100% V3 Full Route

Jun 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. 100% V3 Full Route:
  3. Undead Asylum
  5. - Pyro, master key
  6. - Unequip pyro armor, equip dark sign
  7. - Handaxe, shield, pyroflame, leave
  9. RTSR & Homeward
  11. - Level 12 end 13 str 10 dex
  12. - Drop shield
  13. - 1k soul, dcs, ass, 2k soul
  14. - Humanity (double roll after pick up to get out)
  15. - Bandit set
  16. - Equip: pyro armor, dcs, pyroflame, handaxe (2nd righthand slot), move straight sword hilt to the top
  17. - RTSR, darksign, equip RTSR
  18. - Get Homeward + Talisman from Petrus, firebombs, darksign
  19. - Attune Homeward
  21. Undead Burg & Depths Sidetrip & Parish
  23. - Humanities on the well
  24. - Aqueduct souls, humanity
  25. - Rubbish path, quitout before the ladder
  26. - Dropequip straight sword hilt on top of ladder
  27. - Ladderclip, unequip handaxe, drop quitout RTSR setup
  28. - Jump into Capra arena for RTSR, bomb both dogs, kill Capra with 6 fireballs, heal, quitout
  29. - Airroll into depths by equipping ASS, free Laurentius with firebomb
  30. - Open shortcut door from oob, kill hollow before bonfire room, HWW with Depths bonfire
  32. - HWW with Firelink, run back through the aqueduct and open the shortcut
  33. - Foggate, unequip pyro set, soul, burg bonfire, wooden shield, quitout
  34. - Undead Merchant: Residence Key, Rapier, Reinforced Club, Shortbow, 999 wooden arrows, prompt swap bottomless box
  35. - On ladder: index reinforced club + equip arrows, unequip souls, move rapier below club
  36. - Throwing knives, unequip them on jump, light crossbow, darksign
  37. - LUB shortcut door riposte, black firebombs, soul on wooden structure (quitout), gold pine resin
  38. - Bomb Crystal Lizard, equip club + bow over DCS on Taurus foggate, Taurus with resin club
  39. - Drop any chunks + twinkling you got from the lizard during Taurus death anim
  40. - Get Drakesword, equip it on lever
  42. - Rest at Sunlight Altar
  43. - Kill archer next to alluring skulls, pick them up, quitout
  44. - Plunge attack on the boar and the gate hollow simultaneously, move Drake Sword above bow and equip rapier
  45. - Pick up Basement Key, moveswap, halberd, knight shield, foggate, mystery key
  46. - Quitout in the church, RTSR setup with Berenike Knight and kill him, FKS, kill Balder Knight on stairs
  47. - Equip DCS over Drake Sword for Hollow room if you want, then ladder moveswap
  48. - Gargoyles with moveswapped Drake Sword
  49. - Equip DCS + bow, equip: Estus, bombs, FKS, bone, alluring skulls. Move: Halberd below Shortbow
  50. Gargoyle drops: drop them all when dropping the other stuff in Sen's
  51. - FKS dupe on lever pull, down to Oswald, ladderclip with Abandon Covenant, rapier over DCS on slide
  52. - Quitout on humanity, heal on standup + moveswap, use 1 alluring skull, kill Channeler, use 2nd skull, get soul, run out
  53. - Quitout at SGS spot
  55. Sen's Fortress & LUB & Anor Londo
  57. - Unequip Rapier/Drake Sword on standup, SGS, take UP and level 27 STR
  58. - Pickup 5k soul in Sen's during SGS, quitout
  59. - Equip Drake Sword on 2 Large Titanite Shard chest, blast Logan wall, equip rapier on standup over Drake Sword
  60. - Open all cages, Logan, 10k soul, bow on foggate, down to CGSR, dupe FKS
  61. - Drop: ASS, handaxe, reinforced club, halberd, light crossbow. Quitout, pickup CGSR
  62. - Moveswap over the gap, kill Mimic, elevator quitout, heal + drop the 3 shields other than DCS
  63. - Get Large Shard, unequip rapier, equip DCS, get 8k soul, HWW with Sen's bonfire
  65. - Unequip talisman, LUB skip, plunge, quitout on barrel, equip Pyro set, get thief set, get mail breaker
  66. - Free Griggs, use alluring skull to get twin humanities, bone back
  68. - Unequip DCS + equip Drake Sword on standup, airroll down, get SDR, bone back
  69. - Equip SDR on standup, get Cage Key, bone back. Unequip pyro set on standup, get RTSR from arrow trap
  70. - Activate cage elevator, moveswap Drake Sword, equip SDR, kill IG
  71. - Get Demon Titanite (if doing Painted World HWWs), dupe FKS on elevator, drop: rapier + target shield
  72. - Get Demon Titanite, rafters, on foggate: switch out Demon Titanite and Large Shards
  73. - Turn staircase elevator, move alluring skull over Divine Blessing
  74. - Soul of a Hero, Mimic + Havel Room, O&S with DT.
