Jun 18th, 2019
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  1. *Ayame Nozawa sets her pack down and takes the swords off of her back as she sits down, watching and waiting.
  3. *Raziel the sergal stands up and walks up to the stand. "Waiting for some action?" he asked, looking up at her.
  5. *Sir Knerac Softpaw wanders up towards the arena in partial gear. Chainmail had been left behind, but he was wearing his gambeson and carrying his Lucerne Hammer, sword and ax. His tail dragging in the dirt. He was looking for someone
  7. *Ayame Nozawa standing up in the stands. She smiles at Raizel "I am waiting for someone." She says as she gives him a bow. "Forgive me." She would slip her swords back onto her back, and pick up her staff. "Oh, It seems he's here." She would make her way down towards Knerac.
  9. *Raziel the sergal gently bowed to Ayame before he noticed Sir Knerac. "Oh I see. Have fun you two!" he said before he stepped aside.
  11. *Sir Knerac Softpaw smiles just a little bit, entering the arena and bowing to Ayame. "I apologize Sir, I just owe her a rematch." He stretches a little bit and stands tall. "So, should I hold back? Or let fully loose?"
  13. *Raziel the sergal "It's absolutely fine." he said with a smile before he climbed the stands and sat down to watch the upcoming action.
  15. *Ayame Nozawa moves into the arena and would keep her hat on this time. She pulls her mask up over her face and bows to Knerac. "Do not hold back. I will not hold back as well." She'd move towards the center of the arena and would hit the back of her staff against the ground, before getting into stance. She would never make the first move, she would wait for him.
  16. *Sir Knerac Softpaw breathes lightly and dropped into a more loose stance. His polearm pointed backwards as he started to move clockwise. "Well, I hope you are ready to pay for any consequences a bit." He then, without warning, rushed forward and makes a large swing with the hammer side, going for a right to left horizontal strike.
  18. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 10
  19. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 3
  21. *Ayame Nozawa she nods to him as she readies herself. The wooden staff would come up suddenly as he swung his hammer. It would push her wide, knocking her staff from being able to block, the head of the hammer catching her flank, only mitigated by the reprieve of her staff breaking the momentum. She stumbles a bit and winces as she'd keep a hand on her staff. Lunging out suddenly she's bring her staff in a sharp jab, aiming for the side of his neck, once again going for a stunning attack, trying to seize him up and make him unable to move. She always went for the intense and precision strikes first.
  23. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 11
  24. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 10
  26. *Sir Knerac Softpaw jerked his polearm up to block the sudden assault. However, he wasn't fast enough to stop the hit, just fast enough to mitigate the damage to some degree. When the strike slid off the wood of his weapon, it grazed his neck and even scratched him up. Suddenly though, he pressed forward, sliding the polearm backwards so he could use the spike on the head against her shoulder. The rush forward meant his weapon was closed up on, so if she retreated, he'd have to adjust again.
  28. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 8
  29. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 16
  31. *Ayame Nozawa she was ready for this, the rush with the spike, he got her last time with it. She wouldn't move back, but would let him almost get her, that spike so close to her and she'd spin away from the spike. As she spun, she'd bring her staff around in a full arc, aiming to strike the back of his neck with a partial extension in her swipe, he was wearing padded armor, blows to the body was still effective to a degree. but the neck was exposed and both attacks have been there now.
  33. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 18
  34. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 6
  36. *Dominika Pokes her head outside to see what is going on before going to the stands
  38. *Sir Knerac Softpaw was about to react to the sudden shift, letting his weapon slip and extend out. However, he suddenly went stumbling forward as he felt the weapon crash across the back of his neck. There was an audible snap, as he moved forward but he didn't fall over just yet. Just swaying side to side a bit, it caused his mind to fog up. Suddenly though, he spun left hand darting up to point at the girl. "No holding back!" There was a sharp change in the air, his paw glowing a sharp blue before a jolt of electricity shot from the ratfolk.
  40. He had forgot that he had been hiding it for so long, he wasn't sure what anyone would think of his magic. He would deal with the repercussions later though.
  42. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 9
  43. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 10
  45. Sir Knerac Softpaw: gonna feel the rush on that
  47. *Ayame Nozawa winced herself as she felt that staff impact the back of his neck. She was partly going to ask him to surrender and she started to step forward when he jolted his hand out towards her. The static running through her made her short furs stand on end, she knew this kind of magic. She'd quickly ram her staff into the ground, a path of least resistance and would leap at the very last second. His arc of power would cause the wood to splinter and split in half. But she didn't have time to stop. She rushed for him, pulling her two hooked swords from her back. Rushing him, she'd bring her blade upwards at his extended arm, not looking to remove it from his body, but looking to chop it, making it harder for him to hold that hammer of his.
  49. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 18
  50. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 1
  52. Sir Knerac Softpaw: (... --- ... )
  53. Adrestia Corin: (He's ded)
  54. Orncaex: x3 !
  55. Maktumekal Ilzrei: He'll be fiiiiine
  56. Orncaex: ill get teh glue
  57. *Dominika Cheers and yells for Ayame!! Wooooo!
