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Apr 27th, 2019
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  1. Name: Citrine Fleece (Citrine or Cit)
  3. Gender: Female
  5. Race: Unicorn
  7. Class: Sapper (Rogue/Smith)
  9. Skills:
  11. Heavy: passive; A weapon of massive size takes more strength to wield, but lands with much greater force. Skills and attacks with this weapon have a Crit Range of 9+, and a Crit Fail Range of 2-.
  13. Cleave: weapon; Attack multiple nearby targets with a single blow. You can target any number of enemies with this skill, but each additional target over 2 increases your Critfail range by 1 (e.g. Attacking 3 targets crit fails on 3-, 5 targets crit fails on 5-. etc.,)
  15. Unicorn Horn: passive; A unicorn’s horn counts as a basic catalyst for spellcasting only.
  17. Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; Manipulate objects through sheer force of will. With normal focus this is about as strong as your are normally, but complex tasks and heavier objects may require greater focus. You cannot inflict direct harm or damage with Telekinesis.
  19. Winkmaster: spell, recharge 2; Every unicorn has a theme of magic they excel in, and teleportation is your forte. You can teleport yourself only as far as a hop, skip, or jump. However, you can teleport this short distance to any visible location, allowing you to pass through solid objects or barriers that have holes or are transparent. In combat you can use this to avoid an attack, but any multi-target attacks are unavoidable.
  21. Sabotage: hidden, recharge 3; Ensures something will go horribly, horribly wrong when it needs to by rigging a target/object. Once rigged, you gain a Bonus Action to activate the Sabotage at anytime. You can detonate this to damage or destroy the rigged object if it was inanimate. If the rigged target makes a roll, you subtract [Bonus Action’s #]-3 (To a minimum of 1) from their roll. Only one Sabotage can be on a target at a time, and activating it removes the Sabotage. A Crit Sabotage does not need to be rolled for to be activated, instead cancelling any roll as an automatic action, or lowering a Crit roll to a minimum success.
  23. Tinker: You can repair broken objects, restore negative quality weapons back to +0, fix up worn down loot to make it more valuable, or get a poorly working mechanism back into shape. On Crit you can fully restore an object back to pristine condition, even restoring magical properties it previously had. Once you use a successful Tinker on an object you cannot Tinker that object again for the rest of the session.
  25. Mechanical Minion: unique, locked, passive; You have a construct of your own make as a companion. It knows the same class skills you do (aside from Mechanical Minion), plus up to 3 points of additional, non-free skills taken from any class or even a mix of different classes. It has 5 Max Hits and 5 Max Wounds, but cannot be healed except by the owner spending standard action to repair it (functioning as Heal). If it dies or is destroyed, you can fix it back up with a standard roll, restoring back to full Hits and 2 Wounds.
  27. Minion Skills:
  29. Slam: recharge 1; Crush an enemy with your body, dealing damage. Crits on 9+.
  31. Martial Defender: passive; You gain 3 Max Hits, and Slam Crits on 8+.
  33. Sharpen: recharge 3; Put the grindstone to yours or an ally’s weapon, giving it +1 for the duration of combat. On Crit you give it +2. A weapon can only be Sharpened once per combat.
  35. Combat Talent:
  37. Fulminate: passive/spell, recharge 3 after effect ends; Cit has an affinity for lightning magic. All her basic attacks have Lightning damage, and she can grant this to an ally as well for 3 turns.
  39. Non-Combat Talent:
  41. Zap!: spell; Cit can channel her lightning abilities into machinery to give it an extra boost, making it more powerful. Critfailing can have disastrous consequences. She can also conjure and manipulate lightning to a lesser extent, as per Kirin's Burning Passion.
  43. H/W: 5/5 (Citrine) | 8/5 (KC)
  45. Inventory:
  46. Makeshift flail (Great)
  47. Sleeveless yellow jacket
  48. Long black gas mask
  49. Coinpurse (150 bits)
  50. Bag of tools, scrap metal and spare parts (carried by KC)
  52. Appearance:
  54. Cit is a 19 year old unicorn of slim proportions, with a very pale blue, almost white coat, and a short, scruffy medium blue mane. Her eyes are orange. She has a small scar across the bridge of her snout, and her mark is a big yellow lightning bolt. She is often seen in the company of her trusty sidekick KC, a very large, bulky bipedal automaton with ape-like proportions. KC is made of brass and wood, with a featureless head save for a pair of large, expressive eyes resembling camera apertures. KC is powered by clockwork, and has a grindstone built into his chest and a distinctive wind up key on his back, with his initials printed in white below it.
  56. Her weapon of choice is an odd contraption which is, for all intents and purposes, a homemade flail. It consists of several cobbled together bits of iron in roughly the shape of a flail head, attached to a metal pole as a handle. Encased within the head is a chain, and it is configured in such a way that she may either use it as a simple club or mace, or dislocate the head to swing around as a flail. She tries to use it as a last resort.
  58. Backstory:
  60. Citrine, or just Cit, is a plucky young unicorn from Horizon with a penchant for lightning. Orphaned at an early age, Cit attempted to learn how to cast spells by watching others do so, but never getting too far with it other than very basic spells. She did, however, discover a knack for conjuring lightning, though it wasn't until later in life that she realized its full potential when she started toying with machinery more. In her younger years, she was cared for by her older brother Gear Shift, though he abandoned her one day, and she never found out why.
  62. Due to her fondness for technology and tinkering with it, she would spend time at the junkyard, during which time she found an old, abandoned clockwork automaton with the initials KC, who she began to work on as a hobby. Once he was activated, the two became close companions, working freelance as hired hands. Nowadays, KC and Cit are still Horizon street urchins, doing whatever they can to get by, often working odd jobs and affiliating herself temporarily with small gangs.
  64. Traits:
  66. Cit is an upbeat young mare with an optimistic attitude. While she is friendly and likes making friends, she prefers to keep people at arm's length, being heavily self-reliant and not being one to open up easily. She is very attached to her companion KC, thinking of him like a brother. She tries to always see the best in people, and is very compassionate. She has a bit of a short fuse, and is eager to fight at a moment's notice. She gets easily irritated by people who poke fun of her age or height. She is farsighted, though she doesn't have glasses to help with this.
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