  75. - Drop on elevator: talisman, havel shield. Gwynevere, CoP bf, warp to Firelink. Equip full pyro set
  77. Blighttown 1 & QS
  79. - Rest at Firelink, level 14 ATT + 15 INT
  80. - Buy FC + promptswap GHSA for invalid weapon, buy SS from Logan
  81. - Trigger one more dialogue from Griggs after Logan, get RoS, bone back
  82. - Equip SC in second righthand slot, attune FC, BTS
  83. - Unequip and drop arrows during the elevator ride down (so that you have 987 left)
  84. - Equip DCS over pyroflame for airrolls, switch back before Quelaag, moveswap, remove pyro set
  85. - Ring bell, equip pyro set on lever, join DoC, HWW. Talk to Frampt, place LV, HWW with LV
  87. - DCS over pyroflame on standup, airrolls down, jump to soul
  88. - Climb up ladder, equip Drake Sword over MB, move up Quelaag soul below alluring skull
  89. - Drake Sword R2 to kill the blowdart sniper
  90. - Get the items around shadow set, on the ladder: remove pyro set, equip drake sword
  91. - Get Eagle Shield + quitout, kill blowdart sniper near it, moveswap off the ladder
  92. - Kill Parasite, get PW, jump over, cast FC, FC drop down to Dragon Scale, bone back
  94. - On standup unequip alluring skull
  95. - Alluring Skull, Quelaag soul & Dragon Scale into Bottomless Box
  96. (If less than 3 purple moss, also moss).
  97. - Warp to Firelink, drop: eagle shield + whip.
  98. - Talk to Laurentius, quitout, store 987 quantity, show him the pyromancy.
  99. - QS at Frampt: 987x quelaag soul, PS dragon scales, PS alluring skull, 98x quelaag soul, PS quelaag soul, sell 99x quelaag soul
  100. (Afterwards, if less than 3 moss: sell demon titanite, PS moss)
  101. - Pick up souls around Frampt, buy everything from Griggs (+ a separate catalyst)
  103. Catacombs 1 & 2
  105. - Stash + Graveyard. Kill Necromancer, level at bonfire: 34 ATT 38 END 53 STR 45 DEX 50 INT. Attune: 2 SS
  106. - Shoot the first necromancer to your right, FC drop down to ledge, get items
  107. - BDR + SDR on foggate, kill Pinwheel with Soul Spear. Switch DCS to pyroflame on ladder
  108. - Get soul + humanity on the way to TotG bonfire. HWW
  110. - HWW with Catacombs bonfire, pick up looparound item, bone back
  111. - DCS over pyroflame, turn human, kindle bonfire. Go into catacombs
  112. - Drop down to the lower level and go towards Darkmoon Seance Ring.
  113. - Quitout on the foggate, then turn around, get the ring + quitout, kill the Necromancer, go up to TWOP
  114. - Equip pyro set on ladder, TWOP, drop down, quitout on lucerne. Get souls and turn first bridge lever
  115. - Go to hidden bonfire, kindle it. Great scythe, necromancer, second bridge lever quitout
  116. - Soul quitout, soul, necromancer, drop down to vamos, bone back
  117. - Ladderclip (equip pyroflame over DCS), jump oob, kill lizards with DT R2, Titanite Demon with 4 Soul Spears
  118. - Eyes of Death, Black Knight, last Necromancer, bone back, index Zweihander
  119. - Bottomless box: take out alluring skulls (+ moss if you had less than 3), put in: 2nd catalyst and everything from graveyard/catacombs besides Zweihander.
