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  2. 20:24 * Tom-Anderson then walks up to Abby's house, wearing a proper suit, and having the tickets in hand.. "Hopefully Abby is ready.."
  3. 20:33 * Jacob_Cross is at home, absorbed in a set of maps set out over the dining roomtable.
  4. 20:34 * Abilene opens the door before Tom has a chance to knock. Simple dress, midnight blue. No crutches, but a black cane, capped with a plain metal sphere. Her face is indifferent as ever.
  5. 20:36 * Tom-Anderson then says, "You look amazing," to Abby, "Shall we start going?" he said, happy that his date was so elegant and wonderful.."
  6. 20:37 * Abilene strolls down the short stairs to meet him, "Yes."
  7. * Evan_Collins stands in his room with the door shut, loud music playing out of the tiny speakers he has set up on his desk as he further organizes his new room, hanging his clothes nearly on hangers and smoothing them out.
  8. 20:38 <Evan_Collins> (neatly)
  9. 20:39 <dungeonmaster> Dr. Miller steps out with his pipe, pressing tabacco into it. To Abby: "You'll call if anything happens, right?" He takes out a small book of matches.
  10. * Tom-Anderson then says, "I'll have her back on time, Sir," to the man, not wanting to offend him...
  11. 20:40 * Jacob_Cross has his head in his hands. Every so often he'll mutter to himself and make a little mark or note on one of the maps.
  12. <Abilene> "Yes, Mr. Miller." That had taken some clarification, earlier in the evening...
  13. 20:41 <dungeonmaster> He lights the match and nods, setting it into his pipe. "Just remember curfew then. I doubt I'll have to remind you when it comes around"
  14. 20:42 <Abilene> "I will remember."
  15. <dungeonmaster> He gives a few puffs and simply nods, watching them walk off.
  16. 20:43 * Tom-Anderson then holds Abby's hand.. "Abby," he says, "Tell me, what part of this music do you like the most.."
  17. 20:46 <Abilene> Whoosh, she's staring at a point a million miles away again. "I do not know."
  18. 20:47 * Evan_Collins finishes hanging up his clothes and stands back, toward the door with his hands on his hips while surveys his work. Clothes are neat. Bed is made (minus a sheet). Drawers are organized. Everything was in place, except something still felt off. It was then that Evan realized that the sheet covering the window was beginning to sag.
  19. 20:48 * Tom-Anderson then nods, finally reaching the train. "Abby" he asks, "How do you feel about Evas.."
  20. 20:49 <Abilene> "...I like them."
  21. 20:50 * Evan_Collins takes out the stapler and secures the sagging spot with a few dozen more staples. THEN the room was finished. He looked around one more time, then sat himself on the floor, not wanting to mess the bed. There was literally nothing else to do. What does one do with a night as uneventful as this?
  22. * Tom-Anderson then lists things that Abby likes to himself. Evangelions, Opera. The light rail finally starts...
  23. 20:51 * Jacob_Cross should probably tell Evan that he picked up some windex.... Naaaaah.
  24. 20:52 * Abilene leans into her cane as the train moves, studying the ceiling.
  25. * Jacob_Cross sits back, finally satisfied with whatever it is he was planing.
  26. 20:53 - Left: Meagan (
  27. 20:54 * Evan_Collins stands up and scoots slowly into the hallway, not really sure what he's going to do when he gets there. When he sights Cross, he leans against the door frame and mumbles, "...hey."
  28. - Joined: Meagan (
  29. 20:55 * Jacob_Cross starts rolling up maps. "What's up? Why so mopey?"
  30. * Tom-Anderson finally gets there, "Abby, we finally made it.."
  31. * Evan_Collins slides down the wall into a sitting position on the carpet. "Ahm bored."
  32. 20:56 * Abilene steps ahead, eyes fixing on the Hall unflinchingly.
  33. 20:58 * Lilly_Cilta rolls around on the floor of her room. She gets up and decides to ask Jacob if there was anything interesting to do. She walks out of her room with Arnold on her shoulder."Jacob, is there a park near here or something like that?" Her voice leans toward whining.
  34. 20:59 * Tom-Anderson then heads to the halls, entering..
