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  1. Pokemon: Johto Quest Episode 1 "Humble Beginnings"
  3. The room was dimly lit and cluttered with all sorts of plush creatures taking up space on the shelves, toy chests, and even on a little wooden computer desk leaning up against the center right wall. There were even a few plushies scattered all over the floor. To some, this may seem like the room of the happiest child in the world. Unfortunately, the owner of all these toys was kneeling down on her bed and sobbing quietly to herself. At that very moment, a flood of memories were racing through her mind. In these memories, there was a young girl, a grown woman, and a musclebound man getting along and enjoying each other's company, especially in the ones where the musclebound man and grown woman were teaching the young girl various things about the world. There were also memories of the young girl and grown woman cheering on the musclebound man as he battled various people in a huge arena covered in red, teal, and light brown colouring.
  5. As the memories raced by, the grown woman gradually faded into the background until in one memory, the grown woman and musclebound man started to argue. In fact, a few memories after were similar to this one. Eventually, a memory of the grown woman defeating the musclebound man in two out of three sanctioned battles had came into fruition as well as a memory of the musclebound man packing up his things and whispering to the young girl, "if you need me, I'll be in the region where the Nidoran roam". Just then, another rush of memories flew through her mind but these seemed to go by faster than the others. These memories consisted of the grown woman whacking the young girl in the face so hard that she was knocked to the ground. However, these memories were followed up with memories of the grown woman crying and giving the young girl various plushies.
  7. As she remembered these moments, she became furious and threw her pillow across the room as hard as she could. She then started to sob again and grabbed her Cyndaquil plushie from the left side of her bed and hugged it tightly. Because the plush felt as though she was holding a cloud, she started to calm down a bit. She proceeded to straighten her back, fold her hands together, and look up at the dark blue ceiling.
  9. "Arceus" the girl said, "please help me find a way to start Pokemon training early. I just can't deal with this anymor---" Just as the girl was about to finish her prayer, a woman had entered her room and quickly flipped on the lights. "Emily, is everything okay in here?" the woman asked with a shaky voice. Emily yelped loudly and quickly crawled under her bed. "Please don't hurt me, mommy!" shouted Emily. Her mother sighed heavily and said "I promise I won't hurt you, okay?"
  11. "Are you sure this time?" asked Emily. Her mother had said yes and also told her that she wouldn't leave until Emily came out from under the bed. After a few moments, Emily slowly crawled out and inched her way towards her mother. Emily's mother gave her a big hug and rubbed her back gently. "The whole separation thing is getting to you too, huh?" Emily's mother asked. Emily nodded slowly and whimpered a bit.
  13. "I'm sorry to dump this on you so fast and I guess I have been a bit rough on you. But I had an idea. How about you and I go down to Goldenrod and get you a brand new Pokemon doll and have some of those delicious Moo-Moo Milkshakes?" Emily's mother asked. Emily pulled away from her mother and shook her head sideways as soon as she finished folding her arms. "Why?" Emily shouted, "so you can just hurt me again? No thanks! Besides, there's so many of these dolls in here that there's barely any room for me!"
  15. Emily's mother heavily sighed and tears started running down her face. She grabbed her daughter and hugged her tightly. "Emily, I understand how you feel and I know I haven't been doing a good job staying calm but between my teaching job, taking care of you and well... You know... Dealing with this separation, I've been under some huge pressure. You understand, right?"
  17. Emily glared at her mother and said sternly, "I'm under pressure too but you don't see me going around hurting people." Emily's mother stroked her chin and stared up at the ceiling for a bit. "I guess you have a point there," Emily's mother said, "Maybe I should try harder to come up with better ways to cope with the situation." Emily and her mother became completely silent until a few moments later, Emily felt as though a lightbulb went off in her head. "I think daddy's room has plenty of space since he left... Maybe... If it's not too much to ask, I could move a few of my dolls into his room."
  19. Emily's mother nodded her head up and down and told her that as long as she didn't touch or break any of her father's things, she was more than welcome to do so. The two had then disbanded and Emily searched her room for something to help carry her plushies. After moments of thorough searching, Emily finally came across a dark brown woven circular basket and collected as many plushies as she could fit in there. She scampered down the hall to her father's room, where she wasted no time unloading what she called her "Plushie Basket". As she was placing her plushies in various areas, she accidentally bumped into a white plastic bookshelf and a wide light blue envelope had fallen onto the hardwood floor that surrounded the beige carpet.