  120. - Warp to Undead Parish, drop Darkmoon Seance + GCSR
  122. Darkroot
  124. - Buy 987 pikes + crest, upgrade DT to +5, airroll down, equip MB, kill tree, soul, wolf ring, crest door
  125. - Rest + kindle darkroot bonfire
  126. - Talk to Alvina, RTSR setup with mushroom, Enchanter Ember with quitout, RTSR over SDR on standup
  127. - On Sif door: unequip pyro armor + catalyst, move pikes below bow
  128. - Hornet Ring, Sif, quitout strats, equip alluring skulls on standup
  129. - Soul + Felines, SC over DT
  130. - Cast FC, drop down bridge, bow over SC on jump, soul
  131. - Drop down to Hydra, equip SC in 2nd righthand slot, kill Hydra with 3 SS, quitout, Dusk Golem with 2 SS
  132. - Talk to Dusk, bone back, soul before foggate, equip arrows on foggate, kill the tree, partizan, elite knight set
  133. - Dupe 3 FKS on Butterfly, kill Butterfly, Divine Ember, bone back
  134. - Cast FC, Eastern Set, Crystal Lizard, longbow, soul, quitout at Dusk summon sign
  135. - Knight Set, FKS dupe, drop longbow, buy HB, bone back
  136. - Unequip SC on standup, attune Hidden Body, warp to CoP, ringswap + equip Ring of Sacrifice over BDR, SDR over RTSR
  138. Duke's Archives 1 & Burg/Parish 2
  140. - Suicide
  141. - Kindle AL bonfire, equip BDR again on Twinkling Chest, kill Mimic
  142. - Kill Boars, kindle Duke's bonfire, dupe FKS 3 times, kill Pendant golem, get soul beneath stairs + quitout
  143. - Bow over DT, equip SC on elevator lever, quitout, upwarp Duke Skip, get SMS
  144. - Ladderskip, pull lever, unequip SC, moveswap while shelf opens, kindle balcony bonfire
  145. - Warp to Sunlight Altar, drop LDR + move DCR below RTSR, kindle bonfire, kill Black Knight, bone back
  146. - Kill the 2 archers, get items on the bridge, talk to Solaire
  147. - Open Basement Key door, kill Hellkite, kindle Burg bonfire
  148. - BTSR, Black Knight, Havel, Dusk Crown
  149. - Enter DLC
  151. Tomb of the Giants & Royal Wood
  153. - Kindle Sanctuary bonfire
  154. - Kill Guardian with DT, bow over DT, kindle Oolacile Sanctuary, warp to TotG, equip SC, drop Thief Mask
  156. - Kindle TotG bonfire, equip Dusk Crown on ladder, get kicked down by Patches
  157. - Souls + skull lantern, cast HB, kill Nico and Vince, talk to Rhea, get white chunk, bone back
  158. - Cast HB, talk to Patches, foggate, drop down + roll 4 times, kill Black Knight
  159. - Effigy shield, jump down to 2nd bonfire, kindle it
  160. - Run up to the archer, get soul + get GSSR, white titanite chunk
  161. - Turn straight around and drop down, pick up the soul, jump over to the ladder and drop down
  162. - Kill the lizard + dupe FKS once while waiting for Leeroy, kill him with 1 SS, quitout
  163. - Cast HB, soul of a hero, white slab, chunk, soul of a hero
  164. - Ringswap, equip BDR + RTSR, Kill Nito, Leeroy's set, equip full pyro set, kindle bonfire
  165. - Warp to Oolacile Sanctuary, equip SDR + DCR
  167. - Humanity behind pillar
  168. - Cast HB, go towards guardian legs, jump off the hill and unequip DCR
  169. - Kill the scarecrow at guardian legs with SS, pick them up
  170. - Cast HB, get blue slab, equip DCR again, get Guardian Gloves, airroll RWS, activate elevator
  171. - Drop down right to the left, kill both dogs with SS out of aggro range, pick up the soul
  172. - Run up the stairs, pick up soul, up the elevator, drop BTSR + Wolf Ring + Hornet Ring
  173. - Cast HB, Gold Coin, soul on the hill, elizabeth mushroom, quitout
  174. - Guardian Helm, kill scarecrow, gough greatarrows, quitout, cast HB, guardian chest piece
  175. - Kill lizard in ravine, jump over, get soul, kill next lizard, soul behind elevator, airroll down
  176. - Equip MB and unequip SC, moveswap, unequip pyro armor on foggate + equip RTSR
