Nolyxx C5 Questions

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  1. - Can you give me a basic summary of their personality, flaws, their greatest strengths and weaknessess and how they’ve (yet) come to grow as a person?
  3. Creative and inituitive, Nolyxx's strength lies in his ability to read people like a book and imagine outcomes from there. Always willing to lend a hand provided he's got the motivation to do so (like money) and doesn't slack off. He's grown to value friends and tries to be good company to others. Curious and wants to know many things about others, though he's forgetful. Tends to be vague and has trouble opening up to others about personal issues, which he definitely needs to work on.
  5. - Can you elaborate on their backstory/why they are where they are in life? (e.g. why do they live alone, why do they care about their friends, why did they make this decision, etc.)
  7. Having been only in one short and messy red quadrant, Nolyxx doesn't have the relationship experience to appreciate love. Thus, he puts friendship over it and most things as communication is a need that has to be satisfied.
  9. - What does a typical day in your character's life look like? (e.g. what do they usually eat, what places do they usually go, what responsibilities do they have, etc)
  11. No concept of breakfast, eats plain/basic foods due to "picky eating habits". Spends the day doing accounts and spreadsheets as is his responsibility, with the occasional artwork if he feels in the mood to do it. Doesn't go to many places and usually sticks to his office and hive.
  13. - What keeps them motivated to keep going? Why?
  15. Success, proving anyone that's done him wrong and fear of missing out. Also dying would not be fun so he does his best to avoid that.
  17. - How do they see events and outcomes around them in the world? Are things more externalized (world happens to them, more outside personal control) or more internalized (they happen to the world, you have more control over outcomes)? Why?
  19. Carries an externalized vision on the world, though when it comes to interpersonal topics such as relationships it can be either-or mostly due to plenty of experience with people from his work.
  21. - Do they believe in fate or have any kind of moral framework? If so how/why? Is everything meaningless and total chaos, or is there a meaning to life and if so what is it?
  23. Doesn't believe in fate, though he does give a nod to superstition when things seemingly align. Moreso of a fun thing he looks at and goes "huh, neat" than an actual framework he bases on to assure himself. Thinks life is meaningless but that it's up to the individual to shape and give one to it.
  25. - What is their relationship with authority? Why?
  27. Being a tealblood, Nolyxx has no choice but to uphold authority though that works in his favour since he enjoys his comfortable spot on the hemospectrum and wouldn't want it any other way. Outside of strict laws, he's more lenient and willing to break rules if it would benefit him and/or others.
  29. - What does your character really want in life? What seems to stand in the way of that?
  31. Reliable friends that he can be vulernable with since he wishes to give himself the same care and attention he gives to others. Feels trapped in his position he's built up for himself as the logical middleman that pleases every person.
  33. - What is your character afraid of?
  35. Mainly growing up and the whole "exiled from the planet" dealio. It ties to his fear of missing out and situations which are beyond his control.
  37. - How does your character make decisions? Why do they do that?
  39. Kind of moody, but usually he'll think ahead on the outcomes to an obsessive degree but then make a quickfire decision that could bite him in the ass, but not *too* much.
  41. - How does your character react to challenges beyond their ability? Or when they're in a situation they're powerless to change?
  43. Depends on the situation but frustration is guaranteed. Doesn't really get angry, moreso annoyed or peeved at how things are happening since he's used to powerless situations being a thing at this point in life.
  45. - How does your character usually view themselves? What is their self-image like? Do they wish anything about themselves or their self-image were different?
  47. Can't really picture himself physically as a whole, rather focusing on a few key physical features. Personality wise he views himself as a people-pleaser that makes decent company, with some niche interests.
  49. - What do they perceive of as their place in a friend group? Why?
  51. Depending on the people, he can be the listener or the leader, sticking to the former out of habit and nature. Used to hanging with talkative co-workers he views himself as the one who listens.
  53. - Is your character extroverted or introverted? How do they deal with being the center of attention, or being ignored?
  55. An introvert with social tendencies. Doesn't handle having the spotlight on him well, starts getting antsy and nervous. Used to getting ignored but it doesn't make it any better as he gets easily irritated when it happens.
  57. - What hobbies or interests do your character have? Why are they involved with them?
  59. in its simplest term, Information Gathering. Ties to his work and complements his inquisitive nature. Interested in Clowns and their culture as a result of working with many nice (and dastardly handsome) purplebloods that wanted his services.
  61. - Does your character have any favorite or worst memories?
  63. He holds his assassinations close to his heart as well as moments of success in his career. To contrast, the worst ones are when he horrible flukes a task and lags behind on his work.
  65. - Who is their guardian (e.g. personality, greatest strengths/flaws, basic motivations, etc.), and what is your character's relationship with them?
  67. Raised by a Demonground Sloth, which were previously thought to be fictional and/or extinct as caretakers but actually are just too lazy to go and get a grub for themselves. Nolyxx is close to the sloth, though you'd never see them speak. It just clings onto him and he carries on his usual business. A relation where both participants don't need to speak to understand each other.
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