  21. Emily had gotten up from the floor and walked towards the envelope. She picked it up and saw some text in the center of it. Before she could read the words on the envelope, Emily heard a knock at the door. Emily scampered around the room for a good place to hide the envelope until she decided on hiding it under the basket. Moments later, her mother had slowly entered the room.
  23. "How's it coming along, Emily?" Her mother asked. Emily smiled and said, "All done, mommy!" Emily's mother had looked around the room and as she did so, whispered the word "wow!" She then turned to Emily and said "This room looks a lot more colourful than before, huh?" Emily had nodded her head rapidly and pointed towards the bed. "See that Growlithe plushie over there? That's the one daddy gave me, so I put him alongside Cyndaquil on the bed. That's where all my favorite plushies go by the way. It took me a long time to find him but it was worth it."
  25. Emily's mother giggled and rubbed the top of Emily's head. "Well, it looks like you've done such a good job not touching or breaking anything in here! Keep up the good work, sweetie." Emily's mother happily announced. As soon as her mother left the room, Emily lifted up the basket and pulled out the envelope. When she heard her mother walk down the stairs, Emily sprinted towards her room with the basket in hand.
  27. She jumped up on her bed and took the envelope out of the basket. Emily had began reading the text in the center of the envelope. "Eileen Palmer?" Emily said as she raised her eyebrows and moved her head further away from the envelope. She then scratched the back of her neck and looked around the room. At that moment, all sorts of questions popped into her head such as "Who is this woman?", "Is that mommy's real name?", and, "Is she one of daddy's gym trainers?" When Emily heard her mother call for her downstairs, she decided to put the envelope away in her little black backpack with a glowing blue Gengar face on it, hoping she'll be able to look at it later.
  29. Just a few days later, Emily was upstairs playing with her plushies in her room when she heard a couple of people screaming outside. Emily dashed towards her bedroom window and saw her mother battling with a person who was wearing a white lab coat that almost reached their knees. They also seemed to have short, slightly spiky blonde hair with what looked like hints of brown colouring.
  31. Emily soon became glued to the battle as she saw the blonde person's Nidorino use a powerful Double Kick on Penny, her mother's Clefairy. Penny was sent flying back at least a couple of feet and she rolled as she hit the ground. A few moments later, Penny jumped to her feet and Emily's mother had commanded her to use Dig. Penny quickly dug a hole and burrowed down into the ground. Within a couple of seconds, Penny emerged from underground and gave the Nidorino a forceful uppercut. The Nidorino fell to the ground and fainted on impact. The blonde person pulled out a Pokeball and aimed it at their Nidorino. The Pokeball shot out a blue beam and the Nidorino had shrunk and travelled up the beam into the Pokeball. The blonde person had pulled out another Pokeball and then yelled, "C'mon out Raichu!" and threw it like a baseball.
  33. Emily's mother called back Penny and took out a Pokeball from her pocket and pressed the button in the middle and the ball had gone from the size of a ping pong ball to the size of a baseball in a matter of seconds. "It's your turn Charlie!" Emily's mother shouted as she threw the Pokeball. When the ball was in mid air, it had stopped moving and split open. A red jagged beam burst out and released a Bayleef.
  35. As the battle went on, Emily grew more and more excited, even going as far as to cheer on her mother. Eventually, each trainer was down to their last healthy Pokemon, with Emily's mother sending out her Luxio named Johnny and the person sending out their Feraligatr named Karla. Emily's mother had told Johnny to use Charge, which resulted in flurries of sparks flowing across his fur. The person had commanded Karla to use Slash and she ran as fast as she could given her bulky appearance towards Johnny. However, Johnny countered it with a supercharged Thunderbolt which left Karla fried but still had enough energy to pick herself up. Karla was then told by her trainer to use Rock Slide and it suddenly seemed as though it was raining rocks. Johnny did his best to avoid the rock shower but he still managed to get hit a couple of times. Karla swooped in and trapped Johnny in her large jaws that seemed to be emitting frost off of them. Johnny then escaped using Thunder Fang where it seemed like Karla was down for the count. However, in a fit of rage and without her trainer telling her to do so, she flailed around rapidly which caused the entire ground to shake. Emily tried to see what was happening but she had a hard time keeping her balance and fell down with every attempt to get up.
