Hacking IRC - The Definitive Guide

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  1.                     Hacking IRC - The Definitive Guide
  3. Contents
  5.    * Section 1-- Why Hack IRC?
  7.    * Section 2--Requisite Tools
  9.    * Section 3--What It Takes To Gain Control
  11.    * Section 4--Link Looker(LL)
  13.    * Section 5--Bots and Scripts
  15.    * Section 6--Multi-Collide-Bot(MCB)
  17.    * Section 7--Pre-Takeover Preparation
  19.    * Section 8--Thing To Do ONce You "Own" the Channel
  21.    * Section 9--Best Channels to Hack
  23. [Image]  See me if you dare.
  25. Section 1-Why Hack IRC?
  27. I have often asked myself this question and the answers are varied and
  28. numerous. One of the primary reasons for hacking IRC channels is due to
  29. shear boredom. However a multitude of secondary reasons exist. Foremost
  30. among these is the "that asshole op i nsulted me and/or kicked me and/or
  31. banned me from the channel and I WANT REVENGE! This is a perfectly valid
  32. excuse and boredom is not a necessary condition for implementing a takeover
  33. of an IRC channel. Nor is it a necessary condition that the reason yo u
  34. were insulted and/or kicked and/or banned was because in fact you are an
  35. asshole. All that is necessary is the will, the desire, a bit of skill, and
  36. of course the tools, which convieniently brings me to my next section.
  38. Section 2-Requisite Tools
  40. Any decent craftsmen needs a good set of tools and IRC hackers are no
  41. exception. Without the proper tools you are dead in the water. All of the
  42. tools I describe below are available on public ftp sites. Before I launch
  43. into a discussion of what you wil l need, it is important to point out that
  44. if you are reading this document from your ppp/slip account you might
  45. consider geeting a shell account if you are serious about hackin. Hacking
  46. IRC from a slip/ppp is much more complicated than doing so from a sh ell
  47. account. There are those who will debate this but my experience has shown
  48. that mIRC or any of the other shareware IRC programs for the PC are no
  49. match for the speed and ease of use that an IRC shell script allows for.
  50. Thus the first tool required fo r hacking is an excellent irc shell script.
  51. If you have already used IRC via a shell account and are still reading this
  52. document you probably already have a script, which means you are well on
  53. your way! As far as IRC shell scripts go, my personal favor ite is Lice -
  54. again available publically via ftpFTP. Other scripts exist but the richness
  55. and power of the LICE commands I believe is second to none. Now while it is
  56. possible to stop here and hack ops with just a script, you would
  57. effectively be putting yourself needlessly at a handicap. Therefore I
  58. reccommend these additional two tools: 1)Multi-Collide-Bot(MCB) and 2)LInk
  59. Looker(LL). These two C programs are your infantry and intellige nce
  60. respectively. Again both are available via FTP and both are C programs and
  61. therefore need to be compiled.
  63. What It Takes To Gain Control
  65. Without going into much detail clearly in order to effectively gain control
  66. of an IRC channel you must be the only op on your channel. If you are still
  67. clueless at this point, that is to say..You should be the only guy/gal with
  68. the @ in front of your nic k. Once you have accomplished this, the channel
  69. is YOURS. Of course, that is until it is taken back or you decide to cease
  70. hacking the channel. There are a number of ways to effectively gain ops on
  71. a channel and I will start with the simplest, then mov e to the
  72. increasingly more complex and finesse laden methods. By far and away the
  73. easiet method of gaining ops on a channel is to ask. You laugh eh? Well
  74. don't. Clearly as hackers grow more prevelant on IRC the asking method
  75. becomes more and more unlikely to succeed. This is especially true of the
  76. bigger and well established channels that have cultures onto themselves
  77. such as #Netsex, #Teensex, #Windows95, #Bawel, #BDSM, #Blaklife, #Texas,
  78. #Hack, and any of the #Warez channels and a whole host of others. To gain
  79. ops in these channels you must become a channel re gular (i.e. one that
  80. hangs there freqently and becomes a known and trusted member of the
  81. channel). Since you have neither the time nor the desire to make friends on
  82. the channel you ultimately want to hack ops on, the asking method is the
  83. last thing you want to do on all but the smaller more ethereal channels,
  84. where you obviously stand a better although still slim chance of gaining
  85. ops through a request.. One important exception to the ask method is
