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  1. Guest_AmeTaeYung: Leo yawned and stretched on his way out of the servants quarters, half tripping over himself as he fumbled to get his pants back on and fasten them around his waist, his loose shirt half hanging off his shoulder for a minute, running his petite nimble fingered hands through his chestnut hair to try and smooth it out. “Dang it, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late—“ he fumbled over himself, bare feet slapping the hardwood floors as he descended the stairs and scurried across the halls. He was met halfway down one by his supervisor, holding out a mopping bucket and rag and a dirty look. “I know, I’m sorry, I just-“ Leo started, but the woman rolled her eyes at him and scoffed. “Got caught up in something. Yes, I heard. Get scrubbing or get to mucking stalls. Pick one.” She grumbled at him, Leo grabbing the bucket with a dimpled grin. “Yes, of course, thank you.” He said and dipped a little, flustered as he ran down the hall with the bucket and slid into the throne room to start scrubbing the floors, hoping he wasn’t so late that he was interrupting anything.
  2. PlzCallMeSin: Felkin watched the servant scurry down the hall with a mop bucket, almost splashing water everywhere, and rose a brow at him with a shake of his head. He was making more mess but at the moment, it wasn’t necessarily his problem. He chuckled a little, sighing, readjusting his tunic and heading into the throne room as well. He was sure that most likely that’s where he’d find his new employer, the Queen. He’d arrived not much earlier and still was fresh to the job, but his contract had been determined with the household and he had no intentions of screwing that up either way. “You’re making a mess, boy.” He sighed at the servant and shook his head at him.
  3. Kornari: Kai sighed softly as she got out of bed her inside churning as if she was going to be sick. She groaned and glared at her sleeping king a moment before she resigned her fate of not sleeping yet again and she pulled on a dress sliding it over her bare form but not bothering with any underclothes or really brushing out her hair. She could hear some movement at the end of the hall that lead to the royal chambers and high valued guests but she just rubbed her eyes. As she came out into the hall she heard one of the new members of the court talking to one of the servants about his making a mess. Crossing her arms over her chest she walked into the throne room silently. “ Good evening gentleman..”
  4. Hellsdeathwish666: Where was he again? It was impossible to tell in his state, by now, the demon had gotten used fumbling around in search of a purpose, a place he could put his skills to use, a home. Somewhere that would accept him for his faults, however demeaning they may be. a few hours ago... or had it been a few days? he wasn't sure, but a long wile back he'd been informed of a castle on a cliffside that was looking for members by a villager. The man had been kind enough to point him in the right direction... until he realized the demon before him could not see. The villager had drawn a blank at an explation: Deaken assured the man he'd find his way. And he had. He'd followed his nose, the sounds of the earth, and the general pull of a darkness somewhere far off in the distance that lured him closer. The strength of the aura had been strong enough for him to pick up, hours upon hours away. the path up the cliffside had his anxiety at its highest, he'd taken his time, with careful steps. the last thing he needed was to trip over a stupid rock and fall to his death. He may have had wings, but he had not used them in years; they took too much energy, energy he needed to divert into his other sences. However hungry he was, Deaken ignored the large bustling markets, stopping only to ask passerby's for a general direction of the castle he was looking for. He was rewarded with more information about the place then he needed: it seemed the citizens of this village were proud of Queen ruling over them: He could only hope this queen would be as good as they all said. On his way to the castle doors, he adjusted his backpack, tightening his hands around the straps. He could feel the guards eyes on him as he continued to follow the path foreword. Before he knew it, he was at the doors, he could hear the two tal guards breathing as they stood, ready to protect their queen. Deaken stood there akwardly in his tall lengthy glory, hair unmainted, clothes dirty. It wasnt his fault: really, He was usually really good at finding stains on his good clothes, however, being blind; sometimes he missed certian things. He swollowed, remembering back to all the other times he'd tried this exact same thing, being turned away. "A Healer, you say? a blind healer?" They'd scoffed, and sent him away, giving him no room to demonstrate his magic. "Can we help you, sir?" He heard one of the guards say. the demon jumped, startled, having forgotten where he was for the moment: he was on a mountian, in front of a castle, about to walk in and ask for a place... now was not the time to be day dreaming. "Yes..sir." Deaken replied, standing straighter. Damn his slight hunch back... being tall really sucked sometimes. "I'm here for the recruitment..." He could not see the guard, but he could feel his eyes panning down his body. "Do you have any weapons?" Deaken fumbled off his backpack, nearly dropping the tattered thing. "N-no! no. just herbs." He flipped open the pouch and held it out in his direction so he could have a look inside. Deaken flashed a nervous smile when he heard the guard grunt. "Right this way sir." Warm air assaulted his body when the doors were opened: finally out of the cold, the demon threw his bag back over his wings and walked inside, using his smell and general sensory to get a layout of the castles interiour, it was spacious, welcoming, the dark aura calmed his unsettled nerves. He stood there, in the front hallway, feet frozen. He was here, great, this was a new start... now... he just had to force himself foreword.
