Jul 8th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to Nuclear Laboratory!
  4. -RULES-
  5. 1. Racism, Sexism, Harassment or any other is not allowed, and will lead to a ban to the person who will continue on doing it after being warned.
  6. 2. Playing extremely loud music over the microphone/intercom will lead to a kick without a warning. Playing music is a okay if it's not too loud.
  7. 3. Questions can be asked in our discord. feel free to ask staff about anything. (Discord server is in W.I.P)
  8. 4. Don't beg owners and the staff for special roles and more.
  9. 5. Hacking and glitching is not allowed, will lead to immediate BAN.
  10. 6. Don't join the server with offensive names.
  11. 7. Stream sniping is not allowed at all. anyone who does it will get an immediate ban.
  12. 8. Enjoy!
  14. To see server's installed plugins, go ahead and join our discord to see them all.
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