  59. *Sir Knerac Softpaw was way too slow. Between the crack on his neck and the sudden back-surge that rippled through him; visible by the lightning re-arcing back into his body, he seemed a bit dazed. A sudden glint of metal, his body ducking back and his arm trying to move, but as the blade came up, it didn't just chop it. A wicked crack along with a nice cut left the arm pulling back and going completely limp. Pain welled up in his eyes and he gritted his teeth.
  61. The arm was done, broken and by the amount of blood, likely barely attached. Yet he continued to back up, dropping the polearm and gripping the hand-ax he always carried. A 1lb. weapon, light and very sharp, nordic in design. His breathing was labored, but he was on the defensive.
  63. *Ahura sits in the arena stands and cringes her nose. "Damn, it didn't come off. So close!" she calls into the arena.
  65. *Ayame Nozawa there was still movement after she chopped down. She started to give chase, but the slight 'shnk' of metal on metal as she rubbed her blades together. She'd spin backwards, hooking the blades together and would swing them around, the bladed bottom of her sword, and sharpened crescent shaped hand guard would swing in a wide arc, right at his throat. or chest. The follow through would bring her sword back to her hands as she kept her distance from him, not stepping into his chopping range Something like this []
  67. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 7
  68. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 15
  70. *Rakael sneaks in
  71. *Dominika So sneaky!
  72. Rakael: ♥
  74. *Sir Knerac Softpaw watched just closely enough to see the swords hook and come right at him. He made a quick decision, rolling to the left and towards her as the weapon came in. It was unconventional and highly dangerous, but it was perfect for that reason. His injured arm hit the ground, filling him with more pain but as he moved to stand, he brought the axe head towards her stomach, trying to make a quick, light cut instead of a chop.
  76. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 17
  77. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 15
  79. *Ayame Nozawa the wide open stance the swinging blades left her in was quite the spot to get her. She had her arms up when he came rolling forward and she was barely able to lean back, his blade hitting her and slicing her stomach. She winced and would bring her arms up, and bring the two bottom spikes on her swords right down at his shoulders, aiming to catch both of them at the same time aiming to wist her blades in his muscles
  81. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 10
  82. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 15
  84. *Sir Knerac Softpaw didn't stop moving, his head canting back just a bit to see her as he started to turn. Those two spikes caused him to spin a bit faster, using one leg to propel himself for more speed. Rolling behind her and letting her miss in such a way, he brought the ax down towards a shoulder, aiming to disarm her like she did to him!
  86. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 20
  87. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 4
  89. *Ayame Nozawa her blades misses and the jolt would make her hat fall down over her eyes, she heard him move, but she wasn't sure where. She quickly shoved her hat upwards. and she only has time to look back, just as that ax slammed into her shoulder. She screams out and drops one of her blades. That wouldn't be enough for her and she would twist, letting the blade buried in her shoulder twist out of her flesh, she'd bring a leg up and would bring a hook kick back at his damaged arm. She was one blade down, but she wasn't without weapons still.
  91. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 2
  92. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 14
  94. *Sir Knerac Softpaw wasn't to be taken lightly the same as her. He knew monks, and when she started for another attack, he ducked back to catch his breath. The ratfolk was still bleeding, and his vision was getting dark, eyes heavy. He was running on fumes, but not completely out of the fight. He considered one of his spells, but clenched his teeth at the idea before throwing up his ax-wielding hand. From the tip of the ax, lightning formed and again came the burst of magic.
  96. Sir Knerac Softpaw rolls 1d20: 19
  97. Ayame Nozawa rolls 1d20: 16
  99. *Ayame Nozawa there wasn't much she could do as her kick brought her around to face him. She was panting heavily as she stumbled back some, her left arm completely limp at her side and she leans back some and she was just about to ram her sword forward before he bring his ax up. She takes a deep breath as the tip of that ax is aimed right at her face. She was to close to him and to injured to move quickly as her fur, once more stood on end. She didn't know what happened next. But those on the outside would see her be blown back, head first as she slams into the wall, her hat and mask being blown of her face as her white fur was charred black. She lay in a crumbled pile of blood, her eyes left open, yet unmoving, as the smell of burnt flesh and fur radiated from her, she wasn't moving, no breathing. Just a twitch in her body now and then, from the volts that went through her.
  101. *Sir Knerac Softpaw heaved in and out, standing still as the flash of blue light blinded him at such close range. He was stunned on his own, but slowly started to make his way to her body. Each step got slower though, took longer to make as it became the apparent bloodloss was significant. "I apologize Mi'lady, didn't mean t-" He was speaking to her, before he fell to his knees with a grunt and then forward head slamming into the earth. He blacked out, but he knew he won. If she had stayed up any longer, he would have fallen there!
  103. Sir Knerac Softpaw: That was great ayame! Too bad you couldn't stay up just a hair longer!
  104. Ayame Nozawa: It was so fun! Next time!
  105. Sir Knerac Softpaw: Someone is going to have to..uh..remove them though XD
  107. *Bones the Sergal watching the fight he sees them both fall and he walks into the arena. Picking them both up, putting them on his shoulders. "Both of you down again." He says as he lugs them out of the arena, moving to get them into the rooms to rest, he'd put them in the same room, just so they can see each other when they wake up.
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