  177. - Kill Artorias, equip bow and SC during death anim
  178. - Quitout, give Ciaran his soul, HWW with Township bonfire
  180. - Cast HB, jump to the right on the coffin, equip BDR over RTSR on jump
  181. - Soul up the hill, drop down, get eyes of death + soul, break the illusory wall
  182. - Cast HB again, get soul + LDE, bone back
  184. - Kindle Township bonfire
  186. Township & Chasm of the Abyss
  188. - Cast HB just as you enter township, pickup the soul, run towards the next soul near dark orb, pick it up
  189. - Drop down and get the humanity, then go to the I'm sorry carving sorceress and knock her off
  190. - Cast HB again, go inside and pick up Dark Orb (blast the sorceress with SS), run back out again
  191. - Jump to the illusory wall and equip the lantern
  192. - Remove illusory wall, equip bow over lantern, get Silver Pendant, quitout
  193. - Kill the lizard with SS, kill the mimic, equip pyro armor, pick up the carving, bone back
  195. - Airroll down the elevator, send the elevator back up again, cast HB, shoot down Dark Fog, pick it up
  196. - Get the Soul of a Hero, turn around and run up the stairs and pick up rubbish, cast HB again and go down the stairs
  197. - Go up and reveal the illusory wall with the lantern, pickup the red chunk in the chest
  198. - Go to the mimic, kill it with SS, pick up the crest key
  199. - Drop down outside onto the balcony and get the twin humanities, cast HB, get the soul on the right at hellbridge
  200. - Run towards the chasm, airroll down shaft after Chained Prisoner
  201. - Kindle the dungeon bonfire
  203. - Cast HB, kill the lizard with SS, get Dark Bead, cast HB again, unequip pyro armor on jump down to the Help Me! carving
  204. - Get the Help Me! carving and black flame using an alluring skull
  205. - Moveswap, get the humanity, kill the sorceress, go to manus
  206. - Get the Twin Humanities behind the bridge, get the white slab + the soul of a hero
  207. - Equip BDR and RTSR on foggate, kill Manus with DT, equip bow over DT
  209. - Kindle Manus bonfire, attune Dark Bead, take out the 2nd SC out of the Bottomless Box
  210. - Warp to Undead Parish, equip SC and Dusk Crown
  212. Undead Asylum 2
  214. - Buy everything from Rhea
  215. - ESM BDR into hair slot first, then into 2nd hotbar slot. Dupe FKS once, drop down elevator to take 50% damage
  216. - Pick up F2 West Key, Nest: drop unnecessary rings, move alluring skulls to the top, drop thief chest piece
  217. - Cast HB, soul, kill Stray Demon with Dark Bead, quitout strats, equip SDR over RTSR on standup
  218. - Kindle first bonfire, cast HB, Black Knight, Oscar (from the back)
  219. - Cast HB, go up the stairs, get RIR, courtyard bonfire, warp to CoP, drop thief gloves
  220. - HWW with CoP bonfire, kill Black Knight + get peculiar doll, bone back
  222. Lautrec & Gwyndolin
  224. - Kindle CoP
  225. - Lautrec invasion with BEO (action queue, then unequip to keep BDR)
  226. - Open the big gate while the invasion starts, unequip alluring skulls
  227. - Kill Lautrec with DB from behind, dupe FKS 4 times while he dies
  228. - Kill the 2 NPC knights from behind (right one SS, left one DB)
  229. - Dragonslayer Greatbow, 2nd sorcerer's catalyst into Manus catalyst, hawk ring, quitout
  230. - Kill Darkmoon Knightess, heal + cast FC, FC drop and jump down to Darkmoon Tomb
  231. - Pull lever, kindle bonfire, MC over SC on foggate, kill Gwyndolin
  232. - Sunlight blade + brass set, equip SC over MC + DCR over BDR on chests, bone back
  233. - Run to Painted World, get Great Magic Weapon, Black Iron set
  235. Painted World
  237. - Kindle bonfire