  37. When the shaking finally stopped, Emily got up from the floor and saw that Johnny and even Penny were lying on the ground motionless. Emily's mother returned him back to his Pokeball and put the ball in her pocket. Emily had gasped and her mouth hung as she had never seen her mother lose a battle before. Emily went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat when she heard her mother talking to someone outside. "Well I gotta say! That battle was certainly something else!" Emily's mother said gleefully. "I know right? My little Karla really surprised me out there! She's quite the stubborn one and hates to lose." The mysterious voice replied. "I'll be honest with you," Emily's mother said, "I wasn't expecting anyone to respond to the advertisement. If I'd known you were coming, I would've stocked up on potions and whatnot." The voice chuckled and replied, "Well... Anything to get away from Professor 'Throws Pokemon Against The Wall to Toughen Them Up' Elm!" The voice had continued on. "So Sarah... Do you think I have what it takes to work with you?" They soon entered the house and Emily was confused as to who was alongside her mother.
  39. There, near the patio entrance, was a man who seemed to tower over her mother and his head had almost reached the ceiling. In fact, Emily had to tilt her neck up as far back as it would go just to get a glimpse of his face. On closer inspection, Emily noticed that he was wearing the same lab coat as the person who battled her mother. He also had the same slightly spiky blonde and brown hair as well. He seemed to wear a necklace with a black string and a round, silver pendant on the end of it. The man was also wearing dark blue jeans with a belt that held three Pokeballs on each side that was separated by a silver belt buckle. Emily thought about the man a little bit and her heart had grown heavy. Based on the man's victory and the flashbacks she had a few days ago, she had come to a heartbreaking conclusion. Her breathing slowly increased in speed and she gave the man an intense glare.
  41. While chatting with Emily's mother, the man had noticed Emily in the kitchen having a snack. He walked over to her and greeted her kindly. "So you must be Sarah's daughter, huh?" The man asked. Emily had nodded up and down while still glaring at him. "You know, you're a lot tinier I imagined. Anyway, my name is Albert Silverman and I'm going to be helping your mother with her teaching job. Isn't that great?" Said Albert. Emily folded her arms and nodded her head side to side. Albert scratched his head, trying to figure out why Emily wouldn't talk to him.
  43. "I don't want a new daddy! I'm not ready for him yet!" Emily snarled as tears ran down her face. Albert chuckled and said to Emily, "Really? I don't think I'm old enough to do that." Tears continued to run down Emily's face as she looked downwards towards the wooden table. Emily's mother came over and comforted her and whispered softly, "Honey, he's not replacing your father, okay. Albert is just here to help me. Want me to show you something?" Emily nodded and her mother went over to the coffee table in the living room and grabbed a group of papers.
  45. "Here!" Emily's mother said as she put the papers down on the kitchen table, "This is Albert's job application." Emily's mother then pushed the application and showed another piece of paper. "This is Albert's performance sheet. It's not finished but I think he did rather well." Emily wiped away her tears as her mother also pointed out that he way too young for her anyway. "I'm sorry about all this, Albert. Ever since the whole separation began, she's been missing her father quite a bit." Emily's mother apologized. "It's okay Sarah, I understand." Albert said in a low voice.
  47. Emily's mother had whispered to Albert and told him that it would be better to continue their discussion from earlier in another room. As soon as Emily finished eating, she got up from the table and slowly traveled back upstairs. Instead of going to her room, Emily went into her father's room and shut the door behind her. She hopped on the bed and sighed a few moments later. She glanced at her Cyndaquil and picked it up. "Cindy" said Emily, "There's this guy named Albert that my mommy hired as some sort of assistant. She told me that he wasn't going to be my new daddy after winning a battle with her but I don't think I believe what she saying. She did show me some paperwork but I still don't know if she's telling the truth!" Emily sighed once again and shook her head from side to side. She then continued to talk to it. "What do you think about all this?" Emily asked.
  49. Even though the plush couldn't talk for real, Emily would often think up responses for what it could say if it had the ability to speak. At this time, Emily imagined Cindy saying "Gee. That's a hard one. Perhaps Arceus could help you." Emily agreed with Cindy and once again proceeded to straighten her back, fold her hands together, and look up at the ceiling. "Arceus... You're pretty smart. What do you think I should do? Should I trust my mommy's decision to hire Albert or not?" After Emily asked her question, there was a period of silence. A few moments later, a variety of thoughts on the situation had surged through Emily's mind. As she was having these thoughts, she separated each one into one of two categories. One category was reserved for the positive things that could come from having Albert around such as helping her mother become less stressed and having him become one of Emily's friends. The other category was reserved for negative aspects that might come from the situation such as her mother forming a relationship with him that's so strong, they may consider getting married.