  35. 21:00 <Jacob_Cross> "... Uh, yeah, there is. Evan, why don't you go take her. Probably need the fresh air."
  36. 21:01 * Evan_Collins sighs. "Alright. I guess it's better than sitting here..."
  37. * Abilene lets Tom take care of the tickets, probably the first time she looked straight at him.
  38. <dungeonmaster> The building is a grand piece of traditional archetecture, painted, vaulted ceilings and marble floors lined with red velvet carpeting.
  39. 21:03 * Tom-Anderson then enters, showing the tickets to the valet..
  40. * Evan_Collins goes into his room to grab his wallet and his shoes. When he comes out, he stands in Lilly's doorway, looking at Arnold. "Does he...need a leash or something?
  41. 21:04 <Lilly_Cilta> "No...he's fine. He's trained not to run away." She smiles proudly.
  42. 21:05 * Abilene stands, looking trapped, in front of the sea of seats.
  43. * Evan_Collins nods and starts toward the front door, talking back to Cross as he walks, "Where is this park again?"
  44. * Tom-Anderson then guides Abby to the seats..
  45. 21:06 * Abilene allows herself to be led, not saying a word.
  46. 21:08 * Lilly_Cilta slips on sneakers and a jacket. "Good question. Jacob?"
  47. 21:09 * Jacob_Cross grabs a book off the shelf: "Naked Lunch". "Might as well show you, I need the fresh air."
  48. 21:10 * Tom-Anderson then sits down, waiting for the consert to start..
  49. <Lilly_Cilta> "Woohoo! Group outing!" She fist-pumps.
  50. * Evan_Collins sighs again, still not yet entertained by this idea.
  51. * Abilene folds her hands over her lap, sitting beside him. ...
  52. 21:13 * Jacob_Cross takes them on a short walk, passing a couple of storefronts and cutting through a couple of alleys, till they end up in a small park not far from the Embarkation Point.
  53. 21:14 * Tom-Anderson then wonders how long untill the start of the concert..
  54. * Evan_Collins walks over to the swingset, which is oddly empty, and sits down, more using the swing as a chair than a mode of entertainment.
  55. 21:15 * Jacob_Cross flops down on a bench, tips his hat forward, and starts reading. These kids, maaaan...
  56. 21:18 * Lilly_Cilta runs to the jungle gym and starts to climb. Arnold's head is visible coming out from her jacket pocket.
  57. 21:19 * Evan_Collins drifts side to side on the swing for a while before taking his PDA out of his pocket and poking at it with the stylus.
  58. 21:25 * Tom-Anderson hears the music start..
  59. * Abilene finally focuses her eyes, giving the conductor an Encroacher-worthy stare.
  60. <Jacob_Cross> "Evan, you are very depressing to watch, yknow that? Just sitting there, mopeing... mope mope mope."
  61. 21:27 <dungeonmaster> The music does indeed sound like it's starting. The orchestra is tuning and warming up, the conductor at his post, ready to play a new piece by a modern conductor.
  62. * Evan_Collins pokes at the PDA for a while longer before looking up and shrugging. "Bored." He looked over at Lilly before noticing what looked like a dirt path that stretched around the park at the edge of the grass behind her. Standing up, he tucked his PDA into the velcro pocket on his cargo shorts and started over toward the path.
  63. 21:28 <dungeonmaster> Evan, Lilly, Jacob, Anderson and Abby, all of their cellphones, hardwired into the LOUD setting, all go off.
  64. 21:29 * Abilene looks at her phone, answering, oblivious to the furious glares. "Hello."
  65. <dungeonmaster> And as though on cue, the house lights crack on, the announcement arriving.
  66. 21:30 * Jacob_Cross jumps, DONT STOP BELIEVIN blaring out of his jacket pocket.
  68. * Lilly_Cilta suprised by the loud noise, almost falls off the jungle gym. After stabilizing heself, she answers. "Hi, Lilly here."
  69. * Jacob_Cross swears and answers the phone, trying to usher the kids towards him.
