Donny vs The Fallen 7/6

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  1. [19:52] Waves crashed upon these shores beneath a moonlit sky.
  3. Tension clung upon the air as blackened mist spilled from these waters once so gentle and tranquil. With every step closer the crunch of sands beneath his boots echoing in the minds of those present.
  5. The waves upon this beach parting as eyes of a bright crimson had come into view. Feathers falling with every step taken, vanishing just as quickly as they had touched upon these grounds.
  7. The progress of The Fallen being halted by the presence of those which now stood before him. The blackened mist which swelled upon these shores growing dense and heavier the longer that gaze lingered.
  9. Humans and The Children of Divinity, hand in hand all stood before those blackened wings.
  11. Standing before this figure cast out from the heavens of Avalon. This being which had caused so much fear and doubts upon the minds of men and women aplenty upon these lands.
  13. Now within arms distance of them all.
  15. "... And when you seek freedom for the masses they will cling to their ways. Wishing and praying to the heavens above that their lives may continue to be burdened, continue to exist as they are."
  17. His head shook from side to side, those immaculate white locks cascading down the features of divinity given form.
  19. "Submission means freedom from the choices in life which you all struggle in making. Submission means a new life, a simple life under the rule of those who had always cared for you. Humans which cling to the heavens, which pray and seek guidance."
  21. Those crimson eyes flashed with a sense of intent looming behind.
  23. "Prostrate yourselves and give in to your most basic of human desires. Humans would be so much better off exchanging their loyalty for power, for a purpose given unto them by the heavens which now stand silent."
  24. (Akasha)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [20:08] There were a lot of big words from the black winged one that continued to babble on and on. He would be a bit confused as the mist stopped and no one had ran forward to take the first attack. There was a choice given, context clues told the Gehennan brawler that this was where he was asked to kneel, to submit.
  28. "I TINK DE FOKK NOT." It was the most meaningful he could really be since he couldn't really understand the great philosophical significance of his choices or what was being offered.
  30. However, his fellow tribesman would speak how they did not bow, they wouldn't falter, and they would conquer the black winged ye. "YE, WE'RE GONNA BEAT CHUR ASS, RIP YUR WINGS AND EAT YAR FAKKIN HEART." His mana going awry as molten sand clung to his body, constantly crackinging and oozing magma as his muscles swell greater than they ever had before.The drive to honor his tribe and prove himself mightier than his brother powering him as he charged forward.
  33. (Donny Brooks)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. [20:21] The voices of fools and cowards would spill into the mind of a Fallen.
  38. His head craning to look upon these stars above as a gradual shake of his head only followed those words. These were the souls which needed saving the most, these were the souls which needed returned to the cradle humanity had crawled from.
  40. "You would all seek to continue upon a path of doubt while believing you can walk upon your lonesome. You would all seek to repeat the same mistakes as your ancestors than be given purpose in your lives?" The question spoken unto none, the pull of those slender lips into a smile broken as the gaze of divinity lowered.
  42. "I see. The child refuses to be returned to their cradle."
  44. One step back from the group of soldiers and scholars alike all stood before divinity. Those words they spoke having reaffirmed that same belief which now spilled into the minds of those present.
  46. "Humanity is weak. Without guidance, you wander astray whilst calling out for your deities. You seek, beg for absolution while claiming you stand upon your own."
  48. Blackened mist swelling before him, expanding and growing as gradually the foul corruption which settled upon these beaches had been given form. Familiar and all too similar crimson eyes burning from within this mass.
  50. "Mankind is not equipped to walk their own path."
  51. (Akasha)
  52. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54. [20:38] He just. Keeps. TALKING. His own muscles were tearing as he tensed up, fists clenched in anger and bloodthirst. More gravel and dirt falling from him as he continued to grow larger and larger. Steam seeping from beneath the cracks as just the heat from his body steam the ocean air around him.
  56. Where there people actually weak enough to join him? People standing by to watch when such a glorious battle was to ensue? "YOU'RE FOCKIN WEAK, AND THIS IS WHERE WE END YA." Ever so eloquent, he wasn't much of one for words as he readied to rip, wrend, and shatter.
  57. (Donny Brooks)
  59. [21:18] As the fighting continued it seems that the opposing side stood next to no chance! The combined forces of Agartha are a power to behold!
  61. [21:20] The golemesque ruffian with an afro would charge forward, roaring out as he took the most direct path to the fallen angel. Something about the chaos of the battlefield empowered him as sand turned glowed orange in his tracks and he went swinging at the monster of mist.
  63. Well, him and every other magi and swordsman. Floods rolled in, the ground quaked, and became charged with cosmic light. It took most of his strength just to stand his ground, to trudge forward and land a mighty smash. However, with it's own mana bursting out, and the cacophony of spells around him.
  65. Tossed like a ragdoll, he'd be embedded in the cliffside, melting into a thrown as he was dazed- through would be a wolf girl who helped pry him out. Still full of piss and vinegar with a thrust for fallen blood, Donny would rush forward, taking the brunt of every spell as his earthen armor was shed from him.
