cosmogyral form

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  1. [ SUN ]
  3. ✧ | username: @byeongaris-
  4. ✧ | full name: Lee Jisoo
  5. ✧ | nicknames:
  6. jinu : given by her friends as it means genuine
  7. ji-ung : the term means manly, strong, given by her love interest due to her image
  8. eomji: a cute wordplay combining the words "eomma" and "jisoo" and it sounds like umji which means thumb. meaning she is always encouraging others.given by the fans.
  9. ✧ | stage name: Jia: determination
  10. ✧ | age: 18
  11. ✧ | birthday: 23/06/1998
  12. ✧ | height (in cm): 170cm
  13. ✧ | weight (in kg): 59kg
  14. ✧ | birthplace + hometown: mokpo, south korea
  15. ✧ | nationality: korean
  16. ✧ | ethnicity: korean
  17. ✧ | family:
  18. ▶ Lee Jihoon ; 48 ; father ; engineer
  19. ▶ Lee Sunhui ; 46 ; mother ; professor
  20. ▶ Lee Jihyun ; 18 ; twin sister ; trainee
  22. [ MERCURY ]
  24. ✧ | slot: alderamin
  25. ✧ | backup slot: -
  26. ✧ | faceclaim: rena (pristin)
  27. ✧ | backup faceclaim: yeeun (clc)
  28. ✧ | personality:
  29. She might seem quite intimidating at first but she isn't, though she has a strong personality. Meaning, she knows her own mind and isn't easily swayed. While she can often sway people to her way of thinking through her coherent and well thought through arguments, she isn't, in any way, disappointed if she can’t convince an individual. She respectful of those who think and feel differently than her. She always trusts her mind and her instinct and is always lead by reason more than emotion. She uses her brains to save every situation. She is extremely passionate about what she does and has the extreme drive to reach her dreams. She isn't concerned with pleasing others, and continues to create the content she enjoys making. Though she doesn't mind when people praise her for her hardwork. She enjoys the company of people who she knows aren't hanging around just to get her help. She is the type of person who seems like she will punch you any moment and she actually might, but then she'll take care of you. In other words, she shows people the real world, then lends her hand to help. Though not usual, she has a childish side which comes out when she's having a good day. She shows that side once she opens up, which may need time. She's always been the person others go to when they need honest opinions.  
  30. ✧ | background
  31. ▶ Jisoo was born in Mokpo, South Korea to a well established family. Growing up, she and her twin sister always got what they desired but money couldn't buy happiness. Her parents were very busy and by age 7, her parents got divorced as her father had cheated on her. She and her sister had continued to live with her mother but they weren't as stable as before. She understood the situation, unlike her sister and tried to help her mother in every way possible. She decided to put the piano, singing and dance lessons she had gotten at an early age to use and got into several competitions which offered money as prizes and gave them all to her mother. At age 14, she and her sister opened a youtube channel together and showcased their talents. It was well received by the public and she gained 120,000 subscribers within a year. The subscriber count seemed to be increasing everyday until her sister left the channel, at age 16, when she was accepted as a trainee by a label. She wasn't quite sure what to do, resulting to the channel becoming inactive for months. The subscriber count automatically went down quite a lot due to that, from 300,000 to 255,000 She again started to create content though everyone kept asking where her sister was. She wasn't giving up on her dreams for someone else.
  32. ✧ | trivia  
  33. ▶ can crack a random bone every 2 hours
  34. ▶ can touch her nose with her tongue
  35. ▶ once won a contest and got vip tickets to super junior's concert
  36. ▶ fluent in english, as she went to an international school
  37. ▶ she is left handed
  38. ▶ has a phobia of butterflies
  39. ▶ once broke her finger while playing football (don't ask)
  40. ▶  has a thing for any pastel colour
  41. ▶ her ideal type is super junior's kyuhyun; a gentleman with a dorky side
  42. ▶ she thinks she's extremely good at giving hugs
  43. ▶ self proclaimed masterchef
  44. [ VENUS ]
  46. ✧ | youtube channel name: just the lee jis
  47. ✧ | number of subscribers: 255,000
  48. ✧ | content
  49. ▶ covers + original songs
  50. ▶ choreographies
  51. ▶ piano covers
  52. ▶ random challenges and q/a
  54. [ EARTH ]
  56. ✧ | love interest: lee gunhee (produce 101)
  57. ✧ | backup love interest: wonpil (day6)
  58. ✧ | his personality
  59. ▶ just the total opposite of her ideal type. he is the type to always fool around and pull pranks. he is full of happiness and loves helping people, though he isn't much of an help most of the time. he is usually the mood-maker and the one who gets the jokes after 10 minutes. he can be a bit sensitive at times, so people need to be careful about what they say because he might get hurt, but he tries not to show it, though he fails at doing so. he is always the life of the party and the one who encourages people to do well. but he has his dreams which he wants to pursue and he works hard to achieve them
  60. ✧ | how you met:
  61. ▶ he is her friend's cousin and she wanted the both of them to sing a duet at her sister's wedding
  62. ✧ | his first impression of you:
  63. ▶ she seemed very confident, and she knew how to use her voice really well. but she seemed to be very bored by his company. her beauty was up to his tastes, so he tried flirting but she couldn't care less.
  64. ✧ | your first impression of him
  65. ▶ he seemed a little too excited for a duet, laughing and running around. seemed like he flirted with everyone except her, but she couldn't care less.
  66. ✧ | how he acts around you:
  67. ▶ as if we've known each other for years, almost like he's that relative who gets inside your room without asking
  68. ▶ gets clingy and tries to flirt but she doesn't quite understand these things
  69. ▶ bickers a lotttt
  70. ▶ next level teasing
  71. ✧ | how you act around him
  72. ▶ remains her cool
  73. ▶ but sometimes gives in to what he says
  74. ▶ punches him lightly when he says cheesy things because she's confused
  75. ▶ the only person she complains to
  76. ▶ almost bursts into laughter every time he whines but she manages to keep it to herself
  77. ✧ | what he likes about you
  78. ▶ her drive to work hard
  79. ▶ confidence
  80. ▶ her hidden charms
  81. ▶ when she tries to hide her smile
  82. ✧ | what you like about him
  83. ▶ him being extra
  84. ▶ when he tries to get serious but cracks up the next minute
  85. ▶ he over-reacts to every positive thing
  86. ✧ | requested scenes (optional)
  87. ▶ he gets eliminated from pd101 and she is there to support him bc she knows how much it meant to him.
  88. ▶ they have a magazine photoshoot together
  90. [ MARS ]
  92. ✧ | song suggestions:
  93. ▶ lovelyz: now, we
  94. ▶ twice: three times a day
  95. ▶ laboum: winter story
  96. ▶ berry good: angel
  97. ✧ | song title ideas:
  98. ▶ rutilant : glittering with light
  99. ▶ ethereal
  100. ✧ | requested scenes:
  101. ▶ rumors spread that she is the reason her sister still hasn't debuted
  102. ▶ gets attacked by sasaeng but manager comes in time
  103. ✧ | any other suggestions: yeet not really
  105. [ JUPITER ]
  107. ✧ | password: be there or be square
  108. ✧ | questions: -
  109. ✧ | message to lia:
  110. hey lia, we haven't talked before but i hope that even if i don't get accepted, we can grow to become good friends. i did the form in a rush, so i'm sorry if it didn't exactly meet your expectations.good luck with writing this fic <33
  111. ✧ | extras -
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