  51. Emily gave each side some more thought and eventually made her decision. She turned around and picked up Cindy. "You know what, Cindy?" Emily said aloud, "Maybe I was a bit harsh on Albert. I mean... He didn't seem all that mean. Perhaps I'll give him a second chance." Emily had moved Cindy up and down in a way that made the plush seem like it was nodding. Eventually, Emily had gotten up from the bed and walked across the hall to her room. As she approached her backpack, she opened it up and pulled out some art supplies. She climbed onto her bed and gently placed the supplies down in front of her. As Emily was staring down at the square, cardboard-like paper, an idea instantly popped into her head and she immediately began drawing it out. It seemed like there wasn't a moment where Emily took her eyes off the paper and she constantly kept switching from colour to colour and would even switch from pencils to marker to watercolour paints.
  53. Just as Emily was about to finish her artwork, her mother suddenly came into her room, which made Emily jump and let out a brief yelp. "Sorry Emily! I didn't mean to spook you. Anyway, what I was about to say was that... it's time for bed." Said Emily's mother. "What are you talking about? It's only---" Emily picked up her digital Pikachu alarm clock and pointed to the time. A moment later, she looked at the time again and briefly gasped. "What?! That can't be right!" Emily shouted in disbelief. She noticed that the clock said 9:15pm, which was about the time she would usually go to bed.
  55. "What's that you made there?" Emily's mother asked as she pointed to the paper on the bed. Emily stood up and grabbed the paper since she was just slightly bigger than it. "Well mommy." said Emily, "I made a picture of me riding on daddy's Donphan. You know, the one named Sonny." She pointed to the right side of the paper where it showed Sonny running side by side with Albert riding on his Feraligatr. "Well no wonder you lost track of time so easily!" Emily's mother giggled, "Here. I'll take that and find a great spot to hang it up tomorrow. But until then, I need you to go to bed, okay?"
  57. Emily nodded her head and put all of her art supplies away in her bag. She hastily changed into her pajamas and turned out all but one light in her room as she felt that keeping this light on would make her feel safe. She then burrowed under the covers and felt a warm sensation enveloping her entire body. A few moments later, Emily found it nearly impossible to keep her eyes open and had no choice but to let them close completely.
  59. A few hours later, when a large sliver of light entered Emily's room, her eyes gradually opened and she slowly turned her head to the left side of the bed where her nightstand was. She glanced at her Pikachu alarm clock and saw that it read 11:22am. "Yikes!" Emily screamed, "I slept in for way too long!" Not long after, Emily dashed out of bed and called for her mom.
  61. She scampered all throughout the house looking for her mother until she ran into one of the downstairs bedrooms. When she entered, Emily found Albert dressed in a black blazer with a blue tie and crisp pants to match. He was lying on a bed with a purple dark streak running across his forehead. He struggled to keep his eyes open and his breathing was extremely slow, although he did let out an occasional moan followed by a cough. She also saw that Penny and her mother were tending to him using what seemed like everything from spices to teas, thinking that would help him concur his affliction.
  63. A moment after Emily entered, her mother swifty turned around and dropped everything she was doing. "There you are!" said Emily's mother after she breathed a sigh of relief. Albert let out a few coughs before saying, "Emily... Never... Mess with a Vileplume!" Emily's mother had sighed as she put her hand on Emily's shoulder. "Listen. I need you to do me a big favor, okay? I ordered some medicine for Albert over in Basswood City, which shouldn't be too far for you to go, and I need you to get dressed and pick it up for me. I need to stay here and make sure Albert doesn't croak out on us. Is that clear?" Emily nodded her head and ran back upstairs to her room.
  65. When she got up there, Emily opened up one of the lower drawers of her bureau and pulled out a pair of black shorts with thick red lines running down both sides of it. She then walked over to her closet and jumped up to grab a short sleeved purple shirt off of the hanger. She wandered around her room for a bit until she found her golden locket with a silver Arceus on the front, lying on the desk. Since the chain was large enough to pull over her head, she wasted no time putting it on and immediately dashed over to the spot where she put her clothes. There, Emily carelessly threw her pajamas on the bed the moment she took them off and slipped on the other clothes with ease. Emily had almost gone downstairs before a lightbulb went off in her head. She peered down at her feet and saw that her blue and yellow sneakers weren't there! Realizing this, Emily scrambled back into her room and found out that they were hiding underneath her bed. She ran over to her closet and leaped as high as she could to grab an empty coat hanger. As soon as she landed, Emily went back to her bed and hastily dragged the sneakers out from underneath the bed. The moment she got the sneakers out, she laced them up faster than someone could say "Woah!"