  67. Skin crept back as it was pulled back by the force of sheer mana around him. He'd shove his hands into the ground as his muscles strained harder than they ever had before, pushing past his limits as he uprooted the beach and throwing waves of melting sand.
  69. Looking around he would see others fallen around, and he would pick them up and toss them at their enemy "I GOT BACK IN DIS, AND SO CAN YA." The ookami had taught him the value of teamwork, and it would prove effective as it seemed they had one! A weird purple circle swirling above, it made him uneasy. "The fokk?" Unsure what to do, he would stand there, reapplying his earthen hide.
  70. (Donny Brooks)
  71. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. [21:39] {NARRATION} Flames lit ablaze through the sickening corruption.
  75. Soldiers of Briar finding their bodies willed to continue forwards no matter how many times they were beaten back. Wounds and gashes upon their form meaning nothing as time and time again, all were forced to their feet and pushed forwards.
  77. Upon the ground it was naught but a hellish battle.
  79. Soldiers being knocked aside, some consumed by The Mist as their mind screamed and cried out in agony. Others simply being pushed back, their body unable to force itself through those waves of corruption crashing against them.
  81. All as one woman, consumed by the virtuous blessings of the heavens above pushed forwards. Through carnage and bloodshed, through the endless assault that void would be pushed back for only a second.
  83. Giving the Chancellor of Huangzhou, Reito Shimasu a moment to shine with brilliance. To once and for all, knock aside this mass of mist bound by the hands of divinity.
  85. The Skies...
  87. Would not be given a second of rest. The soldiers which stood alongside The Mist being plucked from their place upon the ground, raising up towards that endless expanse which beckon every Magi closer.
  89. The expansion endless as the Wayfinders below had but a single chance to combine their own strength.
  91. To close what The Fallen Angel sought to open.
  93. All of his strength, his power amassed over those years...
  95. Being poured into this one act.
  97. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. [21:55] Again the two forces would clash, the savage's ears spared from anymore talking, now it was just battle as the two forces clashed. An actual maelstrom of water and from from the various magi, here Donny would be thankful he was grounded.
  101. Trudging forward he would actually manage to get in several good swings, hearty haymakers that swept magic and enemy alike out of his way. However, this came at great cost, the strain of his magic on his muscles began to tear on him, the cosmic fires scarring his hide.
  103. However, with the collective might of all present, they would push them back as they retreated into the rift.. Retreated.. Or eaten? Donny didn't understand what the fuck it was, but it began sucking various magi around him, other crazy ones leaping into it.
  105. Eat or be eaten.
  107. And this ruffian would not be consumed, not today, or ever. Sands shifting beneath his feet as he melted into the sand, stretching his arms out as he fought the purple maw that sought to consume him. The only thing visible would be his afro, black feathers sticking out of it as the rest of him was sumbmerged.
  110. (Donny Brooks)
  111. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  113. [22:05] {NARRATION} The expanse looming overhead would be brought to a screeching halt.
  115. Images and landscapes foreign and untouched by the hands of man would constantly shift across that space in time. The calm and collected composure of one such divine figure being broken, his brows furrowed and wings folded inwards as the collective below sought to overpower his authority.
  117. And overpower such they had.
  119. The images within this expanse changing and rapidly shifting as men and women would stare back from the other side. Some with wings upon their back, plucked feathers left stripped down to the bone. Others, cloaked in darkness with only eyes of crimson staring through that void.
  121. Reaching out for a moment...
  123. Before that connection was severed just as quickly as Akasha had worked to establish such.
  125. Their faces, their pain and those landscapes gone from the skies in a flash.
  127. "I see... Humanity has cast doubts upon their creators, their Fathers and Mothers to sate their own existence."
  129. His head shook from side to side. The overwhelming battle against that expanse eased just as he spoke, rapidly closing now as one by one the members of Briar were pushed into the skies above.
  131. Alongside those fools...
  133. Who dared follow Akasha into the great unknown.
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [22:19] His afro would settle as the rift had closed, the ruffian had not seen how things had ended, but he could tell the battle was over as he emerged from hil molten cacoon. He had seen, experienced, and survived a fight that would surely go down in history.
  139. He had scars and burns, but nothing that wasn't superficial, great fatigue over taking him as he'd begin the long trek back to the jungles of Tecotchitlan. Steam still rolling from his figure as he could finally ease up, his form shrinking nearly thirty percent- he hadn't noticed in the heat of the moment.
  141. Tears from wear his skin split accounted for more than half his injuries. He don't know what the hel happened in that concoction of spells and magic, his fiery fury pushing his body to a new height- he wasn't sure what triggered it, but he would have to find out how to do it again.
  143. A loud growl coming from his stomach.
  145. "Fokkin' 'ell. I di'n't even get'a bite out'a 'him.. I'm goin' gaddamn noodlin'."
  146. (Donny Brooks)
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