  5. KittenX0Chi: It had been a long journey here by carraige, but she finally reached the point that they could no longer venture. A small hooded figure slipped from the transport and moved to the first step of the path up the cliff that lead to her destination. Peering up, she clicked her tongue. Absolutely not. The figure removed the cloak revealing a petite female, dawned with low cat ears and a silken black tail, eyes black as the abyss yet skin pale as the moons rays. She tossed the cloak up and held out her palm, watching as it rolled up into the form of a black scroll. Clutching it into her fist, she gave a small leap. From the ground into the air her form would shift into a black raven, scroll clutched in her talon. She would travel the rest of the way by flight. Through a village she glided and to a vast bridge. It only took a few hours to fly vs the day long walk, of which she was grateful. However once she reached the forest it would seem flight was no longer an option. The trees and foliage were far too thick. Her form shifted again, this time into a small black cat. She found the path laid for travelers and padded along until she finally broke the treeline into the clearing. She gave a small huff as it seemed a weight lifted from her body once free of the forrest. Her head tipped way back as she looked up at the castle. She gave a quick shake of her head, the small silver bell that hung from her silk ribbon collar ringing out softly, she then prodded the rest of the way to the doors that stood the main guards and sat. Looking between the two. A moment passed as she got quite curious stares before she returned to her humanoid form. Her clothing still in tact and returning her cloak to it's original shape to pull back around her shoulders. With a small bow of her head, she would softly request an audience with the King and Queen. Once given directions to where she needed to head, she would travel silently. No shoes adorned her small feet and her movements were fluid, not unlike her feline-esq form. Anyone other than the royals she sought would be glided straight past without a glance. Once she was finally where she needed to be, she saw the one who matched the description she had been given as the Queen and bowed slightly, waiting to be addressed.
  6. Guest_AmeTaeYung: Leo slouched and went to mouth off at the guard but flinched when he heard the Queen’s voice, looking over with a cringe “Oh, Your-“ but he didn’t get to finish his greeting, instead slipping on the water he’d been using to scrub the floor with and fell over forwards, dropping hard on his knees. Was it intentional or accidental, he’d never tell, but he played it off as a quick attempt at kneeling for her and bowed his head and shut his mouth. “Good evening,” he said, internally screaming at his bruised kneecaps. He took a side glance at Felkin, wanting to chuck his cleaning rag at the dingbat but he behaved himself instead.
  7. PlzCallMeSin: Felkin smirked a little at him but cringed at the clunk of his knees hitting the floor, shaking his head a little and bowing low to Queen and letting his hair fall in front of his face. Typical, really. “Good Eve, Madam.” He said with a sweep of his torso, lingering for a moment and catching the glare from Leo, which he returned with a fanged grin before standing upright and smiling to her. “Sleep well?” he asked, though he paused and tilted his head towards the sound of newcomers at the door, turning slightly and waiting to be told to either go or stay.