  238. - Get hanging item, get Dried Finger + item at the bottom with the rats, quitout, equip invalid weapon over MB
  239. - Run out again, cast HB, shoot the hanging corpse, go through the building, up the stairs on the other end
  240. - Run to the other side, shoot the engorged hollow, jump over, equip DCS over bow, pick up soul
  241. - Poopwalk + ladder clip, equip bow over DCS while sliding down, pick up gold coin, quitout
  242. - Drop off the railing to firesurge guy
  243. - Do underground stuff, leave the underground via ladder, equip MB + SDR + index BDR
  244. - Get the soul and open the shortcut door to the bonfire, quitout
  245. - Get the souls, unequip SC, moveswap DT, kill Jeremiah, get acid surge, bone back
  247. - SC over DT on standup, cast HB, go up the stairs, get soul on the stairs
  248. - Jump to RoS to get ~half HP, get ring of sacrifice, equip DCR again
  249. - Get the hanging item, get the soul next to the foggate, go through foggate, go into annex
  250. - Get Velka's Rapier, cast HB, Dark Ember, kill the engorged hollow on the stairs with SS, drop RoS
  251. - Get Vow of Silence, Velka Set, soul, painting guardian set
  252. - Up the ladder, equip bow and SC, cast HB, get egg vermifuge, get soul outside, go up stairs, get RSS
  253. - Get soul on the way down, RTSR over DCR, get soul + blood shield, BDR over SDR, Undead Dragon with DB, cast FC, drop down
  254. - Index Zweihander on jump, equip pyro set except hoodie on foggate, Priscilla with DB, get Jeremiah Set
  255. - Double HWW with Painted World exit (this is effectively RNG. Saves like 17s).
  256. If no HWW, bone back and run from AL bonfire to Sen's
  258. Sen's Fortress 2 & AL Cathedral
  260. - RIR over BDR on standup, cast FC while waiting for batwing demon prompt
  261. - Fall control to the right onto the pile of boulders, cast HB, drop down to Sniper Crossbow, pick it up
  262. - Equip hood over Dusk Crown, kill the balder knight, get Flame Stoneplate Ring, run to the bonfire
  263. - Kindle the bonfire, cast HB, go to Boulder Trap lever
  264. - Drop down to the Serpent Mage, pickup the soul, kill the serpent mage, kill Griggs
  265. - Get Hush, pick up Griggs' stuff, open the shortcut door
  266. - Push the boulder lever, move RIR below first SDR
  267. - Get Ring of Steel Protection, equip SDR over RTSR, get Shotel, talk to Siegmeyer, bone back
  269. - SDR to DCR to RTSR on standup, cast HB, equip Zweihander, arrow to the face for rtsr range, airroll down to tar pit
  270. - Unequip Zweihander, pick up the scythe and the Brave Warrior Soul, switch hood to Dusk Crown
  271. - Kill the Titanite Demon, cast HB
  272. - Kill the Titanite Demon at the opposite site, switch SC to MC
  273. - Kill the remaining 2 Titanite Demons, bone back
  274. - Warp to CoP Bonfire, unequip pyro set, equip BDR over RIR
  276. - Get Lautrec Set, drop down and equip SDR over RTSR, cast HB at the bottom of the stairs
  277. - Twoshot the Titanite Demon, cast HB again
  278. - Kill the Silver Knight guarding the Silver Knight Set, pick it up, switch MC to SC
  279. - Open the shortcut door, kindle bonfire
  281. - Talk to Solaire
  282. - Get the Sunlight Medals
  283. - Go up the stairs, jump over railing and go to Siegmeyer
  284. - Kill the Silver Knights, talk to Siegmeyer, get the 2 Demon Titanite
  285. - Kill the Mimics, get the Soul of a Hero, bone back
  286. - Warp to Depths, drop rings above RTSR
  288. - HWW
  289. - Dupe FKS once before entering Sen's
  290. - Enter Sen's, kill Firebomb Giant with DB, cast HB
  291. - Jump to Ricard, kill him with 1 SS, get RRoS and Divine Blessing
  292. - Go up the ladder, move RRoS above RTSR, do OoB Jump, kill Gate Giant with 2 SS
