Maud Pie Loves You

Jun 24th, 2014
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  3. >Maud was never terribly emotionally accessible
  4. >but since she's become pregnant, she's certainly been demanding
  5. >in a sense.
  6. >"My back hurts."
  7. >Which is your cue to massage her back
  8. >Not that you mind, but she rarely really thanks you
  9. >But with Maud, it's the little things
  10. >your hands rub her back and flanks, and she sighs, almost too quietly to hear
  11. >after a few minutes, she speaks in her deadpan voice again.
  12. >"I'm hungry. For pickles now. And hay."
  13. >Easy enough. Stuff like this you have in the house.
  14. >she eats without much fanfare, looking blankly ahead
  15. >but her tail twitches a little, so you know she's happy about it
  16. >after she's done, she pushes the plate away, and lays down on the couch
  17. >she looks at you expectantly
  18. >you smile and lay down behind her, with your arms around her
  19. >your hands rest naturally on her large, pregnant belly
  20. >it's nice and quiet, the two of you laying together
  21. >her coat is warm and soft under your fingers
  22. >she speaks in her normal deadpan
  23. >but you know how to listen for that extra, almost undetectable edge of emotion
  24. >"I love you."
  25. >and the effort of putting up with a pregnant mare's demands is all worth it.
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