kunori - Episode 14 Commentary (SAO II)

Dec 19th, 2014
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  3. I get overwhelmed by Hanae-san's bloodcurdling performance every time I watch this scene…! The SAO stage event in the Dengeki Autumn Festival
  4. was amazing today, Sawashiro-san went "Just so you know, I was by his side (during recording)!" and the crowd went crazy!
  6. Kirito-san comes running from the hospital! He came right away despite Shino saying "I have a friend nearby, so you don't have to come",
  7. due to his unease after hearing the actual meaning of "Sterben" from Asuna immediately after logging out.
  9. It's the first real world fight since the last episode of season 1, but Kirito's totally overwhelmed this time…
  10. Getting mounted, getting pounded down, and then next comes the injection attack (?).
  12. The lethal dosage of suxamethonium is 20mg as an intramuscular injection and 10mg as an intravenous injection.
  13. It's what was used in the《Osaka Dog Lover Serial Murderer Case》. It seems the culprit used it knowing it left no evidence in an autopsy.
  15. Sinon's physical attack with a CD stereo system!
  16. I just thought of this after watching, but how many youth have large sound equipment like this nowadays…? By the way, I have one… not…!
  18. What saved Kirito's life were the ECG monitoring electrodes stuck on by Nurse Aki.
  19. It apparently uses metal, carbon, and ABS resin, so the jet injector can't penetrate. And this probably won't work the second time round.
  21. Team Endou once again! Henchman A and B goes with criticizing Shino's attitude,
  22. and Endou follows up with an "it's fine, we're friends" with a "so help us out too"; that line of reasoning seems realistic somehow…
  24. She really borrowed her brother's an air gun! So you aren't all talk, huh, Endou-san.
  25. I love scenes where handguns just pop out from some female highschooler's bag.
  27. Looks like Endou-bro didn't teach her how to shoot… And regarding the scene where Shino steals the gun from Endou's hands,
  28. that movement's thought up of by the supervisor, Sigsawa! Stealing it with a twist and spinning the gun; try practicing it too, everyone!
  30. Shino said "most guns needs the safety direquire you to disengage the safety to shoot",
  31. but the Tokarev TT33 and Type 54 copies apparently don't have manual safeties. My, how frightening.
  33. Just to add, but this government-issue M1911 served as the Tokarev's model, so they look similar on the outside, huh.
  35. What a convenient empty can on a bucket! I placed it there off-screen! Not!
  37. Kirito-san awaiting her on his bike. If Shino took longer, some guidance counsellor would have surely spawned… My, how frightening.
  39. It's that expensive cafe in Ginza again! It seems many people bothered to go down to the store that served as its model!
  41. The ambulance service is under the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, but hospitals started deploying emergency response vehicles lately.
  42. The master code for unlocking electronic locks is my creation, though, of course…!
  44. It's been a whole 10 years since I wrote the scene where Kikuoka talks about the source of the incident in the web serialization,
  45. so various things came to mind while I watched. I haven't been really getting into much games lately… so I want to play seriously again…!
  47. He asked for Asuna and Liz's help, perhaps because he figured people would get suspicious if we went to that post office alone…
  49. Kirito could only say "You have the right to forgive yourself" thanks to how Nurse Aki's words had saved him as well.
  51. And the GGO arc ends with Sinon letting go with Hecate II and taking a small step forward!
  52. …That said, she has no intention of letting go of Sinon in GGO, and is even totally thinking to win in the fourth BBO!
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