Cumming out of the closet

Dec 28th, 2013
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  1. >You are Hexferry
  2. >and currently you are spying on one of your friends
  3. >you had heard some... rumors... concerning her sexuality so you decided to try to find out in secret if they are true or not
  4. >and currently you are in a closet, and you know now for a fact that they were really, really true
  5. >you had sneaked into Caramels house and carefully snooped around for awhile, until caramel had returned earlier than you had expected and you had flown upstairs and hid inside the best place you could come up with
  6. >as you sat in your hiding place, you came to realize that it was Caramels bedroom where you had flown
  7. >and this realization came to you as Caramel and Sepia both stumbled into the room, tongues deep in each others throats and fell onto the huge bed in the middle on the room
  8. >you held in a gasp as the two of them started to get rather grabby with their hoofs
  9. >and here you are, blushing like a fire truck as your friend is engaged in heavy lesbian make-out session before your eyes
  10. >you gulp
  11. >this is bad, if your friend catches you here you’d have a lot of explaining to do
  12. “Oh Caramel, you always know which of my buttons to push~”
  13. >Oh wow, these two are getting rather steamy in here, it’s making even you sweat a bit
  14. >the two of them seem to now be done with kissing
  15. >oh good, maybe they will now do something else and you ca-
  16. >apparently not, Caramel just moved her face down south while planting small kisses on Sepias tummy as her mouth came into contact with her.. her...
  17. >T-these two, they are not going to?
  18. >Sepia moans and tenses up a bit as you hear wet tongue-based noises
  19. >H-how shameless
  20. >thankfully Caramel is blocking your view to anything crucial
  21. >but that also raises another problem, Caramel is really getting into it
  22. >you can see her nether region, wet and winking lewdly as she wiggles her butt from side to side while face deep in Sepias crotch
  23. >you feel a familiar tingly sensation in your privates
  24. >T-this is not happening, no way this is happening!
  25. >You are not getting aroused by this! You refuse to acknowledge this
  26. “Oh Caramel don’t stop”
  27. >Sepia pushes Caramels face even deeper into her crotch with her hoofs and the sounds are getting wetter
  28. >you almost let out a small squeak of surprise as you feel your muscles contract and make you yourself wink
  29. >Stupid Caramel and Sepia! This is all their fault for making you...
  30. >As Sepia keeps squirming erotically on the bed and Caramel keeps shaking her moneymaker you move your own hoof towards your own parts that are painfully screaming for attention
  31. >as your hoof comes into contact with your honeypot you bite onto your own hoof so you won’t let out a sound
  32. >you are absolutely drenched
  33. >you feel angry at your own arousal as you start to gently rub your womanhood
  34. “Oh Caramel don’t stop”
  35. >Stupid Caramel and stupid Sepia. It’s not like you like this or anything! It’s all their fault for moving that way and making those noises
  36. >you fight hard to keep the moans from coming out of your own mouth
  37. >you have done this lots of times but it has never felt this good
  38. >you keep repeating your mantra as you rub yourself harder and faster
  39. >Stupid Caramel! Stupid Sepia! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!
  40. “Oh I’m going to squiiiirrrrr hhhhhhhh AAAAAHHH!”
  41. >as you watch Sepia orgasming you feel your own orgasm beginning to rock your body
  42. >you can’t hold it in
  43. >”HNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....”
  44. >haaah haaah haaah
  45. >...
  46. >as you come to from you orgasm, you notice that Caramel is now sitting on Sepias face, grinding against it while biting her lip
  47. >She’s facing towards you so you can see how much she is enjoying it while rocking her body erotically
  48. “Mmm Sepia you’ve gotten better at this~”
  49. >she’s really moving her body like she would be starring in an adult film
  50. >you... you move your hoof back to where it was before
  51. >It’s Caramels fault for putting up such a show
  52. >you resume masturbating while watching your friend moving erotically
  53. “Oh yes Sepia, oh yes!”
  54. >Caramel quickens her pace
  55. >and so do you
  56. >yes Caramel, move those hips more
  57. >you pause
  58. >you...did not just think that
  59. >but your crotch aches at the sudden neglect and you blush furiously and with a frown upon your face, you resume
  60. >Caramel has her orgasm as her wings stand up to their full glory and you have yours, but this time you bite harder down on your hoof to suppress any sounds, and try to not move that much
  61. >your mind feel blank now and a pleasant warmth spreads throughout your body
  62. >Caramel gets down and lies on the bed with Sepia as the two of them cuddle a bit while basking in the afterglow
  63. >you spend this time with that nagging voice in your head telling you that you just masturbated to your friend having lesbian sex
  64. >you feel satisfied, but still ashamed
  65. >all you can do now is wait for a chance to go home
  66. >soon Sepia gets up from the bed and says her goodbyes to Caramel who still lies on the bed
  67. >you sit tight and wait for Caramel to leave the room as well
  68. >the sound of the door, Sepia must have just left the house
  69. >suddenly Caramel gets up
  70. >she’s starring at the closet
  71. >you gulp
  72. >if you are found out now it would be a disaster
  73. >Caramel smiles slyly
  74. “So Hexferry, how did you like the show?”
  75. >your heart jumps to your throat as your eyes widen in shock
  76. >She- she could not have known! There is no way!
