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  1. [06:44] <Gravitas> dont go there. take her side against me?
  2. [06:44] <Gravitas> bad move
  3. [06:44] <Mouser> I am not taking anyones side.
  4. [06:44] <Gravitas> the fuck u arent
  5. [06:44] <Mouser> offering my views...
  6. [06:45] <Gravitas> stfu
  7. [06:45] <Mouser> I am sorry that you feel this way. I dont think she is psycho.
  8. [06:45] <Mouser> and I wont get in a pissing contest about it.
  9. [06:45] <Mouser> as I am FREE to express my OPINIONS - as you are.
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