  8. Hellsdeathwish666: Deaken could hear the small conversations going on ahead of him, he put the pieces together. Thats where he needed to go, but right now, they seemed occupied, and he was not the kind of person to waltz in and demand to be seen. instead, he allowed himself to explore, reaching out, he grazed his hand across the pillars, feeling the aged stone. AS he walked past the fountian, he stood still and listened to its beautiful sound as the water flowed into the little pool. he knelt down, letting his fingers dip into the cool water. It felt pure... yet tainted, in all the right ways. he felt a petal of some sort land on his finger... being skilled her herbalism, he lifted it up to his nose and gave a sniff, identifying it immedetly. With no prior warning, he plopped the petal into his mouth and swollowed it, seeming not to care much if anyone had noticed. After this, he finally made his way to what felt like the throne room, he could feel the souls of four others close by here, This was the tricky part... which way did he face? what wall were the thrones on? He decided to wait for someone to adress him, as he stood [hopfully] before the queen at a respectful distance.
  9. Kornari: Kai was not fully awake as she nodded to the two men in the throne room with a half smile as their glares were not unmissed. “I sadly have not slept in the least..” She walked over and gently helped Leo to his feet her touch light. “Be careful Leo. “ She smiled as she moved to go sit in the throne her right hand rubbing her temple slowly. Hearing the large door that lead to the entrance hall open Kai almost groaned as she turned on the balls of her feet in time to see not only a small woman enter who was now bowing at her but she could feel a stronger energy behind her by the entry way. She watched as a winged man walked through the main part of the hall and joined them in the throne room. She stepped down from the throne her movements silent as she walked up to the new pair. “Welcome, you must both be tierd, and possibly hungry. Can I have Leo get you anything.” Kai's voice was soft and musical like a hard being played by the ocean. She placed her right hand on her hip. “Please there is no need to bow. Its late please make yourself at home while we talk.”
  10. Guest_AmeTaeYung: He turned red at being helped up, waiting until she looked away before he stuck his tongue out at Felkin, hopefully in time for him to actually see it. He brushed himself off and attempted to look presentable, despite some mop water dripping off his knees and a slight cringe as they throbbed where he stood. He bowed respectfully to the newcomers out of habit, regretting the movement a little but forced a grin.
  11. PlzCallMeSin: Felkin rolled his eyes at him and shook his head, catching the tongue-face and seriously wanted to whack it with a book, but he restrained himself. He stood with his back straight and head held high, watching the two near them and kept a close eye, keeping fairly silent for the time being.
  12. Hellsdeathwish666: Deaken turned slightly, his hearing picking up some quiet sounds coming from the two men nearest to him, he didn't pay them any mind, not wanting to set them off in any way. instead, he focused on the female voice as she adressed him, and someone else? there was another person with him? he teetered, eyes scanning the room uselessly: whoever this other person was... he could carely detect her. Some people had that effect on him. "Anything? Um..." Oh jeez. this was a thing, it was happening. He had to people now. he took a breath. "Milk?" he murmered. "I'd~ if you could, id like just some milk."
  13. KittenX0Chi: Kiera straightened again, most of her body hidden within the cloak aside from her head. Her orbs flickered briefly over to the one also seeking council with the Queen and waited for him to speak before following. She was unsure where else she should go to make herself at home for the time being, so she remained otherwise unmoving. "Nothing for me, thank you. Merely wish to inquire upon a possible position." She always tried to keep her aura low, keeping her stealth levels optimal.
  14. Kornari: Kai noticed the male seemed to not have use of his sight and this caused her to arch a brow slightly but she would say nothing for now. Walking closer to the pair she smiled. “My name is Kai, I am the Queen here my mate Edward is resting at this time. I guess it was good luck I was unable to sleep tonight.” She glanced at Leo speaking softly but plainly. “Leo, could you get our guest what he asked for and some tea from the kitchen. Thank you kindly.” She motioned for the woman to take a seat at one of the couches before she walked up to the blind male placing a light hand on his forearm. “I am going to lead you to some couches to sit at while we speak..” She gently pulled him with her as she moved tot he center of the castle. “So, Miss what can you offer the kingdom at this time? And please what is both of your names.” She sat down carefully at one of the couches and let the male find his spot on his own not wanting to startle him. “I take it you may be looking for the same thing sir?”
