City girl

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  1. In The Beginning.....
  3. As the cab moved slowly through the stop and go traffic of downtown rush hour, she sighed and looked down at her watch.  Hurry the fuck up, she thought angrily.  She glanced towards the none-too-clean cab driver and tried not to notice that his eyes were spending far more time crawling up and down the reflection of her ample cleavage in the rear view mirror than on the road ahead of him.  She sighed, adjusted her blouse to show a little less of the girls and looked out the window.
  5. She thought ahead to the exciting Friday night ahead of her.  Some television, maybe a little computer time and leftover stir fry from the night before.  Fun times.  God, she was tired of the boring nights she spent alone.  “Why is it so hard to find a man in this goddamn city,” she wondered.  “I don't even want a full-on boyfriend, for Pete's sake.  Just someone to spend some time with and have a little fun.”  She smiled a little and thought of her wild fantasy world she frequently found herself returning to when real life proved too disappointing.  Talk about fun!  If only the men here on Earth could be more like all the ones she cooked up in her mind when she was alone.
  7. The cab driver forced her back to the present by asking if she had a big night ahead of her, as if she had done anything to encourage conversation with Captain Nose Hair in the front seat.  She simply replied, “Nothing major planned”, and pointedly looked back out her window.  Her broke into a wide grin, exposing teeth that had obviously not seen a dental professional in quite some time.  “Ya know,” he drawled, “I know a great little bar not too far from here.  They have cheap beer and a dance floor.  Maybe I could pick ya up when I get off tonight and we can go have a little drinky together.”
  9. She shuddered at the thought of dancing pressed up against him.  She looked into the rear view mirror and locked eyes with him.  “I am a lesbian,” she lied, “and I doubt my girlfriend would be okay with that.”  His grin got even bigger as he replied, “Hey, that's fine with me!  I am all about you gals having a little fun when there ain't a man around for ya.  Bring her with ya!”
  11. She rolled her eyes and looked back out the window, hoping for anything even remotely interesting to look at.  Her gaze shifted to the cab sitting in traffic next to her, and into the passenger window.  She immediately sat up straighter and looked closely at the occupant of the cab.  She was startled to see the most beautiful man looking directly back at her and smiling.  She quickly took in his big smile, thick dark hair, square chin (with a dimple in it, she noticed happily), and sexy dark eyes.
  13. She gave a quick smile back to him and a little wave and then quickly sat back in her seat and looked straight ahead.  “Jeez, girlfriend,” she thought, “Get ahold of yourself!  This is not the first good looking man you have seen in this city.”  Her heart, which was pounding away in her chest and the blush rising in her cheeks apparently did not feel this was a calm moment.  She quickly snuck a glance back to him and found he was still looking over and smiling.  Man, what a sexy thing he was.  She scanned his left hand that was sitting on the window ledge and found no ring, or tell-tale tan line on the finger.  “He couldn't possibly be single,” she thought.
  15. At that moment, the traffic opened enough for her cab driver to jump into the far left lane to prepare for an upcoming turn.  Feeling slightly panicked, she quickly glanced back to the handsome stranger and saw him mouth the words “Goodbye beautiful!” to her.  She broke into a face-splitting smile and sat back against the lumpy car seat.  She probably wouldn't ever see him again, not in this gigantic city, but  there was no harm in wishing, was there?
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