  293. - Jump to the ladder, remove illusory wall, pickup soul, bone back
  295. Depths 2
  297. - Kindle, warp to Firelink, equip SDR + DCR, talk to Siegmeyer + Crestfallen, revive Anastacia, HWW with Firelink
  299. - Get the soul right at the start, jump through the window, get soul at the slime, kill the first butcher, free laurentius
  300. - Get Large Ember, kill the dog and the second butcher, drop down the shaft, get the spider shield
  301. - Kill the Giant Rat, get the sewer key, and the soul in the corner, and the other soul in the tunnel
  302. - Drop down to the basilisks, get the soul right behind you, then the humanity, quitout and the ring of the evil eye
  303. - Make your way out, get the soul in the small corridor
  304. - Trigger Kirk, dupe FKS, drop the rings at the top, cast HB, BDR over DCR, kill him, bone back
  306. - Kindle Firelink, warp to Depths, equip pyro set except hood, kill some rats with Dark Bead at Greataxe, pick it up
  307. - Go to the Channeler, get the soul right before the foggate
  308. - Equip MC over SC on foggate, kill the channeler, get the shard in the back, do GFS
  309. - Oneshot Gaping with MC, get the Warrior Set, switch SC over MC, run out of the room
  310. - Get the Heavy Crossbow right outside the bossroom, equip hood over dusk crown
  312. Blighttown 2
  314. - Run to Blighttown Door, quitout, equip Zweihander, airroll down
  315. - Jump to Iaito, pick it up, go to the bonfire, kindle it
  316. - Drop down to the Humanity, cast HB, run over the moving bridge, get the 3 blooming moss, bone back
  317. - Do an FC drop down, equip RIR over BDR, cast FC again, get the green titanite shard, turn around and go to Siegmeyer
  318. - Get the pierce shield from him, cast HB, get the server, use bone
  320. - Cast HB, snipe the blowdart sniper at the top with a longerange dark bead
  321. - Do an FC drop down to the blowdart sniper, kill him, pickup wanderer set + falchion
  322. - Turn around, jump down to the soul, pick it up, kindle swamp bonfire
  323. - Soul, Great Club and large titanite shard in the swamp, bone back
  325. - Kill Laurentius, get the pyro set, get the soul
  326. - Go to Great Hollow
  328. Great Hollow & Ash Lake
  330. - Pick up plank shield, get the twin humanities
  331. - Jump down the ladder, equip BDR over RIR
  332. - Kindle the bonfire, jump down + equip MC in 1st righthand slot
  333. - Do RNG manip strats for the following notes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfDUuM90Ofo
  334. - Go to the big Crystal Lizard cave first, kill all 5 of them, bone back
  335. - Then go to the small tunnel with the two lizards, kill them, turn around
  336. - Jump into the big trunk with Cloranty Ring, pick it up, drop down
  337. - Leave and kill the lizard to the left, drop down to the chunk behind you
  338. - Then drop down to the left, run up the branch to the chunk
  339. - Roll off for the soul, turn around, drop off the ledge and roll forward to get to the final 2 lizards, kill them both
  340. - Turn around, get the chunk, turn around again and get the remaining chunks and the soul, drop down to Ash Lake
  342. - Equip Dusk Crown, unequip pyro set on Ash Lake foggate
  343. - Kindle the bonfire, attune PW in 8th slot
  344. - Go to the Dragon Scale in the back
  345. - Cast PW and twoshot Hydra, get the other 2 scales + great magic barrier
  346. - Kindle the Stone Dragon bonfire, warp to Duke's Archives, equip MB + unequip SC
  348. Duke's Archives 2
  350. - Go to the chests and the mimic, open all of them and moveswap
  351. - Pull the lever, kill the mimic, roll down and kill the crystal hollow
  352. - Pick up prism stones, equip BDR over SDR + ringswap and equip RTSR, get the blue chunk to the right