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  16. Guest_AmeTaeYung: Leo bowed again to acknowledge the request and quickly scurried off, tempted to boot Felkin in the ass on the way past him but considering the company of the room, he thought it wisest that a lowly servant not hotbuns-punt one of the guards. Probably not the best decision. He fled to the kitchen and fumbled to get what was requested, quickly coming back and holding up a tray with the milk and a tea kettle and a few cups. He realized they werent in the throne room and skeetered off after them, waiting until they were seated before setting up a small table in front of them with the drinks and a small bowl of grapes and strawberries
  17. PlzCallMeSin: Felkin watched Leo run off and half mindedly felt himself tense up as he ran past, not knowing what the brat was going to do this time. Thankfully he minded his Ps&Qs today. For the moment anyway. He waited until after the Queen escorted the male before motioning to the woman to follow, walking along behind the group and following them to the seating area. He stood nearby and watched, arms crossed over his chest, Leo eventually running past him again with snacks. Miracle he didnt dump it everywhere.
  18. Hellsdeathwish666: Deaken was taken aback by the queens' help, he'd been so used to doing hting on his own that it felt good to be led around an unfirmillar place for once~ this feeling did not last, however, when she spoke of her sleeping troubles. As she lead him to the couch, he found himself speaking without really thinking. "Its never good luck being unable to sleep, miss. You do know skipping a single night can have serious cognitive drawbacks?" He cut himself off. suttering off the last word. "i mean... i, i have something that may help with~ oh and yes, a postion." For the first time that night he found himself reaching up to run a hand through his hair. Hopfully he didnt look as terible. he sat himself down and listened for the clink of Leo setting down the tray. he used that sound to find his glass of milk, priding himself for picking it up without spilling anyhthing. "And.. my names Deaken."
  19. Hellsdeathwish666: [ Its 5am for me currently haha, i can go a little longer but i also may have to skedaddle soon.]
  20. Kornari: ( How about after Kittys post we call it a night. I will save the rp so that we can respectively pick it up at later times.)
  21. PlzCallMeSin: Felking cringed when he heard something banging down the hall, most likely one of the other guards having trouble getting something fixed. He sighed and slouched, rolling his eyes and took a step forward. "Forgive me, Your Majesty. I'll need to go attend something. Please call if you need anything." he said and bowed from the waist, nodded to the guests and turned to leave. Though he took a second to discreetly poke Leo in the short ribs on his way out, smirking at himself and heading down the hall.
  22. KittenX0Chi: The small feline-esq female nodded to the Queen before moving over to the couches with them as directed. She unbuckled her cloak and removed it, revealing the silken tail that flowed lazily behind her. Folding the cloak in half and laying it on the cushion next to her she crossed one leg over the other. Her posture was pristine and her face devoid of expression. She listened quietly as the visually impaired fellow spoke first, politely waiting her turn to speak. It may not have shown, but she took interest in the male's set of skills. It was something her skills paired with well back home. She often helped their healer with ingredients. Whether it was shifting into a useful animal and going out to gather ingrediants, or transfiguring her equipment and even replicating ingredients. They were always lesser quality than their original counterparts, but they did in a pinch. Either way, everyone saw the uses of a shape shifting mage differently. So she would leave it up to the Queen to decide where her skills would be best placed. Her gaze turned upon the fumbly little male as he returned with beverages, looking him over silently. Once it was her turn to speak, however, she turned back to the Queen with her soft voice would seep from her lips like a sickeningly sweet poison. A deathly lullaby of sorts. "My name is Kiera ("Kee-ra"). I'm a mage that specializes in transfiguration magic as well as shape shifting. I was hoping you might have a job opening available."
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