Jan 1st, 2018
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  1. Raisin: You’ve been in there for twenty hours already. Daylight is almost here. Just what are you doing?
  2. Happy: Look.
  3. Raisin: So what- oh so that’s why.
  4. Happy: Mechanic made me this lamp. I can write all I want now!
  5. Raisin: Sooooo…. Whatchudoin? It’s weird, not having you talking all night about games.
  6. Strawberry: Come back! Raisin isn’t talking and I’m feeling lonely.
  7. Happy: I’m busy.
  8. Raisin: Were you only talking with us back then because … yeah, you were.
  9. Happy: What?
  10. Strawberry: What’s this game all about? Is it one of those with tons of background we have to learn first?
  11. Happy: I’m… trying to kill that off, actually.
  12. Raisin: Good old HP-Damage?
  13. Happy: That too.
  14. “Strawberry and Raisin glance at each other.”
  15. Raisin: So, something new then.
  16. Happy: Yup.
  17. Raisin: I’m getting hyped over here. I’ll take a peek at it.
  18. Happy: It’s just this one page so far.
  19. Raisin: Only that? How long have you been at it?
  20. “Happy doesn’t respond. Slowly, carefully, she scratches one of the items from her tiny list. Raisin blinks.”
  21. Strawberry: You know, it’s ok to copy a little. I talk like Raisin when I want someone to stop talking to me.
  22. Raisin: I’m sure it’s not working.
  23. Happy: I’m fine.
  24. “Both stare at Happy in silence, who’s fixed on her tiny notepad under the white headlight. She’s just looking at it, doing nothing at all.”
  25. Strawberry: Actually, everything is a copy of something else. Just a little bit twisted. Trust me on this one, you can’t come up with something completely on your own. Everything is a mesh of things piled together!
  26. Happy: I can’t work if you two are talking all the time.
  27. Raisin: We weren’t here twenty hours ago, you know.
  28. “Happy scowls at her”
  29. Happy: I want to do this on my own. Alone. ALONE. I want to do something that’s completely mine. I don’t want your help, and I don’t need your help.
  30. Raisin: B-but why?!
  31. Happy: Preah has a lot of her own paintings and pretty things. Historian always comes with new weird things she get herself. White Duster did that rocket that blew the ceiling of her cave. I… have nothing I did on my own! It’s all your ideas!
  32. Strawberry: Oh I see, so you are feeling useless.
  33. Happy: Yes!
  34. “Happy writes in silence, mumbling to herself a bit too loudly. She ends up scratching the whole thing after a minute”
  35. Strawberry: You know… I always thought your skill was messing with everyone else’s ideas.
  36. Happy: What do you mean?
  37. Raisin: What does that mean?
  38. Strawberry: Well, it’s true, you never come up with anything on your own, like, ever-
  39. Happy: That’s a LIE and you are MEAN-
  40. Strawberry: -BUT! You are the IDEA BLENDER. That’s what I’m talking about. You use the ideas they come up with and get them all to work together in your very own way. And that’s yours. The way things get mixed is all yours.
  41. “Happy pauses for a while, looking at her notebook.”
  42. Happy: …You are really really nice sometimes. And it's scary.
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