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  1. In the depths of a dark dungeon, whose only light was a flickering torch in front of a damp, dirty cell, heavy footsteps began to echo around it. Two Knights posted right outside the cell’s door, immediately go down on their knees, greeting the figure that approaches.
  2. Out of the shadows surges the Pope himself.
  4. He takes a glance and nods to both Knights before directing his gaze to the insides of the cell. A stern expression. Adorns his face as he stares for a few moments before addressing his subordinates.
  6. “You may rise.” And they do. With na indiferente voice, they proceed to askthem. “Has ‘it’ talked yet?”
  8. One of the Knights immediately shakes her head. “No, your Excellence. Even with the methods you gave us, ‘it’ has been resisting as best as it could, in fact...” The Knight moves her hand to take something out of a satchel and pulls out a bloodied piece of meat? “’It’ bit of it’s own tongue.”
  10. The Pope looks away in disgust, and waves his hand, as if telling the Knight top put it away, which is promptly done. After it, with a heavy frown on their face, they take a few steps forward, until they’re standing just a few centimeters away from the cell bars. With the flickering light of the torch behind him, the Pope looks at the insides of the cell.
  12. There, a person lay. ‘If you can even call it a person’ The Pope thought.
  14. Their body was dirty, dried blood not only on several spots on the ground, but all over their body and tattered clothes as well. Their hands were raises, chained to the wall, and so was their leg... yes, one leg. The other one was missing it’s calf and feet. I fone took closer attention, they would notice that near that leg’s position was where there was the greatest ammount of dried blood in this cell. One could only imagine what was done here... and yet, despite all that, it didn’t seem like they were all that injured or even close to death, as their were no visible wounds.
  16. “You...” The Pope’s voice carries a sharp edge as it lightly echoes across the dungeon while speaking with the ‘person’ in front of it. “Not only you betrayed your own race, by associating yourself with those cursed demons, but now you refuse to even inform us of it’s location.” Anger and disgust, both visible in the Pope’s face as he speaks down to this ‘traitor’. They couldn’t understand how someone could go so far for those demons. “You were once a Knight as well, whose job was to protect Humans... and yet, you are now protecting those who wish harm upon them.”
  18. Despite the words being used, the tone of voice and even the expression. In the Pope’s face, they fail to gain much attention from the chained one. The most they gained was a glance upwards, the bangs in the hair of that person, almost fully covering their lifeless eyes as they stare back at the one they consider to be a true monster.
  20. “You deserve nothing but death...” The Pope grits his teeth in anger, before giving a sigh and calming himself, a cold expression taking over their face. “However, while you have the information which we need, I guess it means you’ll have to spend some more time in here... I wonder what new methods we can come up with while we’re at it, so that things to get boring.”
  22. A reaction is visible at that very moment. The chained person begins to tremble, fear flashing in their eyes before they lightly begin to thrash around with whatever remaning strength they have, while at same time mumbling unintelligeble words, impossible to understand with it’s lack of a full tongue now.
  24. In the Pope’s cold expression., a please smile appears as he observes ‘it’ for a few moments, before turning to look at the Knight on his right. “Continue at your own pace.” He looks towards the Knight on his left and gives them a nod as well before starting to make their way back from where they came. The two Knights give a salute to the Pope as he makes his way out, and then gaze at the chained figure, scorn in their eyes.
  26. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  28. It wouldn’t take long for the Pope to find himself walking down the corridors of the church, hands behind his back. Everytime he passed by someone, they would either greet or salute him.
  30. Unlike in the dungeon, here they would have a serene and gentle expression on their face, as well as a friendly smile that made most think of him as something along the lines of a Grandfather figure.
  32. A group of small orphans, those who are left or collected by the church, either to be trained as their future soldiers or find their own way into the world, come to him enthusiastically, greeting the oldman and even pulling at his robes in some parts.
  33. The Pope doesn’t seem to mind it however, in fact, he even crouches down to get at their eye-level and begins to greet them. Giving some advice here ande there, words of inspiration, head pats. That’s until a Sister comes by and apologizes to him before taking the kids away.
  35. Looking at the departing kids waving at him, the Pope gets up, dusting himself off and giving a small sigh.
  36. Making his way towards the highest place in the Church, he soon finds himself staring at the City’s landscape, the sun shining down and illuminating all those who lived in it. As he looks at the amazing view in front of himself, there’s only one thought that crosses the Pope’s mind.
  38. ‘I must protect them...” He thinks, before voicing the last part outloud. “At any cost.”
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