Far Far - prettyXIX, 2pillz | | rnsJol3rjfdV

Sep 29th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát Far  Far - prettyXIX, 2pillz  | | rnsJol3rjfdV Lyrics up by Yeah yeah
  2. Uuuhhh
  4. Hook
  5. Trying to hide my face behinds these rocks
  6. Praying that I'll never meet the cops
  7. Make it big, I'm putting on my block
  8. For my time, I'm taking it up a notch
  9. x2
  10. Far from making it
  11. Die or tryin get rich
  12. This one on my list
  13. Play this for your bitch
  15. Verse 1
  16. I don't know where we gonna go
  17. I got bros, got broken by these hoes
  18. See, they're serpents, but act like they're goldBr
  19. Gotta keep winning like Ari Gold, adios
  20. Frantic, when I see drama, I abandon
  21. Tension, i just wanna shine like green lantern
  22. Mansion, going way too quick, need expansion
  23. Brothers moving brick like Luigi at the mansion
  24. Always moving , can't sign a lease
  25. If you're good, don't do *** for free
  26. Can't be choosey, cause I need all the Gs
  27. Can't believe some kids they idol me
  29. Verse 2 :
  31. Real one, smoke one let me blaze one
  32. Shout out to my boys from the day one
  33. Go big real quick, reputation
  34. Long nights, small crib, dedication
  35. Landed here on a plane yeah yeah
  36. Some *** might have changed yeah yeah
  37. My drive still the same yeah yeah
  38. Rap game filled with lame yeah yeah
  39. Back-stabbing snakes try to get your place
  40. Like it's their, gotta take, then they feed you with a cake
  41. Last time I checked, gotta eat the beef like steak
  42. With a little extra shake, fore I sprayed them with a K
  43. Pray for us, we're the animal
  44. Ate too much of this edible
  45. Ate too much of this adderrall
  46. Gang from south to the BRRRR
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