Flying Microtonal Banana by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wiza

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  1. Out-of-the-ordinary, high-energy, and lanky. Yeah I know that word is used to describe an awkwardly-tall and thin person, but I think it was fitting for this music. I loved the simultaneous singing of "Rattlesnake" high and low at the same time in the song Rattlesnake and when they did it in Nuclear Fusion. I certainly enjoyed it more than I anticipated. The chord changed gave off an almost sinister feeling and it really fit my taste - I'm a big fan of dark music. It may have been the lo-fi vocals, particularly in Nuclear Fusion. It's like the theme music for a middle eastern antagonist in a cheap movie. I love it. Mystic as hell.
  3. Favorite Songs:
  4. 1. Rattlesnake
  5. 2. Nuclear Fusion
  6. 3. Open Water
  7. 4. Sleep Drifter
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