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  1. Efrain
  2. Tol’rrak was born in 2403 in a small mining village located near the now border of the Ghanese Empire and the Republic of Kizaku. The village was subjugated to mining materials for the empire to fuel their war machine and Tol’rrak was one of these slave miners. On an assignment to scout more caverns to mine iron in 2471, he came across a cave used for the worship of an ancient bear deity. Through curiosity and never seeing things like it before he accidentally received the attention of the deity. The deity angered by the exploitation the Ghanese were doing on the mountains and forests gifted Tol’rrak with a rage much similar to that of a bear.
  3. He brought the matter to the attention of the village elder and out of fear for forced conscription for Tol’rrak or worse, had the site destroyed and made Tol’rrak to swear to never speak of or use the power. This would change as a rebellion would rise resulting in the formation of the Republic of Kiazku which the village now fell under. During the war and after, Tol’rrak became the village defender preventing Ghanese and Nasuhagi kidnappings. But with time the now free people began to move more inland where it was safer and soon only few families, the elder, and Tol’rrak remained. Graciousness for Tol’rrak began to decrease too as things stabilized.
  4. Bored, unappreciated, and feeling regret of being given his “gift”, the final straw was when a Jeweler came to the village. The Jeweler was there to make a piece for the elder who, in Tol’rrak eyes, was wasting precious village money on trinkets. Determined to sway the Jeweler against selling to the elder he went to talk to him in his camp near the mines. The Jeweler was not at his camp but was found in the mine cornered by [monster/animal]. Tol’rrak considering leaving him to die, but upon hearing the Jeweler would do anything to be saved he decided to act.
  5. Tol’rrak demanded he not sell to the elder, for he would be wasting resources the dwindling village would need. The jeweler agreed with no hesitation, but had his own demand, come work for him. After long talks, a lot of bartering and pleading, and exploiting Tol’rrak’s growing boredom and distaste for the village, he agreed. He said his goodbyes, mainly shaming the elder for being wasteful and left to see the world finally.
  6. 45 years later and this small event evolved into a business partnership. No longer was he just a bodyguard, but a friend and asked for opinions of business occasionally. He’s been able to see much of the land of the Republic of Kizaku and some of the Ghanese empire thanks to his now partnership with the Jeweler.
  8. Charlie
  9. Fonkin was born in 2415 in the Ghanese empire to gnomish nobility of parents. This allowed him to skip out on forced conscription and seek out other means of living their life. He grew up with an interest in gems, metals, and metallurgy, wanting to study under masters of the crafts. However, his parents felt differently and thought he be of better use in society and to the empire pursuing magic.
  10. As a result he enrolled in one of the magic schools, but, never to the knowledge of his parents until later, choose the school of transmutation instead of more practical offensive or healing magic. He hoped one day to be able to turn the most basic of materials into more useful materials for his own gain.
  11. When his parents eventually learned of his choice they were enraged, saying this could be no use for the empire. But with a silver tongue and playing into their patriotism he was able to convince them that successful and powerful transmutators could bring extreme wealth to the empire and create better armaments forms simple materials. And with that was sent off to the Republic of Mearku to further his education. Believing the land and all it’s innovation would provide the most thorough education and allow him to learn metallurgy on the side.
  12. After many years of@more studying the Ghanese Empire he returned to was ever changed with the rise of the Republic of Kizaku. But Fonkin ultimately did not care as he was now in pursuit of making a good life for himself. He did not receive an open arm return from his family still@skeptical of his choice of magic and distraught over their nation bent much weaker. After learning he was working for a jeweler and not the empire they swiftly kicked him out.
  13. Over time working on his craft under the jeweler he worked for he’d hear more and more about the Republic of Kizaku and how it was becoming a cultural hotspot. With money he had saved from work he bought the supplies to become a nomadic jeweler and began to travel around making trinkets and jewelry of various metals and stones to make a name for himself.
  14. One day a village elder had requested to view his current wares and potentially order a custom piece at a very good offering price. Not wanting to miss a great deal, Fonkin made his journey to the old mining village, setting up camp by one of their mines.
  15. Not being expected to formally meet to discuss business for at least another day, he decided to take up the elder on his offer to view the mines. Exploring the mines was wonderful at first giving him insight on how rushed the empire forced the@mining which left@plenty still to exploit potentially. However, this would grow into a horrible day when he would be cornered by [wnd time into Efrain story here]
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