  67. As soon as her clothing situation was squared away, Emily swiped her bag off of the floor and sprinted down the stairs and into the living room so fast, that she almost crashed into the front door. Once she got outside, she stopped on a dime and took a few moments to catch her breath. She started her way up the gravel road that went past a string of houses on each side and lead to the town's entrance. While Emily jogged down the road, she noticed the light green grass on both sides of the road was swaying gently as a light breeze blew across it. Emily felt the breeze brushing across her face and the longer she was exposed to it, the louder and quicker the sounds of her footsteps became until Emily eventually burst into a full sprint towards the entrance.
  69. A few moments later, Emily was only a few feet away from the entrance where she saw two, dark brown, gargantuan tree trunks that were at least a couple of stories tall with a behemoth of a sign lodged between them. The sign had at least one Tyranitar on either side with its eyes closed and mouth open that made it seem as though it was laughing. They were holding up a white banner with black, handwritten lettering that said "Leaving Iroko already? Hope you had fun and come back anytime!"
  71. The solid dirt path leading out of Iroko vastly contrasted the town's gravel road as Emily didn't feel herself sinking into it as much. While traveling to Basswood, she noticed that the sides of the road had bunches of thin light blue grass that seemed almost as tall as the trees around it. Emily had heard stories about children going into grass without a Pokemon by their side from her mother and the other residents of Iroko. Every time she thought about what had happened to them, she tensed up and shuddered.
  73. Eventually, Emily made it to the entrance of Basswood City. When Emily had passed the entrance, she stopped dead in her tracks and slowly tilted her head up. She then moved it side to side, taking in the sight of the brightly coloured colossal buildings that seemed tall enough to scrape the sky. As Emily was admiring the sight, a icy jolt rapidly spread across her body and her breathing started to speed up at the thought of finding the place where the medicine was in a big city like this. Before she could take a step forward, an older girl wearing a plain white polo shirt and blue plaid skirt came up to her. "Do you need help finding anything?" the girl said in a cheery voice as she got down on one knee. "Um... Yes! Do you know where to find medicine in a place like this?" Emily replied as she tensed up.
  75. The girl had let out a short chuckle and told Emily that because it was too far from where they were, she'd be more than happy to take her where the medicine was sold. Emily then hopped on the girl's back and the girl sprinted towards the medicine shop. When they arrived, Emily jumped off of the girl and hugged her leg tightly. "Thank you so much miss!" Emily said jovially. The girl laughed and rubbed the top of Emily's head, messing up her hair in the process. "No problem, kid! See ya around!" The girl replied. The two had parted ways as Emily entered the store.
  77. The frosty air that came from the store's vents had made the place seem like a refrigerator rather than a shop. The shelves came in all shapes and sizes. Some had towered over Emily while others were just as short as her. The shelves were overstocked with various goods such as Potions and spray bottles with clear bodies that came in different colours to indicate which ailment they would cure. Though the items were so tightly packed on the shelves to the point where if someone were to bump them, the products wouldn't fall off.
  79. Emily wasted no time browsing around and made a bee line towards the counter, where three men wearing sky blue aprons were standing. When Emily got to the counter, she had tilted her head up and said "Excuse me, sir!" hoping to get their attention. Unfortunately, none of the men had looked over the counter to see who was there. Emily then walked back a bit and sprinted towards the counter. As soon as she got close enough, Emily leaped up and grabbed the edge of the counter and pulled herself up with all the strength she could muster. The man standing behind the middle of the counter moved his head back a bit and his whole body had briefly tensed up.
  81. "Excuse me, sir!" Emily repeated as she calmly sat on the counter. The middle clerk clenched his fist and lowered his eyebrows as he began to slightly squint. "Hey Kid! No butts on the counter!" The man yelped in a low, raspy voice. Emily briefly flinched before regaining eye contact with the man. "Sorry sir... but not everyone can see over the counter like you." Emily said as she held up her hands in front of her chest. The man looked over at the clerks on the left and right side of the counter and quickly pointed to the backroom. They scrambled around until they found a stool for Emily to stand on.
  83. "Now... is there anything I can help you with?" The man asked. "My mom sent me to pick up some medicine for Albert and I think it might be here." Emily replied hastily. The man looked up at the ceiling and rubbed his chin before looking at Emily again. "Do you know your mother's last name?" The man asked. "Hawthorne, sir!" Emily responded. The man walked over to the backroom and searched for the medicine. A few moments later, he came back carrying a long, rectangular purple box. "Here you go, kid!" Emily grabbed the box and walked towards the door.