  353. - Quitout at the Sieglinde golem + kill it, finish 2 of her dialogues (whatever answer works), get the crystal set
  354. - Go into Crystal Cave, get the humanity, drop down and get RTSR
  355. - Kill the 3 Lizards and hope for Golden Golem suicide, get the blue slab, turn around
  356. - Drop down, kill the Golden Golem, get the chunk, bow over DT
  357. - Run to Seath, equip MC, get the Soul of a Hero on the way
  358. - Kill Seath with DB, double dupe FKS, equip SC over MB and unequip it again
  359. - Kindle bonfire, warp to Balcony bonfire, drop SC on warp
  361. - Equip SDR over BDR on standup, go to Logan, buy all his stuff and talk to him one more time afterwards
  362. - Then quitout, pickup the chunk and quitout a second time
  363. - Pick up his stuff in the chest, and equip Logan's Catalyst on the pick up animation
  364. - Turn the bridge in the other hall and kill the archer with a Dark Bea
  365. - Turn the bridge and kill the archer on the higher level with an SS
  366. - Pick up the Twinkling Titanite, DCR over RTSR
  367. - Do railing jump, cast HB and drop down to Avelyn, pick it up
  368. - Get the Twinkling Titanite, cast HB, run to the other side
  369. - Get the other Twinkling Titanite and kill the mimic, run to the elevator, do upwarp
  370. - Cast HB just before the Crystal General, kill him with 1 SS with MC, equip BDR over DCR, kill the Lizard with 1 SS
  371. - Kill Logan with 1 SS, then immediately cast PW, get the LME and equip a Ring of Sacrifice over SDR
  372. - Pick up Logan's stuff and the Soul of a Great Hero and wait for PW to kill you
  374. - Kill the key serpent and light the bonfire (don't rest yet), pick up the key, open door
  375. - Climb up the ladder, equip SDR into empty slot, equip divine blessings in 2nd hotbar slot
  376. - Drop down to get the Maiden Set + White Seance Ring
  377. - Do an FC drop down to the big platform, get the Giant Door Key, quitout
  378. - Cast HB, pull the gramophon lever, drop down to the Pisacas
  379. - Kill the 2 non-respawning pisacas with 1 SS, get the FKS, cast HB
  380. - Run out and up the stairs
  381. - Open all the doors, get the prison extra key, kill Rhea, pick up the soul right next to her and her stuff
  382. - At the last door bone back to the bonfire, and get the final soul, then bone back
  383. - Rest at the bonfire from outside the cell, kindle it, warp to DoC, equip DCR over SDR
  385. Kalameet & Demon Ruins & Izalith
  387. - Kindle DoC Bonfire
  388. - Kindle the Demon Ruins bonfire
  389. - Attune SMS over FC and CSS over SS
  390. - Warp to Township Dungeon Bonfire, index DT and equip LC over MC
  392. - Trigger all 3 Alvina encounters, free Sif (use Dark Bead x6)
  393. - Dupe FKS 3 times while waiting for him to disappear, pickup the Cleansing Greatshield, quitout
  394. - Go up the elevator, dupe firekeeper soul once + equip DCS over bow + cast HB
  395. - Go to Kalameet, kill the dogs with 3 Dark Beads
  396. - Kill the Lizard with DT jump attack, get the souls in the middle and the Titanite Slab, quitout
  397. - Restart game, quitout twice
  398. - Do Kalameet without Gough kill, pick up the greatarrows, equip DCR over RTSR, bone back
  400. - Unequip DCR, slope RTSR setup, kill Ceaseless (1 shot with MC), pickup the Gold Hemmed Set, bone back
  402. - Unequip MC on standup, go towards Firesage, pick up the soul on the way and kill the Capra Demon
  403. - Ignore Kirk, kill the worm at the bonfire, get the soul, get the green shards + soul at the stairs
  404. - Kill the demonic statues, dupe FKS, equip SDR and RIR, wait for Kirk, use him to get deathcam, kill him with Dark Bead
  405. - Go back to the bonfire, kindle it while in deathcam, then go towards DoC shortcut, cast HB
