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Apr 30th, 2019
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  1. praise allah and peace and prayers on the messenger of allah and his family and companians and whoever is in his guidance as for what follows: in truth, verily the battle of islam and its people with the cross and its people is a long battle, and verily, the battle of baghouz is over and it was made clear, the brutality and savagery from the crusaders towards the islamic ummah, and at the same time, it appeared and was made clear, in it the bravery, perseverance, and steadfastness of the islamic ummah, and this steadfastness ripped out the hearts of the crusaders which increased their fury and hatred to these steadfast people from the islamic ummah. praise and thankfulness to allah, your brothers from the commanders and governors were followed to this wilaya, until allah picked them the glorious and exalted we consider them as such, and allah is their judge. the top of them was, your brother, abu abdulrahman al-angari al-tamimi, and he is from muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him). then the banner was handed to the person after him, your brother, abu hajjar al-samad al-iraqi al-taibi, and he sacrificed himself and his wealth, he then passed on the banner to your brother, abu walid al-sinawi, then succeeding him, your brother, abdulghani al-iraqi, and the final one of them was your brother, abu mus'ab al-hijazi, and he is from muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him). these brothers, in their steadfastness, keeping calm, and perseverance, they were a reason for the steadfastness of the mujahideen and the steadfastness of the congregation there. despite the small size of the bit of land, with the enormity of the ferocious crusader attack, along with the choking siege, but for the steadfastness of these men, the people of islam held firm in this bit of land.
  3. and lest we forget to mention the knights of media, and at the top of them: abu abdullah al-australi, and qilad al-qahtani and he is from muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him), and abu jihad al-shishani, and abu anas fabian al-faransi and his brother, abu uthman, may allah the exalted have mercy on them. as well, we won't forget to mention the bravery and risk taking efforts of the members of the sharia board, and the top of them being abu rajjib al-dajjani and he is from muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him). and lest we forget your brothers who carried the largest burden in this battle: from the military, commanders and soldiers, battalions and brigades, and whoever trades his fatigue and comforts to organize and prepare for their affairs which they needed in this battle, and at the top of them, your brother, abu yasir al-beljiki, and abu tariq al-iraqi, and others, and others more. if we do not mention them, that will not hurt them because allah the glorious and exalted knows all about them, so may allah have mercy on them, may he accept them, and may allah reward them good from the islamic ummah, for they have succeeded over the crusaders in this battle and proven to the world their exceptional abilities, and proven to the entire world that the mujahideen have the long hand in striking the disbelievers, and steadfastness on the truth they are upon. praise and thankfulness to allah, that your mujahideen brothers in the islamic state collectively in the battle of baiji, mosul, sirte, to baghouz would not accept humiliation for their religion and would not surrender land to the disbelievers, except over their bodies and corpses, so may allah reward them good and may allah the glorious and exalted accept them. so, all of these were a reason for the steadfastness of the ummah in this small bit of land, so we ask allah the glorious and exalted to accept their deaths as martyrdoms, to heal their wounds, to free their prisoners, and to accept what they gave. allah the almighty willing, their brothers will not forget these sacrifices, and this exchange and obedience will take take revenge for them, and not to forget them, as long as there is a sprouting root in them. and there will not be another battle after this one, allah the exalted wiling.
  5. may allah reward the brothers in every wilayah for their one, blessed fight in revenge for their brothers in sham. which has been conveyed, ninety-two operations in eight countries, and if this suggests anything, it indicates the unity of the ranks of the mujahideen and their steadfastness, awareness, their realization of what the requirements are for this battle, and their understanding of the reality that they live in.
  7. we congratulate our brothers in libya, their steadfastness, and blessed battle, and their entrance to the land of jurists, in spite of the situation not being in their favor, may allah reward them good. they held firm to their enemies because they were able to seize the initiative. they know that their battle today with their enemy is a battle to weaken, and we trust them all to drag their enemies and weaken them in all their abilities: manpower, militarily, economically, logistically, and in every thing. our battle today is a battle of weakening, and dragging the enemy, and it is upon them to know: that verily, jihad will continue on to the day of resurrection and verily that allah the glorious and exalted commanded us to jihad, and has not commanded us to victory. I ask allah the glorious and exalted, for us and our brothers, for steadfastness, the best, the ability to succeed, guidance, verily he is the best protector and the best helper.
  9. as for what concerns the pledge of allegiance of your brothers in burkina faso and mali, we congratulate them for this pledge of allegiance, and we congratulate them for their joining the caravan of the caliphate. we ask allah the glorious and exalted to safeguard them and safeguard our brother, abu walid al-sahrawi, and we trust them to intensify their attacks on crusader france and its allies, and to avenge their brothers in iraq and sham. and it is upon them to know: verily, the blood of all muslims is equal, they protect their lowly and they are one hand against others. and it is upon them to chant: "the muslims in regards to each other are like one person; if his head aches, the whole body aches with fever and sleeplessness". as such it has been conveyed to us, that verily allah the glorious and exalted has guided a number of people who belong to among the parties and organizations in khorasan, they pledged allegiance to the caliphate and joined the caravan of mujahideen, so we ask allah the glorious and exalted for us and them for steadfastness, the best, the ability to succeed, fulfilling the promise, to satisfy and help their brothers.
  11. I think you may follow the ongoing events after the completion of netanyahu's jewish government, as well as the more prominent event, that is the fall of the tyrant of algeria and the tyrant of sudan, however the most unfortunate and sorrowful thing is that the people do understand, and up to this moment, why have they gone out protesting and what do they want. for what tyrant they replace, they make room for another tyrant, who is harsher in crime and destruction to the muslims, to come in his place. we say to them and remind them: the one path which works with these tyrants is jihad for the sake of allah, for with jihad tyrants will be buried and for jihad will bring respect and dignity because nothing will work with these tyrants except for the sword. so it is upon them to return to allah the glorious and exalted and walk the path of sharia in changing regimes and tyrants and for the religion to be all for allah.
  13. as for your brothers in sri lanka, they have pleased the hearts of the monotheists with their inghimasi operation which disturbed the crusaders' places of rest on their passover holiday in revenge for their brothers in baghouz and it appeared many crusaders died, a thousand or more among dead and wounded, and this is just a part of the revenge on the crusaders and their followers, allah willing. so, praise be to allah, among the dead were americans and europeans. as well as congratulating the monotheists in sri lanka in their pledge of allegiance and joining the caravan of the caliphate, we trust them to hold fast to the rope of allah the strong, and unifying their ranks and word, and to be a thorn in the heart of the crusaders. we ask allah to accept our brothers from the inghamisyeen as martyrs, and to allow their brothers to succeed on completing on to the blessed fate they begun. as well as not forgetting, your brothers' blessed operation in muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him) in al-zulfi, and we ask allah for more come after it. we trust their brothers to take revenge for their brothers in muhammad's peninsula (may allah's peace and blessings be upon him) and to strive in their footsteps to reach the path of jihad against the tyransts of al-salul, may allah restrain them
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