  85. As she was leaving however, she overheard a conversation that the clerks were having. "Hey that was Sarah's kid, wasn't it?" The left clerk asked. "Yup! Cute ain't she?" The right clerk replied as he nudged the left clerk with his elbow. "I heard that Sarah separated from that Jason guy. Though, to be fair, he did spend more time with his kid than her." The middle clerk said. "Ha ha! Yeah! In that case, I think he married the wrong girl!" The right clerk laughed as he slapped his knee.
  87. Just as she was about to reach the exit, Emily turned to her left and slowly walked down the aisle before suddenly collapsing to her knees and sobbing quietly. "So... I'm the reason why mommy made daddy leave?" Emily thought to herself, "and that... that battle thing was just made up?" Emily began to sob even harder while desperately trying to keep the clerks from hearing it. A few moments later, Emily stopped crying as a lightbulb went off in her head. "Wait a minute!" Emily softly exclaimed, "I'm in a store that sells all sorts of goods. Maybe I can stock up and head on out to the Nidoran region. After all, I have---" Emily reached into her pocket and pulled out a wad of colourful rectangular paper strips all held together by a thin black clip. She quickly removed the clip and spread out the strips in a way that resembled the shape of a fan. "Only three thousand Poken." Emily sighed as she shook her head.
  89. "I don't think that gonna be enough to get by." Emily thought to herself. As Emily was wondering how to stretch her money, she looked at the purple box and gasped. "Oh no! What am I doing? I gotta get this to Albert!" Emily hastily said to herself. Emily rapidly moved her head side to side and zipped open her backpack. She pushed the abundant amount of purple spray bottles into her bag so quickly, she didn't even care about the bottles that shattered when the hit the ground. She then sprinted to the other end of the aisle and grabbed a yardstick to reach the Pokeballs on the higher shelves. When the Pokeballs fell off of the shelves, she ran up and down the aisle with her bag and tried to catch as many as she could. Once she gathered her supplies, Emily picked up the purple box and bolted straight towards the exit.
  91. Emily zipped down the streets of Basswood without ever looking back at that store, thinking that one of the clerks might be on her tail. Eventually, she crashed into an elderly man wearing a sharp grey suit and blue tie and fell to the ground. Emily quickly jumped to her feet and just as she was about to run off, the man had called out to her. "Lass! Why are you running around like a Rhyhorn is chasing you?" Emily had panted heavily as sweat poured down her face. Emily took in a deep breath and said "Okay... I'm a delivery girl and... my Pokemon ran off... I need him to make the delivery on time. If I make one more late delivery then... I'm out of the job... See this?" Emily panted as she held up the purple box, "I need this delivered to the Hawthorne house in Iroko... My boss said it's the one with the green roof! Can you bring it there for me while... I look for my Pokemon?"
  93. "Well I just came from there but I'll see what Graham and I can do. Speaking of Graham, where is that little scamp?" The man replied. Just then, a Growlithe wearing a yellow neckerchief leaped out of a blue recycling bin. "There you are, Graham!" The man chuckled. Emily then handed over the purple box to the man and thanked him. As soon as she said goodbye to him and his Growlithe, she ran towards the exit with a white sign on the right hand side that said "Route 49 This Way" with a black arrow on top pointing upwards.
  95. Meanwhile, Graham and the elderly man hurried down the dirt path leading to Iroko. "Poor lass..." the old man said "no one her age should be making deliveries without a Pokemon. I think we're doing the right thing, wouldn't you say, Graham?" Graham had barked happily as he ran alongside the man. The pair eventually made it to Iroko where they spent little time wandering around before spotting the green roofed house. The man and Graham walked up to the doorstep and the man loudly knocked on the door three times. The door had begun to open as Emily's mother had stood behind it. "Oh there you are Emily! I hope you didn't have too much trouble getting the medici---" Emily's mother said as she opened the door. When she saw that it wasn't her daughter at the door, she gasped and jumped back a bit.
  97. "Oh sorry about that madam. I didn't mean to scare you like that!" The man chuckled. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Walter and this is my partner Graham." Walter said as he pointed to the Growlithe next to him. "A delivery girl was on her way to give you this box but her Pokémon ran off along the way, so she asked me to deliver it for her. Here you go, madam." Walter explained as he handed her the box. Emily's mother took the box from Walter and put it down on the coffee table in the living room. She went back to where Walter was standing and folded her arms. "Now Walter... What did this delivery girl look like?"
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