  86. through the use of anonirc which can be used on any ch annel but has severe
  87. limitations..more on this later. But of course you didn't come this far to
  88. be taught how to ask for lets proceed with the next lesson. Aside
  89. from asking there are essentially two other ways of gaining ops. The first
  90. is through splits and the second is through anonirc. The following
  91. discussion mostly relates to splits but I will touch on anonirc briefly at
  92. the end. What is a split? A split occurs when the IRC server you are
  93. communicating on detaches from the rest of the net. If you are in a channel
  94. and by chance the only one on a particular server that splits away, you
  95. will not only find yourself alone on the channel, but will now ha ve the
  96. opportunity to gain ops. In order to do this you need to leave and rejoin
  97. the channel in which case you will now find yourself with the little @ in
  98. front of your nick. When your server rejoins you will have ops on the
  99. channel. Now you say, "Wow, thats easy enough". Wrong. More likely than
  100. not, especially on a bigger channel a number of things are likely to occur
  101. that will remove your op status. Remember now the goal here is to keep ops
  102. so you can "Have Your Way". Also and more importantly, if you go into a
  103. channel and wait around hoping the server you are on splits, you might grow
  104. old and die first. Therefore, what is a wannbe IRC hacker to do? Link
  105. Looker is your answer.
  107. Link Looker
  109. Link Looker is a lovely little program that acts as your intelligence
  110. officer. Without getting into the complexities or its mechanics, what it
  111. effectively does is to give your a message anyti me a particular server
  112. detaches from the net and a message when it rejoins. Is the methodology
  113. becoming clearer now? Yes! Thats right! When LL tells you that a server is
  114. split ,you connect to that server and join the channel you seek to hack ops
  115. on and h ope nobody else split from the channel on that server(if this
  116. occurs you will not get ops).. If you find yourself alone, you will have
  117. ops and a fighting chance to gain control of the channel. It is important
  118. to realize that on many channels, just getti ng ops via a split and waiting
  119. for a rejoin is sufficient for gaining control of a channel. This is
  120. particularly true of small to medium sized channels as well as channels
  121. that are not organized or do not have Bots (more on this later), You simply
  122. wait for the server to rejoin and once the channel is full you execute your
  123. mass deop command (this is on your script and the key element in getting
  124. rid of any other ops) and you will be the only op left. The channel is
  125. yours and go do your thing! On bigger more organized channels, things won't
  126. be so easy due to the presense of Bots as well as the presense of scripts
  127. used by existing human ops.
  129. Bots and Scripts
  131. Bigger more organized channels inevitably have a Bot(Robot) or multiple
  132. Bots. Bots are essentially suped up scripts that attempt to maintain ops on
  133. a channel by their continuous presensce on channel. Additionally Bots
  134. provide a number of channel mainten ance tasks such as opping known members
  135. of the channel (either automatically or through password requests),
  136. providing notes, and other information. Bots however are primarlly used for
  137. keeping ops on channel and depending on the type of Bot, defending aga inst
  138. IRC hackers. Bots come in many varieties and types but the best of them do
  139. a good job of deoping spliters(thats you are opped on a split
  140. and when you rejoin the bot will deop you). Not only will Bots deop
  141. you..many of the human ops have scripts (such as LIce) that depending on
  142. the settings employed will deop you as well. Now with the prevalance of
  143. powerful scripts on IRC a recent phenomona is the occurse of the desynch.
  144. This is a nasty event that takes place when you rejoin from a spli t and
  145. your script deops the existing ops and the existing ops deop you at the
  146. same time. What this does is confuse the shit out of the servers and cause
  147. them to desynchronize from one another. This is to be avoided at all costs.
  148. When this happens you w ill effectively become desynched from a large
  149. portion of the net and most the channel, (depending on what server you rode
  150. in on). What's worse is that you will think you have ops( which you will
  151. for that server) but in reality you won't and you will be w asting your
  152. time. So how with the prevalence of super Bots and Human ops with scripts
  153. do you take the channel? Using MCB of course!
