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iMore & Revolution60

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  1. Subject: Brianna Wu (Rev60) & Georgia Dow (iMore).
  2. Sources: Twitter, iMore, Isometric Podcast.
  3. Date Compiled: December 29th, 2014.
  4. Revision 2.0
  5. Credits: @Di4gn0sys, @TheIvyClover1.
  7.                                                 **************************************
  8. Questionable Links:
  9. Jan 01, 14: Georgia Dow is a Senior Editor of iMore.            https://archive.today/SxZju#selection-1065.0-1065.22
  10. May 12, 14: Isometric podcast with Brianna Wu and Georgia Dow launched.                 https://archive.today/UosKz
  11. May 24, 14: Tweet from Georgia Dow being used as confirmation.                          https://archive.today/OVXyW
  12. Dec 16, 14: iMore announces the best of 2014 award winners.                             https://archive.today/MCvMM
  13. Dec 16, 14: iMore IOS action game of the year, Revolution 60.   https://archive.today/ywGwX#selection-3214.39-3865.29
  15. Conflicts of Interest:
  16. Georgia Dow is both a co-host with Brianna Wu on Isometric as well as a Senior Editor for iMore. This could suggest that the iMore IOS Action GOTY wasn't fairly chosen.
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