. You fucking love April 1st.
  9. >You and your bro Chad have a long and epic history of pranks.
  10. >The two of you have pulled more japes, capers, and hijinks than you could possibly count over the years.
  11. >From elementary school to high school to Junior year of college, you had become infamous at every school.
  12. >While you worked best together, you two could never resist messing with each-other from time to time.
  13. >And that was never more true than on April 1st.
  15. >You and Chad had spent every April Fools day you could remember trying to one-up each-other
  16. >Some years Chad was the one who came out on top, like that year he coated your bedroom floor in lube while you were sleeping and woke you by screaming "FIRE".
  17. >Other years you arose victorious, like the time you wired the snooze button on his alarm clock to the power line and set it to go off at 3am.
  18. >Only one thing was certain on April Fools day, one of you was going to make the other their bitch.
  19. >And this particular April Fools day you had a secret weapon. One that you were certain he could never top:
  20. >Pon-E.
  22. >You had only heard about Pon-E a month or so before now. It was a new drug completely unlike anything else.
  23. >While most drugs alter your state of mind, Pon-E alters your very state of being.
  24. >A single dose will turn a grown adult human into a cartoon pony for 12 hours at a time.
  25. >You and Chad had watched the show back when it was first becoming popular, and you had both decided to stop watching around the time season 3 ended.
  26. >Though the fanbase had shrunk quite a bit since your time, there was still a sizable community left.
  27. >When the word began to spread about Pon-E, the most dedicated remnants of the fanbase flocked to it like a raccoon to garbage.
  28. >Even some former fans of the show had come back to see what the fuss was all about.
  29. >The enormous demand resulted in a large underground market of suppliers, which eventually caught the attention of the mainstream media.
  30. >Reports about the "dangers" of Pon-E only served to increase its allure, attracting the interest of people who had never watched the show. It had became the newest, hottest drug out there.
  31. >You were eager to buy, and lucky for you your weed dealer had access to the best supplier in town.
  32. >But you had no intention of taking it yourself.
  33. >You were going out drinking with Chad tonight, and you were going to slip him a Pon-E at any cost.
  35. >You had done your research, you knew it was harmless if you stuck to a single dosage within 24 hours.
  36. >You had planned it out carefully. The form of Pon-E that you had purchased was odorless, colorless, and dissolved in liquid.
  37. >All perfect qualities for what you intended to use it for.
  38. >Like most forms of the drug, it was impossible to predict anything about the kind of pony you would become after taking it. Appearance, race, and even sex was completely randomized.
  39. >None of this particularly concerned you so long as it resulted in Chad becoming a tiny horse.
  40. >You sat idly on the couch of your student apartment, staring intently at the bag of red and white pills in your hand.
  41. >Chad was due to get back from class any minute now, and the moment he got back it was off to the bar.
  42. >Your class schedules had left little time for April tomfoolery earlier that day, and you were eager to make up for the lost opportunities.
  43. >Suddenly you hear the unmistakable sound of key in lock, he was back.
  44. >You scramble to stuff the bag of pills into your pocket as the door swings open.
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