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Jan 4th, 2013
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  1. How to set up a pptp vpn connection on Windows 7 that automatically only routes
  3. This will make crunchyroll believe your are from the country the vpn resides in, the videostreaming however occurs not directly from, so it will not be slowed down through the vpn.
  5. 1.) Set up the vpn connection:
  6. 2.) Now we need to change the vpn connection so that it does not replace your normal connection, so disable it as a default gateway as described here:
  7. 3.) Now we need to set up a script that will create the route for crunchyroll. At least my vpn gives me a dynamic address, so I wrote a batchfile that takes care of creating the route. I have that file run at windows startup via autorun.
  8. If you suffer a disconnect you may need to rerun the script, it will reset the routing.
  10. You need to replace:
  11. <VPN> with the Name of the VPN connection you created
  12. <USER> with the vpn user
  13. <PASS> with the vpn pass
  15. @echo off
  16. @echo make sure to be disconnected!
  17. rasdial <VPN> /d
  18. @echo start to connect to vpn
  19. rasdial <VPN> <USER> <PASS>
  20. netsh interface ip show config name="<VPN>" | findstr "IP" > ip.dat
  21. set /p ip= < ip.dat
  22. del ip.dat
  23. set ip=%ip:~-12%
  24. @echo VPN IP is %ip%
  26. set target=
  27. @echo Add route for %target%
  28. route add %target% mask %ip%
  30. timeout /T 3 > nul
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