Noona's Sex Education - Informations

Jul 3rd, 2020
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~ Noona's Sex Education ~

누나의 성교육 --- Publisher Link

By 김문도 / Kimmundo --- 고기맛열매 / Meaty Fruit

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship Description
Lee Ji-Hoon / 이지훈 Single Although popular with women, he became a huge joke after they learned about his problem.
Lee Ji-Ah / 이지아 Single Ji-Hoon's step-sister, she's charming and beautiful woman (Not blood related).
Hong Soo-Young / 홍수영 Single Ji-Hoon's classmate and childhood friend. She's pretty but really clumsy.
Kim Yu-Ri / 김유리 Single Senior of Ji-Hoon, smart and pretty. She's often compared to a goddess inside the campus.
Seo Jin-Joo / 서진주 Single Owner of the cafe where Ji-Hoon is working part-time.

Synopsis: "I'll make you an adult!"
Ji-Hoon is unable to have sex with his lovers due to an unspeakable secret. After noticing Ji-Hoon's problem, his older sister, Jia, prepared a special sex education to help him surpass his fear and be able to finally have sex..
What will happen to Ji-Hoon after receiving his sister's special sex education?


Ques: Why can't i see chapter on mangadex ? Or Why can't I see chapter directly in the website ?

Ans: You need to create an account on mangadex, after that you go to your Account Settings (top right, then Settings). Right there, there is an option Hentai toggle, you set it to Show toggle (in navbar cog). Now go to the manga you want to read. Again top right, there's a settings button, you click it and it opens a settings box, there's an option Hentai: you need to set it to View All.

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