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  1. Feedback:
  2.     My mom: Suggests I make buttons bigger and add a better color contrast to go with the footer icons.
  3.     She also suggests I add customer ratings and feedback feature. She also said I should go with pink or blue as a color template.
  5.     My friend Jeyson: Said the features are there but add make sure to add color. The forms need some animations to look more authentic. On the home page add some employee pictures. Other than that looking good so far.
  7.     My frined Samantha: Said, "Make it so I can only edit orders 24 hours in advanced. When i registered there was no need to verify my email, was that on purpose? Add animations on forms so it is a slide of forms instead of having to scroll down. I hope this won't be the final color lol but add some purple in there."
  9.     My friend Paul: Said, "I like how you can design your shoe". He thinks I should allow users to create orders even if they are not registered.
  11.     Carlos, a slack member: Said, "Your app looks pretty cool, but the app looks empty in desktop mode".
  13.     After I read these feedbacks, I treated each feed back as a problem I needed to solve and resolved them by breaking each problem into pieces.
  14. From there I was able to draw a mental picture, but also used github project management as a way to stay on track, and I knew where and when to get started.
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