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Apr 27th, 2018
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  1. Anon-IB is as surprised as everybody else regarding the seizure of our and our client's servers hard drives by the Dutch police. We vehemently deny any and all accusations regarding revenge porn, and child pornography. We do not, and we have never advocated or participated in posting and/or sharing of revenge porn or the subject matter as sickening as child pornography. Furthermore, many, if not all, of our reputation issues originate from a site called "AnonIB", that was shut down by its owner before we made a safe and legal alternative called "Anon-IB". Our version of AnonIB (called Anon-IB) actively blocked Tor (anonymity network) exit nodes, and known proxies to deter online criminals from abusing our services and co-operated with all law enforcement agencies, whenever it was deemed necessary. That statement can be backed by hundreds of email transcriptions from our end -- and from the receiver's end.
  3. Every legitimate site co-operates with legal authorities, anyone who says different is lying, either to entrap or gain a more favorable marketing position.
  5. To reiterate what was already said:
  6. - Anon-IB was not a "revenge porn" hub.
  7. - Police investigators, our registries and our hoster can in fact attest to the fact that we never ignored any cases of possible child pornography, nor were we blamed for it. (You may ask for their emails)
  8. - Anon-IB never mocked, ignored or refused to delete potentially infringing material.
  10. Our domains:
  18. We do not plan on re-launching, or renewing any of those domains, if someone does so, we can't be held accountable for any of their actions. Any domain not listed here is not ours, and we can't be held accountable for those domains either.
  20. To our former users, and everybody else: please be aware that by shutting down Anon-IB, which was a legal image board -- multiple bad actors have already setup clones hosted on the so called "darkweb", promising a safe haven to those who didn't like the legal aspect of Anon-IB, and didn't want to follow our strict rules regarding posting on our image board. That, of course doesn't help anybody, especially because law enforcement agencies won't be able to follow up on any of their cases because of the fact that they run an "onion" instance and can't log IP addresses.
  22. For media outlets: Last case we worked on with the Dutch police was in December of 2015, and the investigator was given the requested information.
  24. We have also been made aware of a possibility that one of our sysadmins breached our trust and the terms of his employment and illegally rented out space on our client's server to a third party for additional profit.
  26. We invite the Dutch police investigators to contact us at if they wish to discuss the case with us.
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