The Lintel's Story from GemStoneIV Ebon Gate

Oct 6th, 2017
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  1. Ebon Gate 5117 in GemStoneIV
  2. Caligos Island
  3. Discovery: The Lintel's Song
  5. >look lint
  6. Scrubbed clean of oceanic debris, the lintel is darkened on the edges and displays multiple waterlines. Sea salt encrusts the edges despite the thick scours of brush marks upon the stone facing. Freshly carved words stand out upon the lintel.
  8. There appears to be something written on it.
  9. >read lint
  10. In the Common language, it reads:
  11. Pawnshop
  13. >sense
  14. You sense the threads of history resonating within a warped alder lintel.
  16. You sing to a warped alder lintel:
  18. "Hello Lintel, Luxie is my name.
  19. Sing me your secrets, share all your fame!
  20. I'm listening for a story to unfold
  21. And value your glories, sing them out bold!"
  23. As you sing to a warped alder lintel, your vision begins to shift and swirl until it resolves into a vibrant green forest. The sound of crashing comes from somewhere far off, and you watch as brush all around you shakes and quivers. A pair of figures plunge through the foliage and stand over a fallen alder tree, its trunk easily three men around in girth. One of them points, a look of pride stretched across his features, and says something to the other. You try to make out the words, but the vision fades away.
  25. You sing to a warped alder lintel:
  27. "Oh, Lintel, I see where you grew
  28. What did they say when you were new?"
  30. The harsh sound of sawing fills your ears as you sing to a warped alder lintel, and slowly, your vision dissolves into a workroom where the large alder tree is being stripped of its bark. Time seems to move rapidly through the area as figures shift in and out of the scene, all the while, the alder trunk is being reshaped and changed by elven hands until it finally forms a smooth keel. Ribs are attached to it, planks and iron, too. As your vision fades, you see a fully formed caravel sitting in the workspace.
  32. You sing to a warped alder lintel:
  34. "Lintel the past is ringing in you,
  35. I hear a sea's song, through and through."
  37. Your tune of inquiry triggers a response in a warped alder lintel causing rain to slant across your vision. Dozens of elves lay upon the deck of a caravel, their bodies withered and their children's stomachs distended with hunger. They cry out for salvation and as they do, an indigo and silver mist guides them to a small island. As they clamor over the sides of the vessel into the spongy soft sands, a wave smashes mercilessly into the vessel causing it to shatter upon the beach. The vision fades away.
  39. You sing to a warped alder lintel:
  41. "Lintel I hear salvation in your song,
  42. The refuge, the harbor, for my brethren so wronged."
  44. Your song of inquiry touches upon a warped alder lintel, and the sound of the ocean lapping at a shore comes to your ears. Slowly, the image of a beach appears before you, and you see scattered timber rocking back and forth in the waves. A young elf runs up to a large piece that looks to be an alder keel, and yells over his shoulder to an elven man. You recognize this man from your previous visions, though he is older now. Grinning, he calls others to help him move the keel. Slowly, the image fades.
  46. You sing to a warped alder lintel:
  48. "Lintel so proud, a new life you know,
  49. Bound here to the Isle with the secrets below."
  51. Time slips across your vision as a warped alder lintel shares its final tale with you. You see a keel lifted from a beach, carried to a building carved of stone, and fitted as a lintel. It sits there through a season, maybe two, and you watch the passage of time in wonder. Something disrupts its tranquility, and it is dislodged from its resting place only to be plunged into the ocean. Ages pass as it begins to rot, becoming a home to barnacles, until the lintel rises to the surface once more.
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