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  1. >> Метод: type
  2. Документация: chat_box
  3. >> Метод: setDistance
  4. Документация: function(distance:number):number; Sets the distance of the chat box. Returns the new distance
  5. >> Метод: slot
  6. Документация: -1
  7. >> Метод: say
  8. Документация: function(text:string [, distance:number]):boolean; Makes the chat box say some text with the currently set or the specified distance. Returns true on success
  9. >> Метод: getDistance
  10. Документация: function():number; Returns the chat distance the chat box is currently set to
  11. >> Метод: setName
  12. Документация: function(name:string):string; Sets the name of the chat box. Returns the new name
  13. >> Метод: address
  14. Документация: 832aaf63-ad6c-4d5e-98bb-cb8e64906716
  15. >> Метод: getName
  16. Документация: function():string; Returns the name of the chat box
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