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  1. Name: Alder of the Frostclaw Tribe
  2. Race: Griffon
  3. -Racial Traits:
  4. --Griffon Flight: You can fly, and recieve a +1 bonus to divebomb attacks from high altitude. This is about as taxing as running at full speed. You can also carry more weight than a pegasus, but tire quickly while doing so
  5. --Surveyor(Passive): You have keen eyes when flying on high. While flying give either you or an ally +1 for ranged attacks
  6. -Trained Talent: Emboldening Vapors
  7. --Your mixtures are especially potent. Any successful Natural Remedy also reduces the next amount of damage taken by the affected ally by 2
  8. -Secondary Talent: Performace
  9. --You have a knack for singing and dancing, thanks to your teacher's suggestions. You receive a +1 to any rolls involving singing or dancing.
  10. Gender: Male
  11. Age: 19
  12. Alignment: True Neutral
  13. Hits/Wounds: 5(+2)/6
  14. Class: Hermit (Rogue/Shaman)
  15. -Class Skills:
  16. --Innocent: Passive; Appear unimportant, uninteresting and generally like a forgettable bystander. Unless you are caught doing something illegal, you will at most be escorted outside, but more likely you'll just be ignored by guards and the like
  17. --[+1] Natural Remedy: Recharge 1, Ranged; You use an unpredictable tincture to fully restore a target’s hits to full and restore one wound, or removes status effects. Crit on 9+ restores 2 wounds, but crit fail on 2- deals a wound of damage.
  18. --[+1] Master Thief: Passive; Thanks to years of training, picking locks, cracking safes, locating hidden loot, finding traps and smuggling items is a lot easier for you than an untrained novice. Every once in a while you can roll to see if your instincts might offer a hint about something important nearby.
  19. --Heal (Requires Medic's Knife. Ranged, Spell, Recharge 1): You restore all of a target's Hits, and one Wound (Two Wounds on a Crit, one Wound of damage on a Critfail). You may also use it to cleanse a target, removing all status effects.
  21. -Aura Skills:
  22. --[+1] Rallying Shot (Instant, Recharge 1): You fire an explosive bolt of aura into the air which rains down on you and your allies, granting them a +1 to their actions next round.
  23. --Screech (Instant, Recharge 1): You let out a terrible aura-enhanced screech and a shockwave of aura, dulling the nerves of your foes. Affected allies take a -1 to their actions next round.
  25. -BP/EP Investment- 
  26. --BP (3 Total, 3 Spent):
  27. 1 Spent on Natural Remedy
  28. 1 Spent on Rallying Shot
  29. 1 Spent on Master Thief
  30. --EP (2 Total, 2 Spent):
  31. 2 Spent on Wounds (1x)
  32. -Inventory-
  33. Rations, Canteens (2x), Blanket/Bedroll, Bag
  34. Bow and Arrows, Binoculars, Dagger, Carved Stone Claw Necklace
  35. Mistie Flower
  36. >You no longer have to choose between cleansing a status or healing a target
  37. Shamanic Whistle
  38. >Upon critfailing a healing roll, roll 1d3. If the roll is 2 or 3, the spell fails but doesn't inflict a wound. On 1, it inflicts a wound as normal.
  39. Strengthened Bow
  40. >This reinforced bow gives you a +1 to all attack rolls made with it.
  41. Witchkiller Bow and Quiver
  42. >This bow does 3 extra points of damage to those that know magic.
  43. Spellslinger
  44. >+1 Pistol Can be loaded with special ammunition (Fire 10, Lightning 10, Ice 10)
  45. Medic's Knife
  46. >This Dagger allows you to use the Heal Skill. Any bonuses to an attack roll apply to your Heal roll.
  47. Light Leather Armor
  48. >+2 Hits
  50. -Backstory-
  51.     Alder is a small, slender Griffon of the Frostclaw tribe, a village of strong, sturdy, predatory-looking, wintry-patterned Griffons. His tribe lives in the far north of the Griffonlands, and tends to favor strength, endurance, and wisdom, as the northern lands require hardier types than elsewhere. Alder was looked down upon, both literally and physically, for being severely lacking in the physical department; while he had a sharp mind, his somewhat weak body left him less useful to his tribe.
  52.     As soon as he reached adulthood, he resolved he would set out on a journey to test himself, become strong, and gain glory and wealth, so that he could return to his tribe with his head held high. His talents mostly laid in his gracefulness and his sharp mind, but his tribe's isolation has left him somewhat naive to the world outside of it, and the other cultures there. He quickly picked up the myths of the treasures, knowledge, and power hidden away in the Forbidden Land, and, like many others, was drawn to it for such a reason. He went in hoping to come out stronger, and wealthier, before returning to his village.
  53.     Alder is, like the rest of his tribe, mostly physical. Much of his emotions, good or bad, may be shown more through his actions and body language than his words, in various ways (ie; he'll shake when scared, hop around/hug when excited and happy, flick his tail about when interested or aggravated, or puff up and flare his wings out when angered/close to blows). Also like his tribe, Alder will become fiercely loyal to those he becomes attached to. As stated above, Alder is somewhat naive to the practices of other cultures, and their norms. While he seeks to learn about the world outside his home, one thing fascinates him above all others; magic. Magic was exceedingly rare in his tribe, so he takes every chance he can get to learn more about it, whether from books, or from fellow teammates. While he's managed to pick up some small measure of it himself, he's always interested in learning more. As an added note; due to the circumstances of why he left his tribe, he has some mildly serious self-worth issues.
  55. Picture/Appearance:
  59. >>31529657
  60. Alder frowns a little bit, and sighs "I-It is difficult. To have my worst fear thrown into some bizarre nightmare, but..." he smiles a little bit, before giving her a somewhat happy nuzzle "I will get past it! If we grow enough, we can find the answers to
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