  406. - Get the soul to the right at the capra demon, and the soul on the way to the gate, quitout past the gate while opening it
  408. - Kill the sunlight maggot chaos bug with DB, pick up sunlight maggot, kill the lizard with SS or DB
  409. - Help Siegmeyer + get all the items in the swamp area, go up, use Divine Blessing
  410. - Get Rare Ring of Sacrifice, soul behind stairs, use Divine Blessing again, cast HB
  411. - Kill Daughter of Chaos with DB, get Chaos Fire Whip, kill Kirk with CSS
  412. - On slide: bow over DCS + bombs in 5th slot + BDR and RTSR
  413. - Kill BoC, kindle, warp to DoC, drop cloranthy ring and RRoS
  415. - Get Kirk Set, FEC, kill Firesage (equip MC over fist and use it), quitout downwarp, get soul
  416. - Drop down to bonfire, kindle it, get soul under branch
  417. - Get green shards in Centipede fight, quitout
  418. - Equip pyro set except hood, kill centipede with LC and 2 Dark Beads (faster than oneshot)
  419. - Equip OCR over RTSR during death anim
  420. - Kindle bonfire after centipede, do Dragonbutts until the middle bonfire, kindle it
  422. - Warp to Township, drop Dragoncrest Shield
  423. - Go to Gough, get the soul of a hero on the way, open the Crest Door
  424. - Bone back without talking to Gough (you'll get the Kalameet kill here)
  426. - Get Soul of a Great Hero, bone back
  427. - Attune FC over SMS, warp to Undead Parish, index Zweihander over MC
  428. - HWW, kill Taurus demons, get soul + chaos flame ember, bone back
  430. New Londo Ruins
  432. - Kindle Undead Parish
  433. - Warp to DoC, equip pyro hood + SDR over OCR, go down the Firesage Elevator with airrolls + FC
  434. - Talk to Solaire, turn around and get Large Flame Ember, bone back from it
  436. - Run to Darkroot Basin bonfire, do FC drop on the way, kill BK + get GCS
  437. - Kindle basin bonfire, warp to Depths/TotG, equip GCS over bow, HWW
  439. - Get the soul, cast HB and get the estoc, kill Crestfallen Warrior with 1 CSS
  440. - Break transient curses urn, go up the stairs (no FKS yet)
  441. - Get parrying dagger, transient curses, quitout, foggate quitout, shortcut ladder, soul
  442. - Looparound soul in ghosthouse, on ladder: equip BDR + CoA, move CoA under SDR
  443. - Talk to Ingward, quitout, ring swap, roll down ladder, get green shards, quitout, get composite bow
  444. - Open Seal, unequip pyro set + equip crown and MC, turn around, get humanity, seal skip, 1 King (PW + MC + 3 DB)
  445. - HWW with Abyss bonfire, quitout, equip SDR over CoA on standup
  447. - Get Beatrice's set + catalyst, kill Undead Dragon, go into Blighttown, Key to NLR
  448. - Drop down, kill Blowdart Snipers, equip 1 pyro piece on ladder, get crimson set, bone back
  450. - Kindle Abyss bonfire, warp to Firelink, bow over GCS + unequip the pyro piece, talk to Sieglinde, HWW
  452. - Run into NLR again, get FKS + transient curses in the two urns (use bow for quicker pickup)
  453. - Cast HB, drop down, BDR over RTSR
  454. - Through foggate, GCS over bow, kill the Darkwraith, pick up soul in the shed, turn around
  455. - Kill mass of souls, get humanity behind it, up stairs, soul, VLE, drop down
  456. - Kill Darkwraith, get soul, get CREOs, get soul, get chunk, get soul
  457. - Kill mass of souls, get chunk, up elevator, equip elizabeth mushroom
  458. - Get Rare Ring of Sacrifice, quitout, get cursebite ring, use elizabeth mushroom
  459. - Equip BDR + RTSR on ladder, talk to Ingward once, bone out
  461. Gwyn
  463. - Talk to Sieglinde again
  464. - Enter Altar, offer Lord Souls, RTSR Setup
  465. - Get the Black Knight Set
  466. - Kill Gwyn, the end
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