  77. >Caramel keeps smiling
  78. “You know, I think that you look pretty cute too~”
  79. >you feel yourself blush as your heart starts beating a bit faster
  80. >Caramel gets up and starts to slowly make her way towards the closet, looking rather seductive
  81. “I wonder how hot and bothered you look like in there~”
  82. >you panic
  83. >you shoot out of the closet and fly out of Caramels house as fast as you can
  84. >your heart is beating fast and you are blushing heavily
  85. >”S-stupid Caramel...”
  86. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. >Day shut into your own room in Equestria
  88. >you are still Hexferry
  89. >and you are currently dealing with a lot of confusing feelings
  90. >just yesterday you spied on your friend Caramel indulging into lesbian sex and masturbated while spying on them
  91. >and what’s worse, Caramel knows
  92. >you blush as you burry your face under a pillow
  93. >was she teasing you when she kept doing that?
  94. >does she want to sleep with you?
  95. >does she want to invite you for a threesome?
  96. >does she have... emotions for you?
  97. >you blush more as you turn around and lie on your back on your bed, hugging the pillow against your chest
  98. >but then you throw it across the room
  99. >”S-stupid Caramel!”
  100. >besides... she seems intimate with Sepia
  101. >suddenly there is a knock on your bedroom door
  102. “Hexferry, I let myself in, hope you don’t mind”
  103. >your heart jumps to your throat
  104. >it’s Caramel
  105. >before you have a chance to do more than to sit up on the bed Caramel barges into your bedroom
  106. >you blush and avert your eyes
  107. “So~”
  108. >oh no she is using that sultry voice of hers, it sends unwanted shivers down your spine
  109. “You sure were in a hurry yesterday”
  110. >”S-shut up...”
  111. >Caramel makes her way next to you
  112. “Who would have known, the high and mighty Hexferry, being a mare that gets off to watching other mares~”
  113. >”Shut up, it’s the two of yours fault, you were m-moving in such shameless ways and making such lewd voices...”
  114. >just talking about it makes you remember and you feel an unwanted slight tingle down south
  115. >Caramel rubs her hoof on your thigh
  116. “C’mon Hexferry, I can smell your arousal”
  117. >you turn to say something to Caramel but she plants her lips on yours
  118. >”Mmmh”
  119. >your body relaxes and turns to jelly
  120. >why is Caramel so good at this?
  121. >her tongue infiltrates your mouth and makes you feel all sorts of new pleasure you never thought would be possible to experience when being kissed
  122. >and you give in, letting Caramel pull you against her
  123. >you start to run your hoofs around Caramels body as Caramel herself runs her hoof towards your nether region
  124. >You gasp as Caramels hoof touches you down there
  125. >it feels much better than your own hoof
  126. >you can’t help but to moan
  127. >Caramel breaks the kiss and looks at you in the eyes, a grin on her face
  128. >you avert your gaze
  129. >”I-it’s not like it feels that good you idiot, I was just unprepared...”
  130. “Then how about this?”
  131. >Caramel swiftly dives her head between your legs as you squeak in surprise
  132. >Caramels tongue starts to dance and your mind turns to mush
  133. >you stop resisting and lie back onto the bed as your body rides the waves of sexual pleasure
  134. >it feels amazing
  135. >you have never felt anything like this
  136. >a hot lava of sexual pleasure rushes to all parts of your body as you start to moan
  137. >you do not even think about how lewd you might sound, it’s like you are acting on a primal instinct here
  138. >soon Caramel pulls her head out from between your thighs, leaving a trail of your own natural lubricant hang in the air, connecting her mouth to your crotch with a string of slime and
  139. >”Don’t stop...”
  140. “You sure changed your mind fast”
  141. >”Just keep going you big meanie...”
  142. >Caramel grins and shifts your body to lie on your side and then lifts one of your legs up and then positions herself between them, and then your genitalia touch
  143. >it’s soft and warm and pulsating
  144. >Caramel starts to grind her crotch against yours
  145. “Oooh yeah”
  146. >you bite the sheets to keep yourself from shouting out something you might regret
  147. >it feels so amazing
  148. >constant euphoria pours around your body as waves of pleasure wash upon your body
  149. “Are you aaah- enjoying this Hexferry?”
  150. >you let go of the sheet, you do not even care anymore
  151. >”Oh I love it Caramel, give me more...”
  152. >Caramel seems very happy hearing this as she quickens her pace and movements
  153. >you loose control of your body and just let it wildly return the motion as the two of you scissor passionately
  154. >you loose track of time as you bask in the pleasure
  155. >suddenly you feel your body tense up as a strong orgasm washes trough as Caramel reaches hers too
  156. >”Oh Caramel I’m going to-“
  157. “M-me t- AAAAAAAH!”
  158. >the two of you collapse onto the bed, panting
  159. >after catching her breath for a while for a while Caramel get’s up
  160. “Well that sure was fun wasn’t it? My cute little closet pervert...”
  161. >you blush hard and turn your back to her
  162. >”S-shut up you, you...”
  163. >you can’t come up with anything
  164. >Suddenly Caramel snuggles up to you
  165. >your body tenses and you try to get away, but Caramel has an iron grip on you
  166. >”N-no, let go Caramel!”
  167. >Caramel just keeps snuggling you
  168. “No”
  169. >you struggle for a short while but then stop, seeming that you can not get away, and let Caramel snuggle you
  170. >”I’m only doing this because I can’t get away”
  171. “Mmmhm.”
  172. >Caramel pulls you even tighter against her and your body relaxes
  173. >”Y-you idiot...”
  174. >you place your hoof on Caramels hoof that is holding onto you and soon fall asleep
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