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  1.                                                   <color=orange>Game<color=red>Night
  2. <color=#fafafa>Hello, we are currently hosting a SCP:SL server for a gamenight or just the server open for no reason, there will be people from an other community too, FC (Flood Community). But people who not part of these communities are welcome too, feel free to join!
  3. <color=#ff0000>Rules:
  4. -Respect everyone.
  5. -Insulting others is not allowed! But you can swear.
  6. -Racism and Discrimination of any form are can be punished!
  7. -Drama not allowed too!
  8. -Don't beg for ranks.
  9. -Trolling are not allowed.
  11. <color=#fafafa>Discord invite links:
  12. -GameNight: https://discord.gg/2GkBbNs
  13. -Flood Community: https://discord.gg/kRyKTbv
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