  70. 21:31 <dungeonmaster> Each of them get the same message. Code Blue. Angel attack
  71. * Evan_Collins nearly reaches the dirt path before hearing his and the others' phones go off. He sighs, thoroughly disappointed that what would have been his first run in 3 months was interrupted. Taking the phone out, he flips it open, not even rewarding the caller with a proper answer.
  72. * Soran-Richards then flashes his ID, "Offical NERV business," he says to the others, hearing the message. "Abby, looks like the Angels hate our love.."
  73. 21:32 <Jacob_Cross> "Right, ok, ok, lets go!"
  74. * Evan_Collins slams the phone closed and strides swiftly back toward Cross and Lilly.
  75. 21:33 * Lilly_Cilta crawls down the jungle gym like a spider monkey and runs over to Jacob.
  76. * Abilene closes her phone, standing and joining the tide of people making their exit.
  77. 21:34 - Left: Meagan (
  78. <Jacob_Cross> "Ok, to the car. RUN, we need to hurry people!" He's hustling, hand hrasping at his hat to keep it from flying off.
  79. - Joined: Meagan (
  80. 21:38 * Tom-Anderson then attempts to dial Cross.. "Hey Cross, I'm downtown, ETA 10 minuets from HQ!"
  81. 21:39 <Jacob_Cross> "That's TOO LONG, I'll pick you up!"
  82. - Left: Meagan (
  83. - Joined: Meagan (
  84. 21:41 * Tom-Anderson then says, "I'm at the Concert hall with Abby!"
  85. 21:42 <Jacob_Cross> "Why... Whatever, meet me out front."
  86. 21:43 * Evan_Collins leans quickly into the front seat of the car and shuts the door, listening in on Cross' conversation.
  87. * Jacob_Cross jumps into the front seat of the car, waiting for everyone to pile in before stepping on gas.
  88. <dungeonmaster> The streets cleared out fast too, leaving them open to path to downtown
  89. * Lilly_Cilta jumps in the back, anxious about the impending danger.
  90. 21:44 * Jacob_Cross keeps an eye out for any cloverfieldian tentacles or pseudopods that might come crashing down from the sky.
  91. 21:46 * Tom-Anderson wishes he could just call Skull down from the sky. "Abby, you aren't scared?"
  92. 21:47 <Abilene> "I do not fear Angels."
  93. 21:48 * Jacob_Cross hits the brakes as soon as he gets to the concert hall, shouting out the passenger side window. "GET IN, NOW!"
  94. * Abilene strolls towards Cross' car, her haste indiscernible from her calm.
  95. 21:49 * Soran-Richards runs "Lets kill them!" he says, making sure to toss the Angels on those jerk's house..
  96. 21:50 <Jacob_Cross> "Like the enthusiasm, but lets just hope we don't get stepped on before we get to the base." He peels back onto the road. Speed limits? What speed limits?
  97. 21:52 <dungeonmaster> Everyone makes it to base without perturbment. People are running around. Pilots are rushed to go change into plugsuits and into their Evas
  98. * Soran-Richards then says, "Skull, shall we clear the battlefield?"
  99. * Jacob_Cross takes the elevator straight to the command center. "Ok, people. What do we have?"
  100. 21:55 * Abilene coils her fingers around Unit 00's controls. "It interrupted the symphony."
  101. 21:56 * Lilly_Cilta is in her Eva ready to go, having changed and given Arnold to Jacob. "Let's do this!"
  102. <dungeonmaster> "We're not sure sir. We came into contact with a Blue pattern at the edge of New Elizabeth. The only other anomaly seem to be light tremors..."
  103. 21:57 * Evan_Collins sits in his Eva, his head pressed hard back against the seat. It would figure that something like THIS would interrupt something that may have lightened his mood...
  104. 21:58 <Jacob_Cross> "Tremors... huh..." He flops down in his VERY COMFY COMMAND CHAIR and lights up.
  105. 21:59 * Jacob_Cross has the rodent resting somewhere in his jacket.
  106. 22:03 <dungeonmaster> "Since then sir, it's moved up around the Geofront into Old Union. Still no visual confirmation."
  107. 22:04 * Jacob_Cross grimaces. Its getting too close. "Right, Deploy 00, 01, and 03 from the embarkation point, Send unit 02 up through the south western launch point.
