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  1. Pirated animation site "Anitube" is not connected
  2. 4/16 (Monday) 15: 21 delivery Distribution
  3. Pirated animation site "Anitube" is not connected
  4. Message saying "Web server is down"
  5. It seems that you can no longer access pirated animation site "Anitube". Many reports from users that they are not connected since around noon on April 16 have been sent.
  7. [Image] Anitime was uploaded without permission Anitube
  9. Currently the site states that "Web server is down" error message. There are rumors that some users may have been shut down.
  11. The site is one of the sites listed as "blocking target" by "government pirate site countermeasure" released by the government on Thursday. Besides "Manga Village" "Miomio" is also mentioned, Manga Village has continued not connected since around the 11th.
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