#160 Interview with Keo Narae 5.13.2019

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  1. [2019/05/13 19:47]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me makes their way into the public safety building, looking around the lobby quietly before exhaling and speaking up. "Hello? I uh- The lady on the phone said to come here." They glance over towards the receptionist at the desk. Getting instructions to go up to the third floor they take a deep breath and nod, pushing the button on the elevator to head to where they were told.
  2. [2019/05/13 19:49]  Nicholas Philly: /me walks over to the door to see the young man the woman at the desk told him was coming up "hello there young man!" he'd say offering a hand to shake and a smile
  3. [2019/05/13 19:51]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me brushes their hair out of their face as they make their way down the hall, giving a faint wave towards him. They weren't really a fan of handshakes. Fumbling with their phone in their hands they look around a bit, then shake their head to get their thoughts back on track. "I uh, there was a cop that went to the orphanage when Livvy went missing but I don't think Morte's heard anything since then, and- and more people have gone missing."
  4. [2019/05/13 19:53]  Nicholas Philly: /me nods his face goes from the smile to concerned, he'd turn and point to the sofa, "want to have a seat and you can tell me about this?" if the child was okay with that he'd grab his tablet and start a new keep note
  5. [2019/05/13 19:55]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me exhales and nods, making their way over to the couch to sit down. Pulling their backpack off they bring their notebook out, flipping to the relevant pages they'd made notes on the topic. "There was somebody that ran into their gate, and- and we don't know if it's somebody that has to do with the missing people." They pause for a moment and shakes their head, starting from the beginning. "There were two kids that came to the orphanage, a teenager and- and a little kid. The teenager went missing, the kid said they were running from somebody named Papa Thenard."
  6. [2019/05/13 20:02]  Nicholas Philly: /me sits on the stool across from the child taking out his tablet he'd open up the case files from Livia, he'd listen to the boy speak about the person running into the gate which he remembers the 9-1-1 call about that because he had responded to it but was called off. he would write down Papa Thenard and ask "okay so you said more people have gone missing, were aware of Livia, and I would assume Papa Thenard would be their father or adoptive father as they have the same last name. But we're not aware of anyone else."
  7. [2019/05/13 20:06]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me nods a little and motioned towards him, then glanced back down at their notebook. "They were in charge of them at least, yeah." They pause and tilt their head to the side, exhaling faintly. "I don't blame them for running away." The child mumbles before going back to their explanation. "Rosalynne has gone missing too, and Morte hasn't seen [NPC] Mary in a few days either. I think she works there. Livia didn't have anything on here when she left, and- and I don't think she could've bought a bus ride or anything, I don't think she had any money on her. But all the places I've looked she wasn't there, so I dunno, I think she might've left town."
  8. [2019/05/13 20:10]  Nicholas Philly: /me nods taking notes of what the boy is saying so when he gets a chance to talk with Ms Morte he will remember what was said. "okay, yeah I think were leaning towards their whole family skipping town for more than a few reasons." he'd stop there saying nothing more about the reasons as it would have been highly inappropriate "can you describe the other two for me, Mary and Rosalynne?"
  9. [2019/05/13 20:14]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me cants their head to the side, trying to remember what they had seen or heard. "Rosalynne was like- I dunno, maybe around 5 or 6? She had brown hair. Didn't say much when the cops were there originally." They think for a moment and shrug a little, scratching at their arm. "Dunno anything about Mary, Morte just mentioned her last night when we were talking about it." They pause for a moment and take a deep breath, deciding it was probably best to mention everything they had so far - even if it ultimately didn't help. "We um, we were thinking maybe the gate ramming had something to do with it. I mean, if somebody wanted to draw attention to themself instead of somebody going missing or whatever, or a failed.. I dunno, attempt at being sneaky."
  10. [2019/05/13 20:17]  Nicholas Philly: /me nods "indeed that is rather suspect, it's one thing to back into it on accident or something perhaps, but from what Ms Morte said to me on the phone it sounds like they really did a number on the gate." he would have finished taking notes before asking "well is there anything else at all that you may have seen or herd that you think could be helpful, you've got the full attention of the Police Chief tonight so don't be shy!" he'd say with a smile
  11. [2019/05/13 20:20]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me thinks for a moment and cants their head to the side, rubbing at their leg. At the comment of having his full attention they give a somewhat forced smile, but ultimately try and continue on with their thoughts. "It seems pretty obvious that um- That Papa Thenard n' them would do something, but it could be possible somebody else is trying to sabotage the orphanage for..whatever reason. Like- Like the old director, or her ex."
  12. [2019/05/13 20:21]  Nicholas Philly: /me his brow furrowed he'd look back down to his tablet then to the child, "so what makes you think to mention the old director or her ex, specifically?"
  13. [2019/05/13 20:24]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me exhales faintly, fidgeting with their backpack straps. "I dunno, she said something about the old director not being so good and- and she got fired or whatever but I can't remember why. Don't really remember what she said about her ex either, but she looked really uncomfortable about it. If they were trying to sabotage the orphanage, or her, they could just be kidnapping people or breaking stuff to make her look bad among everything else that's happened lately. ...I don't think it's a super high chance it could be either of them, but it's possible I guess."
  14. [2019/05/13 20:30]  Nicholas Philly: /me continues taking notes then looks up from the tablet "well I appreciate the information, and you coming down to talk to me. I will get these notes I've taken to the Detective in charge of the case first thing tomorrow and see what he thinks. So, if there is nothing else then?" if the boy didn't say anything more or if he'd respond that there wasn't anything else, he would stand placing the tablet down
  15. [2019/05/13 20:32]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me thinks for a moment and looks down at their notebook, then shakes their head as they put their things away again. "Morte has video tapes of the guy running into the gate, I dunno if it'll help any though. Could probably get those from her if you had to." They nodded and scooted off the couch, standing up once more. "...Are you guys actually gonna find them? I mean, I dunno, it doesn't really feel like you've done anything so far."
  16. [2019/05/13 20:33]  Mᴀɪsʏɴ Gʀᴀᴄᴇ Dɪxᴏɴ: entered the region (118.03 m).
  17. [2019/05/13 20:36]  Nicholas Philly: /me smiles at the child "we are always doing things, though it may not aways seem so. Trouble is some people just don't want to be found, and unless they've broken the law there really isn't much we can do. People come and go, theres really not much we can do about that." he'd point towards the door, "I'll show you to the elevator then?"
  18. [2019/05/13 20:38]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me quietly rolls their eyes, letting out a puff of air as they head to the door. "Well yeah, some people don't wanna be found so they run away." They knew that much from experience. "But if bad guys are after them it doesn't matter if they ran away, you gotta find them at that point or else they'll get killed or- or hurt or something." They sighed and hugged their arms to their chest, continuing onto the elevator. "Anyways um, thanks for listening, I guess."
  19. [2019/05/13 20:40]  Nicholas Philly: /me follows them out to the elevator, "you can come here any time and talk with an officer, or myself. I know it seems like maybe were not doing anything but we are trust me!"
  20. [2019/05/13 20:41]  ᴋᴇᴏsʜɪɪ ɴᴀʀᴀᴇ (awgeezoz): /me nods faintly, though not entirely convinced. Pushing the elevator they wait for the door to open, exhaling a little as they give a faint wave. "Yeah uh. Have a good night n' all that." They mutter and step inside, heading out the door once it reached the bottom.
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