nix your reality

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  1. nix your reality (to the tune of DDLC's "Your Reality")
  2. ---
  4. Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you.
  5. In my hand, is a pen that'll write derivations of me and you.
  7. The bytes flow down to a functional store
  8. Just move your PATH, link the way into this art.
  9. But in this world of indefinite builds,
  10. What will it take just to find stability?
  11. What will it take just to find... that special day?
  13. Have I found every package a derivation that works today?
  14. When you're here, everything that we make can still be re-created.
  16. When I can't even change my own config,
  17. What good's that store, when my program does it all?
  18. And if this env won't let me touch a thing,
  19. What will it take just to make the proper call?
  21. Does nix-env only make heavy builds that are hard to keep doing?
  22. Is it fine to use the cache or should I do the builds locally?
  24. The bytes flow down into a hash table
  25. How can I make my dream a reality?
  26. If I can't use the config you gave me;
  27. How do you make things in your reality?
  28. And in your reality,
  29. If I don't know how to follow you...
  30. I'll give you Nix.
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