  108. 22:05 * Evan_Collins cringes. He was going to be on his own today...
  109. 22:06 * Jacob_Cross patches in to the kids. "Alright Tom, you're going up first. I want you to stay on your guard. Don't get eaten UNTIL the others arrive, understand?"
  110. 22:07 * Tom-Anderson then nodded, holding the hammer in hand. "I'll count up the Angel's sins," he said, "So lets go, and launch!"
  111. 22:08 <Evan_Collins> (Remove my last post)
  112. <dungeonmaster> "Yes sir, that's a good position. I'm seeing it move past that point. it's headed straight for the geofront!
  113. 22:09 <Jacob_Cross> (Edit that. 01 is going up first in the launcher, the rest are coming up in the E point.)
  114. <Jacob_Cross> "What!? What's it's ETA, dammit!?"
  115. 22:10 <dungeonmaster> "At current heading and speed? Assuming it's on the surface, a 10 minutes before it hits Terminal Dogma"
  116. 22:11 <Jacob_Cross> "Launch now, and intercept. I for one would not like an angel crashing through the walls."
  117. 22:12 <dungeonmaster> "We STILL don't have visual contact sir..." Another tech speaks up.
  118. 22:13 <Jacob_Cross> "Is it underground?"
  119. * Evan_Collins closes his eyes and tries to prep himself out of the insanely disappointed state he was in. At this rate, he would only end up freezing again. He REALLY didn't need to do that again...
  120. 22:15 <dungeonmaster> "Unconfirmed sir. If it is, it's deeper than the subways. We havent gotten any confirmed breaches of tunnels."
  121. * Jacob_Cross nods... "Invisible?"
  122. 22:16 <Jacob_Cross> "In any case... Tom, get out into the designated area and poke around."
  123. 22:17 <dungeonmaster> "Unsure sir. Nothing is showing up on Radar, and there hasn't been any visible ground damage"
  124. 22:28 <dungeonmaster> Suddenly, the signature stops, holding position for a second, and then turning sharply for Tom's position.
  125. * Tom-Anderson then looks around.. activating his AT Field this time, slowly walking to pick up his hammer...
  126. <Tom-Anderson> "where is my hammer..."
  127. 22:29 <Abilene> "Your weapon is too large to fit in a Launch port, Mr. Anderson."
  128. <dungeonmaster> Suddenly, the signature stops, holding position for a second, and then turning sharply for Tom's position.
  129. 22:31 <Jacob_Cross> "... Tom, whatever it is, I think it likes you."
  130. <Jacob_Cross> "Because the AT pattern is heading STRAIGHT for you."
  131. * Evan_Collins snickers a little. This made him feel a little better. "Maybe you can try to get it to join Kendo with you, Tom."
  132. 22:32 * Tom-Anderson then says, "I shall tame it, and it will be my drill mount!"
  133. <Jacob_Cross> "Are we still getting tremors in the area?"
  134. <Abilene> "That is impractical, Mr. Anderson. Mr. Collins, Angels are incapable of kendo, or attending school."
  135. 22:33 * Evan_Collins shrugs as if Abby could see him. "Maybe it's just misunderstood. And...too large, as far as I'm guessing."
  136. <dungeonmaster> "Yes sir, they're getting stronger too!"
  137. 22:35 <Jacob_Cross> "... Launch the VTOLS, I want air surveillance  of the area."
  138. * Evan_Collins begins imagining two of the prior angel fighting each other with huge versions of Tom's boken...
  139. <dungeonmaster> "VTOLs scrambling, they'll be there in T-minus 18  seconds.
  140. <dungeonmaster> "
  141. 22:36 <Jacob_Cross> "Good. I want them to keep their distance, high altitude."
  142. 22:37 <Lilly_Cilta> "Hmmm, I wonder how hard this will be. That last angel was pretty freaky with its huge arm..."
  143. <Tom-Anderson> "With my luck it will eat me!"
  144. 22:38 <Abilene> "..." Abby considers the prospect. Evas eat...after a fashion. Do Angels?
  145. * Abilene ponders this, eyes glazing over.
  146. 22:39 <Jacob_Cross> "Hey, I ordered you to SPECIFICALLY not get eaten."
