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  1. **What's Going On With Modding**: No on release, looking into post-release first thing to likely come, maps, steam workshop, looking into custom gamemodes.
  3. **Map Vote?**: Currently on testing server, community server. Will have community servers in beta.
  5. **DESERT EAGLE PLS**: "I really don't like it. I FUCKING HATE IT. That gun just fucking bothers me man, it's a kids gun. It was okay before, when nobody knew anything about guns in the 90s, but like people don't... use it."
  7. **Server Browser**: Want to get it in the beta, can't say when.
  9. **Weapon Balance**: Making snipers stronger, upping 7.62x51 recoil
  11. **New Characters (Voices)** Being talked about post-release.
  13. **New Optics?**: Something we're looking into.
  15. **Picking a side in COOP?**: We don't want to split matchmaking, refrence DoI.**
  17. **MP7 Balance**: Likes where it is now, hard to balance.
  19. **About AP**: Excluded it because of a few reasons, no brainer, makes it better, no reason not to take them, armor didn't mean as much, felt arbitrary.
  21. **Canted/Double Sights?**: Considering it, Mikee wants it, no promises.
  23. **Matching With Same Team?**: Something we've talked about, not someting planned for release, don't want to confuse matchmaker.
  25. **Aware Of Footsteps Being Audible Only in FOV, Not Being Able to Mute.
  27. **HUD Modification?**: First thing for mod support, Workshop, custom levels, conversion mods, UI/audio replacements. Can't say when or if committed.
  29. **OHK Torso Sniper?**: Giving AP to the Mosin is in light of that, need to see if it's working, may be inconsistant. Also wondering "does this feel good" but it's a conversation we need to have. Keep in mind hitreg has recently been vastly improved.
  31. **Max Level?**: Goes on forever. Once you get to a certian level your color/insignia will lock.
  33. **Cosmetics/Rank reset on release?**: Yep. Talking in light of the delay, talking about reward for testers, really not sure.
  35. *Bug with VOIP not playing consistantly.*
  37. **Seeing Party members in HUD?**: Talked about, not hard to do, but we're doing a lot. Just a question of time and resources, we will do it when we have the time.
  39. **Full Auto Pistols for Marksman?**: I don't know if it's condusive to the game, I know people use them but they're not that common. Question of balance, practically a sub-machinegun.
  41. **Chance for defuse mode?**: Not something we're sure will work well with gameplay, we tried elimination in Ins2 (destroy the cache) didn't work well. Neat idea, trying to be conservative with gamemodes. Don't want to be copy of CS:GO.
  43. **Will we see the other two maps before release?**: Will keep only some maps in rotation, want to drive focus of testing to those maps, don't want to spoil release.
  45. **Will the M249 be nerfed?**: Talked about increasing hipfire recoil on LMGs, we are looking into nerfing that.
  47. **Do you feel confident about the Dec 12 release date?**: Yes. We'll also be doing stuff post-release. Performance improvments, new content, bug fixes, etc.
  49. **Map north not compass north?** Might have a particular tac map layout, more important that we get the layout to look good, then you zoom in & pull up the compass. Something we could look into post-release.
  51. **Voting for bot difficulty?**: Something we've talked about, trying to get medium difficulty to feel good.
  53. **Cosmetic Items Dissapearing**: Hit randomize.
  55. **What FPS do you consider your biggest cometition?**: Not any game that's really like Insurgency. You could compare, but I think it's in the middle of the spectrum. I think it's a unique experience.
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