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  1. <div class="deck deck-solid deck-half-padding deck-collapse category-navigation" style="background-color: #c8dddd">
  2.     <div class="content-wrapper with-extra-left-gutter with-extra-bottom-gutter">
  3.         <header class="page-title">
  4.             <nav class="page-title__navigation">
  5.                 <a href="" class="step-button step-button__left">
  6.                     <span class="visually-hidden">[previous]</span>
  7.                 </a>
  8.                 <a href="" class="step-button step-button__right">
  9.                     <span class="visually-hidden">[next]</span>
  10.                 </a>
  11.             </nav>
  12.             <h1 class="masked"><span data-aos="fly-up" data-aos-duration='200'>enthusiastic</span></h1>
  13.             <p class="page-title__manchet">
  14.                 <i>adj</i>
  15.                 Having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
  16.             </p>
  17.         </header>
  18.         <section class="text-block" data-aos="fade-up">
  19.             <p>
  20.                 Clean silhouette. Brevity of line. Stripped palette. If this is your storage match, those seven words fill you with joy.
  21.                 And clutter is the enemy.
  22.             </p>
  23.             <p>
  24.                 You live a colourful life, but the pristine calm of a white palette is where you feel at home. For you, less is more.
  25.             </p>
  26.         </section>
  27.     </div>
  28. </div>
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