  147. 22:40 * Tom-Anderson then gets his hammer, "Get me evangelion sized gernades and I'll think about it Boss!"
  148. <Jacob_Cross> "If you do get eaten, I'm putting a pair of fuzzy pink bunny ears on your evas head."
  149. <Tom-Anderson> My hate for you is a number which can't be expressed normally.
  150. 22:41 <Jacob_Cross> "Oh, hey, you've been studying."
  151. 22:43 <dungeonmaster> Closer to Tom the signature goes. Theoretically, it could be right on top of Tom.
  152. 22:44 * Tom-Anderson mutters, "These Angels are racist. Why do these white beings always go after the black eva.."
  153. 22:45 * Jacob_Cross scratches his head and tries to figure out how that makes a glimmer of sense. "Cut the chatter. It's right on top of you."
  154. 22:46 * Evan_Collins smacks his palm against his forehead at Tom's remark. Evan almost wished Tom had a battlecry instead.
  155. <Abilene> After a moment's thought. "But not all Angels are white."
  156. 22:52 <Lilly_Cilta> "Okay, I'm up!" She does a half spread, draws her knife, and moves with excitement toward the AT pattern.
  157. 22:57 * Abilene returns her attention to the situation at hand, flexing her and Unit 00's mind to turn the air orange.
  158. 22:58 * Tom-Anderson then was in thought about that.. collecting more energy in his field...
  159. 23:03 * Evan_Collins reaches the surface, placing the Eva's feet on the ground and flexing it's fingers as he takes a few deep breaths to calm himself, closing his eyes as he focuses all of his will on the Eva's AT field and his own composure.
  161. - Left: Meagan (
  162. - Joined: Meagan (
  163. <Abilene> "Ah."
  164. 23:10 <Jacob_Cross> "Dammit, Everyone, scatter!"
  165. * Tom-Anderson then said, "HOW THE FUCK DID I KNOW, SEE THESE ANGELS ARE RACIST!"
  166. 23:11 * Evan_Collins grips his spear, looking around to gauge whether or not he should move from his spot.
  167. <dungeonmaster> Sure enough, the ground rumbles and three of what could only be described as entergy tentacles burst out of the ground, all around Tom, surounding him.
  168. <Jacob_Cross> "Goddamn it Tom, I told you to NOT get eaten! Get out of there!"
  169. 23:12 * Jacob_Cross stubbs out his third sweet and mild for the night, lighting a new one, eyes glued to the screen. "Someone kick Magi into gear."
  170. <Tom-Anderson> "Back me up, they look a bit tough.. I need a Katana made of the finest metals to cut.."
  171. <dungeonmaster> "Already on it Sir"
  172. 23:17 * Lilly_Cilta runs to the west, avoiding the large AT pattern.
  173. 23:25 * Abilene runs straight towards the tentacles, straightfaced.
  174. 23:32 * Tom-Anderson then yells "I WILL NOT LET NO CRACKER ASS ANGEL TRAP ME!" as he uses the hammer to SMASH down the walls, bursting free. "I will do that to your core, so come at me, punk!"
  175. * Jacob_Cross leans back in his chair, cracking a smile. "Yeah, you show that honkey."
  176. 23:33 <dungeonmaster> The energy tentacle doesn't tense in time, sending it careening into the base of another one.
  177. 23:36 <Jacob_Cross> "LEIBERPERSON, why don't you take the Tram down there and see if you can get a visual on the angel."
  178. 23:37 <dungeonmaster> Garry walks in, carrying the coffee he was sent to get, and he gives you an incredulous look.
  179. 23:38 <Jacob_Cross> "Take this crowbar. You're gonna need it."
  180. 23:39 <Jacob_Cross> "Kidding."
  181. <dungeonmaster> Garry narrows his eyes, hands Cross his coffee, and walks off.
  182. * Evan_Collins leans down into the starting position, clenching the spear in the Eva's right hand as its knuckles layed flat against the ground. He took in another breath before launching, throwing himself forward as hard and as fast as he could toward the Angel.
  183. 23:42 <dungeonmaster> And as soon as they appeared, they're gone. The tentacles retreat into the ground, surface depressing underneath what might have been there.
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