  155. Multi-Collide-Bot(MCB)
  157. Multi-Collide-Bot (MCB) is a powerful tool and your best friend. MCB is an
  158. even lovelier program that creates a clone of a nick you want to kill
  159. (almsot always an op on the channel you are tr ying to hack) on a server
  160. that has split(yes the one Link Looker informed you of). Basically you feed
  161. MCB the name or names of the nick you want to kill and tell it what split
  162. server to establish those clones and upon rejoin.BAM/SMACK/KIILL!! Yes
  163. thats r ight, the target is thrown out of the channel(losing ops) and must
  164. re-establish a connection with a server to get back onto IRC and into the
  165. channel. So yes, you have figured it out. If you kill all of the ops on a
  166. channel and you ride in on a split you will be the only op in the channel.
  167. Let me assure you there is nothing like seeing the nick kill messages of
  168. the ops you have targeted as you ride in on the split.
  170. Pre-Takeover Preparation
  172. There are a number of things you can do before you attempt to take over an
  173. IRC Channel to make things easier and be as well prepared as you can
  174. possibly be. 1)Pre-Attack Observation. Plain and simple you must know who
  175. you are attacking. One of the most important things you can do as you sit
  176. and observe the channel is to determine which bots and/or human ops are
  177. deopping on rejoins. These are the nicks you want to target first. You will
  178. fail if you don't kill these nicks and rejoin because you are lik ely to
  179. cause a desynch(discussed above). However, it is essential to make sure you
  180. kill all of the ops. Leaving just one op alive means you have lost that
  181. battle and must now regroup and wait for another split. It is important to
  182. watch out for ops chan ging their nicks if they detect a split. If they do
  183. this, the mcb you tagged with their nick will be useless to you. The way I
  184. prevent this is to be on both sides of the split. That is to be opped in
  185. the channel on the split server and have a clone in the channel on the
  186. other side of the split monitoring the goings on, telling you if ops change
  187. nicks or new people are opped (in which case you create a new mcb with
  188. their name on it).
  190. Things To Do Once You "Own" the Channel
  192. Once you own the channel, the decision is clearly yours on how you want to
  193. proceed and needless to say the number of things you can do is endless.
  194. However, let me share with you a number of time tested ideas that are sure
  195. to give you a thrill not to ment ion totally piss of the channel you have
  196. now hacked. The first thing you can do is to taunt the former ops of the
  197. channel. That is to say, they will probably be cursing you and telling you
  198. what a loser you are for hacking the channel. They will say thi ngs like
  199. "get a life, do something more productive". Remember don't take it
  200. personally. You have to keep in mind that it is the formers ops who in fact
  201. are the ones who need to get a life, considering the only power they have
  202. or make that had (if you su ccessfully hacked the channel) was to have ops
  203. in the first place. So you can continue to taunt and if they get relay
  204. billegerent you can kick them off the channel. They will undoubtedly come
  205. back within a second or two and then you can say something li ke, "Now, now
  206. I am in control of the channel and I will not tolerate such language and
  207. behavior. If you are unable to control yourself I will be forced to ban
  208. you." Now this is sure to get some violent response from the former op in
  209. which case you subse quently kick and ban them and move onto the next
  210. person. Another thing I like to do is to word ban. This is particularly
  211. easy if you have LICE. What you do is pick a word that if typed onto the
  212. screen by any of the channel members, will automatically r esult in you
  213. kicking them off the channel with the reason that word is banned. This
  214. method is particularly good in channels like #teensex where people are
  215. always saying the word sex, male, female, teen, age, etc. All you do is ban
  216. those words and watch the kicks begin to fly. Another thing I like to do is
  217. moderate the channel. What this does with the /mode +m command is to make
  218. it such that nobody on channel can speak. This is a particularly good thing
  219. to do when many of the channel members are getti ng out of hand and you
  220. want to make some sort of statement without anybody interrupting you. Yes
  221. all eyes will be trained on you. If you want to be really mean, when you
  222. are finished hacking the channel, you can leave it moderated in which case
  223. nobody w ill be able to speak and the channel is effectively shut down.
  224. Other things to do which are nasty as well are to kick everybody out of the
  225. channel and make it invite only, effectively shutting it down as well.
  226. Think of your own creative things to do. I would love to hear about
  227. me..if they are particularly interesting I will include them in
  228. this page with an attribution if you like.
  230. Best Channels to Hack
  232. #limbaugh
  233. #rush
  234. #lamerz
  235. #newbies
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